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Is Call Center Service Provider in India a good alternative for your Business?

Posted by Shashvat

The decision to hand over your business task to an external entity is not an easy one. You require to match your business requirement with the BPO outsourcing companies’ portfolio, your budget with the charges imposed by the vendor, and other factors that would impact your firm’s performance. Outsourcing is the business strategy that not only helps your company’s growth but would also assist you to expand and explore the unchartered territories.

So, how do you select a vendor for your business’s outsourcing requirements? What are the essential qualities you look in an outsourcing firm?

For several years, India is leading the call center sector with complete dominance. Businesses across the American and European continent have been blindly trusting the Indian call centers owing to affordable solutions, top-notch quality, and the vast experience these specialized service providers hold.

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Indian call centers have mastered the art of handling clients’ business functions with utmost competency and providing a handsome return on investment (ROI). When BPO outsourcing witnessed its first boom, Indian call centers were merely focusing to offer cost-benefits and raising the performance of clients. With the advent of technology and transition in business sectors, Indian BPOs are now more centered to render omnichannel assistance to the customers.

But with so many pros, the existence of a few cons is natural. For example, the US government invited its companies to not go for outsourcing and aim at offering jobs to American citizens. This call was, however, not at all followed as the merits that come along with the Indian outsourcing companies were too great to lose.

Another obstacle that has been shaking the foundation of the Indian call center industry is the emergence of new players. Nations like Ireland, Philippines, Malaysia, Honduras, Brazil, are starting to give a tough time to the call center sector in India.

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Despite all these setbacks, the call center industry in India is still able to hold its apex position in the market. This is so because of the following reasons:

Cheap workforce

Well, this is the biggest aspect that impacts decision making. Whatever you do, if you are a business owner, your main preference is to save your company’s money as much as you can. Outsourcing your business requirements to India would do just the same. Let me give you an example. If you own a business in the USA, hiring a CSR (customer support representative) is around 3-8 times costlier than to do the same in India.

The colossal gap in the wages of the agents is still paying gold to call center service provider in India. Hiring and training the experts at such a low cost will automatically let your operational expense take a massive dip. The saved capital can be again re-invested in research, manufacturing, advertising, or in any other task that helps the company to generate more revenue.

Experts have concluded that operational expenses can be brought down to 50% by outsourcing the business tasks to Indian call centers. No other nation is able to beat that.

Up-to-the-date technology

Even though other players (as mentioned) are emerging in order to grab a chunk of the call center’s market share, India’s high conformation with the advanced technology is too much for them to handle. Other nation’s call centers are competent but not all are able to cope up with the swiftly evolving techs. This makes their clients’ performance go stagnant or down.

Getting the high-end technology for a call center service provider in India is not a choice but an essentiality. It is because of India’s closeness with the ultra-modern technology, that businesses in the USA rely on its service providers for seamless accessibility and secure data.

Proficient agents

A company owner in the USA when it takes a decision to delegate a business task to a call center service provider in India, one thing the former is assured of; a vast experience of agents in addressing and managing customers’ issues.

Since Indian call centers are known to cater to the requirements of American and European nations for more than 2 decades now, no one doubts on the capability of the agents. When a pressing issue arises or when a business experiences a pressure situation, Indian call center agents keep their nerves and don’t panic.

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Along with this, the Indian call center sector provides high incentives for the agents to encourage them to become the top performer. This encourages and pushes the agents to make the best decisions while handling the western customers.

Domain prowess

Indian call centers constantly offer stringent training and in-depth workshops for professionals. The aim is to provide the best service experience using up-to-the-minute technology and innovative solutions. Along with this, India has a huge chunk of qualified professionals with 1.5 million engineers and 0.5 million MBAs passing out each year. This offers the Indian call center sector a great back-up in terms of trained and qualified agents. In addition, India has the second-largest English speaking population in the world with 125 million people fluent in the dialect.

Lasting customer relationships

Due to the vast experience and thorough expertise of the domain, Indian call centers’ agents have mastered the skill of fusing loyalty into the customers. These experts know the art of persuasion, empathy, compassion, and problem-solving that is essential to evoke loyalty into the customers.

Companies in the USA are choosing Indian call centers because of the professional approach of the agents. The call center service provider in India is known to do constant follow-ups, offer employee benefits, have a one-to-one interaction, and render exclusive benefits to the clients. We all know acquiring a customer is a much costly task than retaining one.

Offering maximum customer satisfaction

What is a great customer service? An excellent customer support means you are able to provide clear answers and prompt resolutions to your buyers’ queries and issues.

Indian call center agents with technical expertise and proficient skills around their belt are phenomenal at giving solutions in an easy but an unambiguous manner. They possess a remarkable comprehension of the subject, which they utilize in offering the best solution for the customers.

Around the clock assistance

Only Indian call centers are able to provide 24*7*365 assistance to the companies in the USA, UK, etc. That means if your customer in UK, Australia, Germany, etc are facing an issue in the middle of the night and you have hired a call center service provider in India, there is no reason to worry. Indian call centers operate in more than one shift as per their clients’ business needs.

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