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How to Use Customer Testimonial for Marketing the Business?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Let's talk about the previous days, the day when the word of mouth used to travel from person to person, as well as putting up ads in testimonial and newspapers 5cm*5cm columns were trendy.

With the passage of time, the way of communication has changed a lot in various ways and one of them is the customers moving to the belvedere of social media.

With the advent of technology, the access of digital means has become more common than having access to colour television in the times of ’90s.

Today, the customer believes in analyzing every face of the organization on all possible platforms before finalising its decision on creating any sort of purchase.

Certain online reputation management firms have put up their legs to help the working organization to utilise advance means to clean the presence on the bright digital screen of the customer.

Viewing the power of social media, concluding mass of 3.2 billion has played an immersive role in defining the organization’s faith.

Apart from online management services on social media, the organizations are actively looking up for customer testimonials aka client testimonials, to generate the sense of trust on the brand’s name.

In this article, we will be having a more panoramic discussion about what exactly is customer testimonial and how it can help in redefining the definition of a business in the defined steps.

Let's dive in!

What Do You Understand by Customer Testimonial?

A customer testimonial is one of the most trustable media of getting insights into the brand’s product and services.

Witnessing the success rate of online reputation management for accepting the services and generation of trust amid the customers, the organizations are using the medium of asking customer testimonials as a marketing campaign that is showcased on the brand’s official website, social media handles, redirecting/landing page and Google ads and many more…

In simple language, customer testimonial is nothing but a written experience about a product and services used by an actual customer or the client, with the purpose to enlighten the potential customers as a gateway for approaching their businesses rostrum.

Importance of Customer Testimonial for Marketing the Business:

Asking testimonials from the customer is not the only for marketing the business and generating leads from them, but also they are important for brushing the online reputation of your business, its websites and products in the digital world.

No doubt, word has its own power and ability to turn the idea about any particular thing on the behalf of personnel.

But combining it with recurring action can help in extracting out the best results and benefits from the same by wrapping up with client testimonials to influence the customer on other frames.

Following are the list of importance, customer testimonial hold in a niche:

  1. Improves the Experience of Customer:

Regardless of efforts to please the customer, positive reviews and testimonials play a driving part in drafting the customer's opinion for the brand.

Creating a special section for feedback collection gives a great impact on the mind of the customers.

According to Investcpro, there are nearly 9 out of 10 customers who tend to believe online reviews and client testimonials as important as the recommendation by the family and friends.

Reviewing the testimonials most of the customers can easily decide their shopping plan as well as it will make them feel acknowledged, when asked for writing a testimonial for the business, based on their personal experience whether it's negative or positive.

  1. Excelling Medium for Online Reputation Management:

Online Reputation Management services are the practices conducted by the digital marketing firms to clean the image of an organization on the digital podium by taking actions on minute steps such as addressing the customers reviews for the social media platform. posting positive content that is favourable for business, revamp the pages that are expected to come on top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Adding client testimonials on social media handles and web pages is a subsidiary part of ORM, that booster in escalating the reputation in a well-framed way.

  1. Testimonials Endorse the Brand’s Product and Services:

The customer believes in buying the product that can cause most of the benefits on its personal ground.

Endorsement led by customer testimonials for business and a company gives a quick view on how the product works in a real-world application, that is acknowledged by a reputed company owner of the society.

The testimonial endorsed by the clients lays a colossal influence on the mind of customers visiting the website and social media handle.

How to Ask for Testimonials from Clients?

Posting testimonials on a website is a way to show your accomplishments in the domain, but asking directly for it from the customer can sound rude and mean.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to ask for the client testimonial, you should follow the approachable way that could appease the customer and deflate the chance to turn down your request.

Way 1- Customer Testimonial via Email:

Contacting the clients over the medium of email is one of the most professional ways.

When asking for writing the words for a testimonial for your website and business, the email should be generic and harmonious in nature.

You should never just land upon the agenda that you need a testimonial from them.

Instead start from the statements like, ‘Hope you are having a good time using our product and services…’, which should be later followed by asking to share a few words in the form of a testimonial so that it can help the other customers as well.

Way 2- Testimonials via Feedback Counter:

Adding a feedback section on your website and social media handles, let the customers share their actual experience.

The customer testimonials are usually generated by a layman using the services, therefore it can either be positive or negative, as well.

Therefore, don't try to fix it with fake reviews and testimonials, as it can land you amid the future ordeals and maligning your online reputation.

Hence, always ask for genuine testimonials rather than creating fake ones.

Where to Put Customer Testimonial for Maximum Output?

Once you have gathered your required testimonial, accounting the benefits and services of the product, the major question arises where you can put them up to extract maximum business output.

Based on your business type and customer reach areas, you can put it up on various platforms such as:

  • The homepage of your website, signifying your accomplishments in the domain serving the needs of the people.

  • The floating sidebar is capable enough to catch the eyes of readers going around your website, discarding the need to take extra steps for getting the views over the customer testimonial for company.

  • The designed web page for showcasing the bunch of testimonials received from reputed companies as well as the common man.

  • Adding customer testimonials in the bio of social media handles help in generating the sense of trust in the mind of the customer, just by having a quick look over your social media account such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Ways to Use Customer Testimonial for Marketing the Benefits of Business:

Till the moment we had gathered enough light on the importance of customer testimonials in the business niche when online reputation management services are taken into consideration.

Grabbing tons of client testimonials for company doesn't make it a successful medium to attract customers on the ground.

There are several other steps that are needed to be kept in mind for accounting the successful lead to customers conversion and sales as well.

Therefore, in order to have a successful marketing strategy by landing the hands-on the testimonials.

The organizations sincerely need to follow certain strategies and steps for extracting out the benefits of business, such as:

  • Include testimonials in the attachments sent to the clients encapsulating the business description for tender purpose.

  • Use the advanced medium of gathering customer attention by creating video testimonial of the clients, as digital attract more than neutral content in the time of digitalization.

  • Add the logo of the client business on a website along with their written testimonial written by their higher authorities, as the logo catches the attention faster than the written testimonial.

  • Keep the testimonial short and simple, no customer likes to read the page-long story from how it started to how it went.

  • Emphasize your User Selling Plan (USP) in the testimonials given to you by your reliable customers for a particular product or services of a brand, you are aiming to find leads of!

  • Use testimonials cautiously on the platforms of social media and also encapsulate them in case studies supporting the cause of the business for marketing purpose.

  • Customize your testimonials with attractive shapes and boxes to give it a graphical look, so that it can gain the distinct attention on the website.

In Conclusion:

Collecting ample of customer testimonial for business doesn't get the count in as a successful step when practicing for online reputation management, as the initiative requires the list of dedicated steps and strategies that need to be followed for marketing the essentials of business on the pandemic level.

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