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Difference Between A Call Center And Help Desk Outsourcing Service

Posted by Sukriti Saini
difference between BPO and call center

Undoubtedly, it’s really easy to mix up one term with the other, especially in the BPO industry. Like using the word call center in place of BPO. Using the call center in place of the contact center and vice versa. Or considering help desk outsourcing service the same as a call center. Isn’t it?

However, each of the terms mentioned above has a different meaning and using them in place of each other isn’t alright at all. Though they seem to be replaceable with each other, they are not.

We have already discussed the major differences between a BPO company and a call center and in this blog we are going to discuss the difference between a call center and a help desk outsourcing service. A lot of confusion pertaining to these two terms prevail. Maybe, because both attend calls to solve the problems of the customers.

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Nevertheless, to know some of the notable differences, keep reading.


The key difference in both of these terms lies within the issue they resolve. The call centers are for customer support while the help desk call centers are for technical support. A company may or may not require technical support but providing customer support is inevitable. Depending on what a company deals in, the company outsources either both the functions or just one.

Also, help desk services are either a part of call center services or are managed internally by the company.


1. What is a call center?

Call center, as the name suggests involves attending and dialing calls of the existing customers and the potential customers.  They solve the basic queries regarding the product and hear the grievances of the customers. The questions can also be regarding returns or sales.

2. What is a help desk outsourcing service?

Helpdesk services also answer the calls of the customers but the ones that are technical. The agents provide IT and technical support. When a customer faces a technical issue related to password, networks or any update the calls are routed to a help desk service provider.


Both pick up calls but deal with different issues. A customer can reach out to customer support after buying the software from your company. He will surely get the basic help related to the software. The agents will answer him using the finite scripts he has. Basically, the person will get very generic answers.

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However, if the issue is really specific and needs some specific sort of guidance, they either call the help desk number (if there is any) or the call center agent routes his call to an IT help desk agent.

The call center outsourcing agents can help you in troubleshooting problems using scripts they have. On the other hand, the IT help desk agent will solve every kind of computer or software related problems and functions.

The difference is in the knowledge they have. Call center agents don’t have much technical knowledge but the IT help desk persons have.

Lastly, a call center is also popularly known as a business process outsourcing unit. It is a workstation where skilled customer care executives work with efficiency and handle the customers dedicatedly. Call centers in India bridge the gap between clients and their customers. These organizations work as the mediator and offer an array of services to the esteemed clients. The Helpdesk services just focus on resolving technical issues and replacement of the software etc.

Also, they, unlike call centers, don’t focus on increasing the sales or persuading the customers to try the new services or product.  Now that you know the difference, you would better know if you need to outsource both the services or just one of these.  If you still have any queries, let us know and we will assist you in no time.

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