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How can Startups benefit from Help Desk Services?

Posted by Shashvat

U.S. companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service.

If anyone thinks that starting a business is easy, then the person is either lying or had never tried doing so. Running a business is tough, but starting it is tougher.

Do you know why 90% of the startups never make it big? And what trick do the rest 10% of startups adopt? Well, there is no rocket science, but common sense. The more you are inclined towards the elimination of customer’s paint points along with a strong focus on the continuous enhancement of the product line, the probability of your business becoming successful increases.

I know what startups feel like; only the co-founders sitting and working on the product, handling query tickets on their own, and resolving customers’ issue in a personalized and timely manner. All this is perfect. Then, what happens?

Your company starts growing. It means you require to scale up now. This is where the problem arises. Scaling up requires more employees, which, in turn, leads to more intricacy. A higher level of complicatedness results in more interactional limitations.

The biggest complexity that comes along with scaling is the process break down. So, in order to scale up a process, you would require to segment down the process into different processes.

Customer support service is a crucial business function that has a tendency to break or make a business. When up or downscaling is done with customer support, different aspects such as addressing requests, giving out prompt & timely responses, empathetic conversations, and fixing bugs are needed to be considered.

How does outsourcing fits in customer support?

During the time when the company is growing, handling so many aspects become a pain for the business owner.  You as a business owner may be able to handle the customer support internally by hiring new agents and training them, but your attention would be taken away from the core tasks that drive the revenue for your company.

This hampers your business’s performance quite drastically. Incomes the exceptional business outsourcing strategy. When you hire a call center service provider, you inevitably push your customer support function towards excellence and professionalism.

These specialized service providers hire & train deft experts who hold in-depth knowledge and prowess in handling customer’s queries, complaints, grievances, etc. When your customers communicate with the highly proficient experts, an astounding service experience becomes inevitable.

This way, you can get your focus back to the core competencies of your business, which, in turn, raises the overall performance of your company. So, your business’s productivity remains unaffected and your customer support is handled smartly; all thanks to the outsourcing strategy.

How help desk saves startup?

Call center service providers all across the world make it a certainty to provide unmatched customer experience. The outsourced help desk team would first understand your product/service know-how in detail.

These agents are trained stringently to make sure that they first get the client’s business and then provide resolutions accordingly.

Hiring help desk services India makes your business credible, reputed, productive, and no doubt the customer’s favorite. Here are a few aspects that will show how help desk actually helps the startups:

1. Solving the scalability issue

Since the call centers have large teams of experts, they are most aptly equipped with every possible resource to handle a large number of customer inquiries. So, startups witnessing growth in terms of sales and customer issues simultaneously can put their entire focus on enhancing the offerings rather than worrying about the service desk.

You as a startup owner wouldn’t be required to hire additional agents nor you have to bother about training those experts; all these things would be taken care by your call center service provider.

2. Efficient ticketing system

Companies offering help desk services for a long time know how to issue tickets to the customer’s issues and how to delegate the problem to senior or concerned professionals in case the problem is too complex.

Startups who are growing, won’t be able to offer an effective ticketing system on their own. Reason?

Well, for the starters, help desk service providers always keep a close check on certain performance indicators to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the efforts agents are putting in. The KPIs such as time to respond, first call resolution, hold times, average hold time, etc are closely watched by the call center managers.

There is not one KPI that is more significant than the other. It is a collective effort that is required to provide an unparalleled array of help desk service to the customers. And since the call centers are quite experienced in assessing and fixing these indicators, choosing an outsourcing partner is best for your startup.

3. The empathetic communication

A lot of companies focus on just resolving the issue and closing the ticket at the earliest. Few managers and agents think that doing so is going to provide the required assistance level. But, this isn’t true.

Customers are reaching to your business to get the problems solves, I agree. But the aspect that distinguishes a successful brand from a failed startup is personalized communication.

Help desk providing companies have agents who are trained to feel the pain of the customers. Feeling the pain means you are empathetic to the customer’s emotions and you agree that the fault is at your end.

The intriguing factor here is that the customers, when treated with empathy and care, tend to remain with your business for a long time because they trust your assistance. Startups, since they have just begun, often overlook this paramount aspect altogether resulting in loss of business.

Remember that companies in the sector have almost similar products and services. The only factor that makes a business stand out of the competition is the kind of customer experience it offers.

Final Takeaway

Being a startup owner brings along numerous challenges. The best way IMHO to deal with such intricacies is by partnering up with a competent call center that can offer the space and time for the business owners to work on their business’s core competencies.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire a deft help desk provider today for your startup and enjoy a bump-free growth for your company. Thanks! 

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