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How to Get Started with Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Today, the customer is much more aware of its rights than you can think off. Instead of practicing five and dime for choosing the perfect product, the customer is utilizing advanced technology and its application in the niche of business.

Thus, the organizations are prepping up well to step up in the race of online reputation management and business competition.

The grown impact of the internet, social media and its subsidiaries have set up the wide belvedere for the business organizations with the chance to shine among the set of potential customers.

According to BrightLocal’s Online Reputation Management Survey, ‘Positive reputation on online podium bolsters the customers to yield trust for businesses, which is further helpful to convert them in final consumers followed by an inflated ranking of business on Search Engine Result Page (SERP)’.

The better will be online reputation, better will be business growth!

What Do You Understand by Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Digital Marketers firmly believe that reviews and ratings on business pages play a daunting role in structuring the business website on top of the SERP.

Today, more than millions of customers are embarking their social presence on different channels of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp and many more. Therefore, it’s a challenging task to maintain a positive image on digital belvedere in each possible way.

The recent survey by Status Lab quotes that, ‘85% of customers confidently believe in online reviews as much as word of mouth (WoM) recommendation’.

Basically, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the channel used by the business organizations to manage and sort their online reviews and positive impact of business from top to bottom on the search engine result page.

Reports from Proto Fuse claims that ‘90% of the global population only visits and believe the first page of SERP to form the review and impression of your business’.

Therefore, if you are targeting to escalate your business chores, it is mandatory to manage your Digi-socio reputation on the result page, official website and social media forum to extract best out of values.

What Do You Understand by Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)?

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is the managing service used by the organization to fabricate their image and influence the mass on the search engine result page.

The preview of reviews on the first page of SERP is considered as a trusted source to rely on any business and venture.

The main agenda of SERM is to scan the negative sources and gateway of shrinking reputation and business revenue.

According to the report of Edelman, ‘64% of customers trust search engine results while conducting the research on the business and its responsible organization’.

Thus, the organizations adopt the mechanism of search engine reputation management along with online reputation management in order to filter out the positive impact of business and its websites out of the chunks.

Search Engine Reputation Management Strategies to Boost Your Online Image:

Suppose, you are planning to purchase essential resources for yourself from the nearby local store, but you are not well aware of quality for service delivery and after-services, what are you going to do in that circumstances?... Bygone are the days when you had to depend on peer recommendations. Nowadays, each business is present on the internet willingly or unwillingly, directly or indirectly.   

The customer’s approach has turned into much smarter, as the mass believes in verifying the vital first by oneself rather than false assumption for business purchases.

If you are a business owner, it lies as a sole responsibility of yours to match the degree of customer’s expectation and manage your business reputation through each possible medium such as social media, forums, reviews on the website and specifically the search engine results.

Let’s have a detailed overlook on the SERM strategies, that can help your business to boost its reputation for the best of the market reach:

1.      Upbeat Monitoring of Reputation:

If you are planning to safeguard your online reputation, it is important to analyze the input channels responsible for online propagation of business.

The organization should proactively monitor all related sources on which the set of customers are interacting with each other, in order to prevent it from turning in bad review on the digital platform.

Generally, product reviews, social media pages, official and unofficial forums and websites are major gateways that accept the customer’s input for adding trust value of a business.

Thus, once you detect the source of bad reputation to your website, you can actively work on the same following the online reputation management and search engine optimization techniques for boosting the ranking of webpage and website on the first page of search engine.

2.       Optimize Your Search Engine Result Page:

When a completely new user wants to begin his research on your business and its accomplishment, the first obvious thing he is going to do is to type your business name in search engine and study the results for the name.

Several reports claim that most customers go through only the first ten results of SERP to create a final opinion on the perspective of the business.

Therefore, when practicing for enhanced online reputation, make search engine result as an important priority or task to cover in the way.

Optimize your results on search engine result page progressively in order to lower down the rank of negative pages with positive impact pages on the topmost of SERP.

Once you know about the credibility of your webpages, utilize them in your favour by following the SEO, with the purpose to rank high.

3.      Smart Your Business Moves with Social Media:

In the generation of smartphones and handy smart devices, almost every individual is active on the terrace of social media directly or indirectly, either through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or at least WhatsApp.

Thus, as a business owner, you need to prioritize the use and activities on social media. Make social media account on every possible platform with the purpose to create trust value and manage engagement rate with customers via interactive posts, polls and survey.

The more you will make your availability on social media, the more people will be talking about you!

The active participation will lead your webpage and website rank on search engine result page, which will automatically work for online reputation management.

4.      Prioritize Your Customer’s Review:

No doubt, Customer is the king of business if Service is the queen. Neglecting customer review doesn’t reflect a positive image of yours rather it will just malign your worthy attempts.

Addressing to the customer may help your business in understanding tension areas, cleansing which one can cater the polished services to its recipients. Also, replying the reviews will add up value in your favour.

Thus, in order to rank in SERP, engage with the customers to assure them of your services with the purpose to mould positive online reputation.

5.      Post Positive Content to Boost Your Image:

If your business is carrying any form of negative impact, due to past experience. You need to work on the same by grabbing the eyeballs of the customers by creating positive aura around your business’s name.

Start posting positive content on possible digital platforms, in order to propagate the positive impact of your business.

Once, the link of customer began to add-on with you, use them in your business’s favour. The regular practice of positive posting will encourage your customers to purchase the resources from you and begin to post a positive review for you.

The more you preach the positive, the more you will reap the business interest!

In Conclusion:

SERM and SERP usually go hand in hand when it comes to online reputation management. Therefore, in order to rank maiden, the organization should adopt the practice of search engine reputation management (SERM).

The positive image will automatically boost the reach to the customer, which will significantly increase the ranking of a webpage in SERP.

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