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Why you must outsource the lead generation services?

Posted by Sukriti Saini

The battle in this ever growing software industry is endless. You actually need to decide whether you should mind your own business or actually get in the rat race to stay ahead of your peers and the new companies invading. The dilemma doesn’t end here.

You and your team have to go through a tedious and repetitive sales process every single time you think of acquiring a new client for your business. Questions like- Will investing time in acquiring new clients be fruitful enough? Or will focus on the current client handle meticulously be a smart move? While you would need to look at the opportunity cost if you are chasing a new customer, you will be able to increase your wallet share by focusing on the current customers. However, the difference in the digits is what changes the game.

No answer would fit for all the companies but the answer to the following question will clear the clouds of doubt in a moment. How will your company earn more- by acquiring new customers with the help of lead generation or by holding on to the current set of customers? Will the wallet share be more than the opportunity cost? In short, if the opportunity cost is zero or negative, it is the best to start generating leads.

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Even if you are choosing to acquire new customers, you would not want to disappoint your existing customers by hampering their work. Remember, long-term customer renewal is a much more worthwhile opportunity and you surely don’t want to compromise on the repute of your company.

In such a case, there is just one promising solution - OUTSOURCING LEAD GENERATION SERVICES.

Doing so will ensure the smooth working of your sales team while the call center services provider would be getting you the best potential leads for your business. If you are still unsure about the decision to outsource your lead generation services, keep reading as we unveil the reasons as to why you shouldn’t overlook the option of outsourcing.

1. Your business grows rapidly- If you plan to generate leads in-house, you would be required to decide the budget, expand the staff members and the number of desktops, technology, and space. All of this will require way more money than what you would pay while outsourcing lead generation services. Also, doing so helps you in achieving the targets every time.

2. You get years of experience- When you plan to expand your business by acquiring new customers, you would also be required to expand the sales team. Doing the same is quite cumbersome, after selecting the new persons for your sales team, you would utilize almost a year in analyzing the strong points and weak points of each of them. Amidst, all this process of analyzing and experimenting, the whole market shifts. On the other hand, when you partner with a company, you get a pool of employees who have a proven track record. The work is being delegated to them accordingly as the team leader already knows the strengths of the individuals in his team. You enjoy the benefit of having an experienced team without dedicating your time to examining each employee.

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3. You obtain deep analysis- Your in-house business leader won’t think ahead of a spreadsheet and notes and the list of what is being achieved and what isn’t. With a sales partner, you get a comprehensive analysis of every new lead and appointment fixed.

4. You increase client satisfaction – Chances are your internal sales team would not be as motivated and driven as the one you would outsource your lead generation work too. Your partners work really hard to keep your clients happy so that they keep coming back to you and you to them. They are so zealous about the work they do for you as this is the only way for them to prove their worth to you and to have a long-lasting business relationship with you.

5. The lead conversion rate improves- By outsourcing lead generation services, you get ample of leads. With great quantity, you bring along great quality as well. When you delegate this task to an outsourcing company, your company and their company sits and decides everything. You tell them your requirements, goals and they tell you how they can help you in achieving the targets. After making a plan, the partnership propels further. The outsourcing company does the same work for various clients, so they are quite proficient in their work (more than your in-house employees). They get you the best leads so that you always stay ahead of your rival companies resulting in improved lead conversion rate.

If you find getting renewals from your existing clients and upselling really tough, outsourcing lead generation services would be the best decision for your business. After acquiring new clients, focus on identifying the strength of your in-house sales team.

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