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Why you should Outsource Help Desk and Phone Answering Services?

Posted by Shashvat

While running a business, who don’t want to maximize their profit while keeping a strict check on expenses? The entire purpose of doing business is to earn a handsome return. You may say that other aspects also matter but you cannot deny that the Paramountcy of monetary compensation is the real driver of every business.

This is the reason that outsourcing is such a followed practice in today’s time. Big corporations and SMBs, all are outsourcing their business tasks to specialized service providers. These vendors charge businesses nominal prices and provide them a first-string service level. There are all kinds of functions outsourced by businesses; customer support, market research, telemarketing, etc.

Different businesses avail outsourcing services as per their requirements and objectives. The rise of outsourcing has offered a wide spectrum of vendors for business to select. Today, we are going to see why the outsourcing of help desk and phone answering services may prove fruitful for your business. Let’s go:

Why outsource help desk?

Help desk is a function that takes care of your business’s internal IT issues and makes sure that all your technology-backed systems are working smoothly. Since IT boom, most of the companies’ operations are in one way or the other, dependent on the technology. Now, to sustain and earn a competitive edge in the market, businesses need to make sure that their pieces of equipment are up-to-date and are free from all sorts of glitches. This is where help desk team plays its role.

Now, handling a help desk team internally may sound rational but it isn’t. Companies that have tried managing an in-house IT help desk team has to face low productivity at times. This is so because your resources and efforts will be spent on solving issues related with your IT and somehow it diverts your workforce from the core competencies. Result? Low productivity.

When you outsource help desk service, your internal team’s full attention will be stick to the business tasks that drive the revenue. This increases the overall performance and helps your business to grow phenomenally.

The best part is that while you have to spend a good sum of money on the hiring and training of in-house agents, all those expenses are simply washed away when you outsource this business function. Another advantage is that outsourcing help desk will result in much better response time to the employee’s queries. There would be less repetitive calls regarding the same issue, scalability is handled efficiently, and if your office is working 24/7, help desk agents would be available around-the-clock. And for all this, you can pay-per-ticket where the monetary compensation is provided on the basis of the number of queries solved.

Hence, help desk services, when outsourced, offer your business a fantastic opportunity to grow and flourish without any hassle.

Why outsource phone answering service?

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, the cost of missing a single prospect/customer call is enormous. For small businesses, every business opportunity should be maximized to win the desired profit level and extend the customer base. Most of the businesses overlook the significance of answering service and think it as a requirement only when the demand is at its peak. This makes them miss a good number of calls during & after the business hours that directly result in the loss of a reasonable chunk of revenue.

Now, maintaining an in-house call answering service is like again inviting unnecessary stress. First of all, you would be required to pay a good sum of money to hire such a resource and then the need to install and maintain a telephone system would also persist at the same time. Along with this, the load of handling the answering service would also divert you away from your core competencies, which results in a reduction in business performance.

When you outsource phone answering service, your business will cut a great deal of overhead expense that is needed to hire and train the internal team. Along with this, when a professional call answering agent will be available to handle your customer calls, it creates a strong brand image of your business. The outsourced answering service providers train their agents proficiently. This ensures a greater customer satisfaction score and better sales figures for your business. These agents are highly competent in converting a query-related call into a sales deal. Above all, you won’t miss a single customer call as these agents work 24*7 without any extra compensation.

Final Words

So, whether you outsource help desk or phone answering services, your business is going to get benefitted to the core. Not only your business will save a lot of expense and time but outsourcing will also bolster your company’s image in the market. Thanks!

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