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Best Lead Nurturing Secrets Revealed

Posted by Sukriti Saini
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Whether a prospect inquiries or you reach out to them, there is no surety in the beginning that they will become your customer. However, these prospects have obviously shown some amount of interest and that is why there are high chances of them turning into customers if not immediately then for sure in the longer run.

But that won’t happen magically, the lead generation services company have to make consistent efforts for turning the prospects into the customers. These consistent efforts are known as the ways to nurture a lead. The lead nurturing process helps the BPO firm in turning an unknown person to a lead and a lead to a sale.

This has various benefits for the company. It can increase brand awareness, generate more quality leads, boost revenue, get repeated customers, and helps you in establishing your credibility in the market.

Why must you outsource the lead generation services?

So, take a look at this blog, to know the secret ways to nurture the prospect in the best way possible.

1.    Know thy customer journey

Irrespective of the kind of business you have, you would need to apply different strategies at each level of nurturing. There is a journey that your customer is on and you need to guide him through. The prospect would need to be steered to being a customer, a repeat buyer, and a promoter. In the first phase, you would need great content, review, great content on web pages that can help you grab the attention. After that, you get more focused and do call to action. When the prospect will get ready for trial or demo, the team would need to work on gaining the trust of the customers.

2.    Grow your email list with irresistible incentives

Sending e-mails to leads in order to turn them into customers or repeat purchases is very necessary. So, try to get information on most of the visitors to your website. Make such an offer that they get compelled to provide you their email address. You can offer them some discount, give them access to great data, newsletter or extend the trial period for them. But the question is what the best way to do so is? Well, the lead generation services company should try to make a lead magnet. The same will make people give their emails in exchange for something that they would love to have. Finding compelling ways to do so is quintessential as this is required to begin the real process of nurturing a lead. The team can send valuable and enticing emails to the prospect and make him a customer faster this way.

How to Outsource your Lead Generation Services?

3.    Segregate the best leads from the list-

There are many leads who are waiting to be nurtured. There is something that is restraining them from becoming a customer. So, it’s the responsibility of the lead generation services company to nurture them and push them a bit to make a purchase or repurchase. The company should never forget to nurture every lead, you never know which one could be your next best lead. If they will forget about your company just like you forgot about them, it would accost you a lot as you will lose that lead as he will become the customer of some other company. So, send them a simple and short mail with an enticing subject line like- still looking for a (product)? etc.

4.    Focus on your content

After you know the journey of the customer, you should focus on nurturing the leads via emails. So, you should try to outsmart your competitors by working on what you send to the leads in their mailbox. While most of your competitors will be sending emails asking them to buy, you send them emails that educate them. Such emails will make the lead become a customer without even asking him to buy. So, send them industry insights, whitepapers, invite to attend webinars, read blogs, etc. This will help you increase the conversion of the leads to a great extent.

5.    Develop your lead nurturing machine

After you have kick-started your work to galvanize the cold leads with emails. You should focus on building the nurturing machine. Find new and creative ways to compel leads to be a customer. Understand that when a lead I at the top of the funnel, you need to grab his attention. After that, you need to accelerate his desire to give a try to your product. The last stage should be a call to action.

An Insight into the BPO Industry

Follow the aforementioned points and you will see a radical change in the lead conversion rate. Focus on the journey more than the destination and it will become easy for you to increase the revenue. 

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