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Top 4 Skills that are Vital to Give Better Customer Service Experience

Posted by Rahul Garg

In this customer-oriented era, it is extremely important for companies to offer incredible support services. This factor cannot be taken for granted because 79% of customers decide to stop doing business with a company after getting poor support service experience.

In order to secure the business’s credibility, most of the organisations avail BPO services, which is really a smart move to cut unnecessary hassle. However, companies that stick to running an in-house call centre often fail to live up to customers’ expectations. Thereby, the problem of customer turnover arises and drives the business to the end of the road.

Today, we are going to tell some crucial customer service skills that can help to build a business’s reputation and deliver an amazing support experience.       


To deliver prodigious customer service, it is vitally important for support agents to have a good patience level. This is so because whenever irate customers make contact with the company regarding the solution of product-related issues, they expect speaking smooth conversation.

During the interaction, if support agents stay patient and put the focus on listening to customers’ queries, the odds of weeding out issues in the first attempt are more likely to increase. Consequently, this will not only lift the FCR (first call resolution) rate but also lead to the deliverance of unmatched support experience. 

All in all, patience is one of the major customer service skills that can lift the business’s brand image in no time.


‘Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.’

— Zig Ziglar

Do you know the factor on which the quality of inbound call centre services heavily depends? It is the communication skills of support agents. This factor is vital because you can leave an everlasting impression on customers by communicating with them in an effective manner.

To deliver impeccable support service continuously, BPO firms try hard so that the communication skills of agents could be improved. Owing to this dedication, BPO firms not only build their clients’ brand image but also increase the CLV (customer lifetime value).

So, if you are running an in-house call centre and willing to handle customers’ queries perfectly, ensure that your support agents possess good communication skills (both speaking and listening).

Closing ability

To ensure the deliverance of phenomenal support experience, it is extremely important to conclude customer support service interactions swiftly. Of course, we don’t mean that the quality of resolutions should be compromised for the same.

Whenever customers get in touch with a company, they want satisfactory resolutions within a couple of minutes. However, when the duration of support service interaction continuously increases, customers start losing their calmness. In the worst scenarios, customers get indulged in arguments with agents or leave the conversation without getting the desired solutions, which consequently, affects the business’s reputation.

For a long-term relationship with customers, business owners generally avail BPO services.

“How do BPO firms ensure faster conclusion of customer service interactions?”

Here’s the answer:

  • Agents are told to avoid using long phrases.
  • CRM system gets integrated with all support channels so that agents can solve issues without getting involved in a long conversation with customers.
  • Recordings of customer service interactions get studied so as to identify those complex issues that had consumed extra time to be solved. After doing this, BPO firms start working on finding out better solutions that can resolve intricate glitches in a jiffy. 
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Another crucial skill that can help to provide better support experience is ‘Empathy.’ During the support service interaction, customers often seek someone who can empathize with them and provide relevant resolutions swiftly.

Owing to the intention of experiencing the human touch, customers mainly choose the voice channel whenever they are in need of support service. If industry reports are to be believed, 60% of customer service interactions take place on the telephone dais.  

For the sake of better management of queries, BPO firms strive to provide personal touch across all support channels.

Here are some measures that BPO organizations take to provide immaculate customer service experience:

  • Support agents are told to develop emotional intelligence during customer interaction.
  • Customers get assured that the best possible solution would be delivered within a short time span.
  • Agents are instructed to conclude support service interactions on a positive note so that CX levels could be enhanced.

Final few words: 

To win customers’ hearts, it is paramount to ensure that agents do their best during the support service interaction. With the help of this blog, we have revealed some vital customer service skills that support agents should master. 

If you have enjoyed reading our write-up, tell us in the comment section. Thanks!!  

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