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Essential Help Desk Tactics In Light Of Current Trends


Helpdesk service is a resource-intensive operation. This wing of outsourcing often comprises of technical (IT) staff trained to resolve customer queries efficiently. Companies hiring such services benefit from the investment within a helpdesk outsourcing system supporting repetitive processes.

Global organizations treat outsourcing as a function to successfully reduce operational costs. This amenity is a prime target for commoditization that is delivered as a packaged service. Many companies lay off in-house help desk employees and instead take up outsourced IT help desk services. This move allows them to engage their internal resources in core business functions.

In order to ensure that the helpdesk services are in line with current global trends and meet business goals, companies generate useful customer surveys. This goalmouth is worth pursuing because one gets to collect feedback via many forms. A good survey helps to gather lots of data by polling/interviewing users.

Witnessing the current influx of trends and surveys, the help desk service in India and the US are progressively moving in the direction to satisfy the needs of the business.

Here are a Few Key Steps to Create an Insightful Customer Survey.

1. The survey needs to be short. One must adopt brevity to put down a question in the shortest possible manner without losing its intent. Only then it has an impact on the overall survey length.

 2. Questions asked must fulfill the concluding goal.

 3. Open-ended questions that are constructed smartly need to be put down.

 4. Things need to be made easy by ensuring that one sticks to one main point at a time.

 5. Rating gauges need to be made consistent. In order to ensure the same, certain common survey scales must be avoided so that the process is not cumbersome and confusing.

 6. Questions leading respondents to give biased answers should be omitted in your survey. The answer must preferably have a monosyllabic answer (Yes/No option).

In order to supersede the current trends of help desk services, the call centers should progressively advocate the strategies of the survey with almost null negligence of skipping the question.

Agents of call center outsourcing in India and the US are trained well in a proficient manner to deal with the variants of the customer, fulfilling the goal of survey conduction.

Hence in a survey, try and create questions for a layman. The language and terminology must be as simple as possible without industry acronyms. As a part of the help desk service in the Indian call center industry, do not assume any answers. Instead, be prepared to accept both the best and the worst.

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