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Product Promotion: Basic Business Necessity

Posted by Rahul Bhaduri

"If you want to survive in the market today then Promotion is the key to it."

Promotion develops a solid base for the products or services which are launched newly in the market, by a company. There are few important instructions, which will help people to decide about the product. I believe that the way to promote a product is the key to its future in the industry. Every company tries to work by following the promotion steps appropriately in order to make any service or a product the best in the market.

Some of the points which makes web promotion a preferred option for SEO can be enumerated as below:

  1. Less Competition
  2. Not too Expensive
  3. Selecting keywords is easy
  4. SEO results in less time
  5. Increased Conversion rates

There are many motives behind promoting a service or a product. However, the main objectives of promotion are:

  1. To increase the demand of the product
  2. To aware the customers about the product
  3. To understand the difference between the products
  4. Promotion is a term which is often used during marketing. There are a few promotional techniques, which I would like to discuss about:
  5. Advertising - Where the promotion is done by using a platform which is a part of mass media.
  6. Public Relations (PR) - The purpose of PR is to create a promising image based on the mutual relations. Public Relations use numerous communication channels ranging from private channels to mass media.
  7. Sales Promotion - Refers to a set of marketing activities designed to enhance the sales of products or services.

Direct Marketing - It is a communication system concerning each consumer, using a different means of communication: personal letters, catalogs, electronic catalogs.

Internet Promotion - It communicates using websites which creates the cybernetic company image, tells about the products, and comprises of press releases. Most common form of advertising on the web are: pop-ups, banners, link to the company website and newsletters.

Thus, one can definitely say that no matter whatever channel you choose but product or service promotion is a must ingredient of all!

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