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5 Online Reputation Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid in 2020

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Do you often visit the eCommerce website, but make sure of quality by studying significant reviews before creating the final purchase?

If yes, that’s the prime motive of online reputation management to confirm the quality of business on all possible platforms, with the agenda to burgeon the name of the brand in all positive ways.

Reports from ProtoFuse claims that ‘90% of the global population only visit the first page of the search engine to create their opinion’.

Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to stay updated to rank in the list of customer’s choices by following the trail of quality and services.

What Exactly is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is the board term used for managing the social handles, posts, reviews and response rate on the business’s websites and subsidiaries.

Basically, it is the medium to spread positive aroma on the first page of search results, when searched on search engines and social media podiums.

In today’s time, the customer is self-aware of its right and internet as has set the mirror to test the transparency of the product, viewable from a different angle.

As per the reports of State of Online Reviews quotes, ‘93% of the population accepts the statement that online review changes their decision for buying the product, after reading them’.

 ‘The Better the Online Reputation, Better will be Steps to Approach the Customer’!

Why Avoiding Online Reputation Management May Cost You Big?

No doubt, online reputation management is important in all domains of business, whether it is customer support service, updates of products and offers or traffic generation from social media handles.

In order to address the search ratio of business, it is important to act on the vertical horizons of the business.

Ignoring the cores on digitally pandemic platform is enough to lead in turmoil. The propagation of reviews via electronic word of mouth (EWoM) is much more effective than business description.

Thus, adopting the practice of online reputation management in the business may add lucrative assets and register the re-defined structure of revenues.

Believing to stats of Alignable, ‘The customer reviews and working on the wall for up to the minute review, both are important for redirecting the exemplary crowd on the landing page of your website. Also, customers found that consumer reviews are 12x times more trustable than business’s product description’.

Common Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid While Managing Online Reputation:

Balancing out the need for online presence and reputation, the businesses are putting their effort into gleaning via the practice of online reputation management services.

Missing out on activity responsible for the ranking and traffic on the website could be the resultant of a possible mistake made by the business owner while managing the online reputation.

Let’s have a look at 5 common online reputation mistakes that you should try to avoid in the year 2020 for heading to success in the graph of business.

1.      Not Attaining the Complaints Timely:

If you are planning to exceed your business on a large span. One of the main ways to attain zenith is ‘Complete Customer Satisfaction’.

The satisfaction comes from apt customer service and speed of issue addressed. The major backlog that could come in the way of business owners while managing the online reputation is not responding to a received complaint on a timely basis.

Review and complaints are two distinct terms. The complaint could be regarding the delay in delivering, missing part, the attitude of call center executive and many others. On an obvious note, the customer would expect the followed resolution on an early basis as soon as possible. Delay to which can irk the customer forming the negative impact of business, propagated in form of the worth of mouth or electronic word of mouth.

As per the report of Sproutsocial, ‘45% of customers will share a positive response if the brand affirms response to the raised complaint on the platform of social media. Also, 37% of consumers will share the story of appreciation with their social media community’.

Thus, the businesses should hire an online reputation manager to stay up to the track for attending the issue raised by the customer to rule out on the search page.

2.      Creating Numerous Links and Profile:

There is one of the biggest misconceptions lying around that creating piles of links and profiles one after the other will get you a positive impact on the online reputation.

Typical SEO activities will for sure give you high visibility on the particular link, but what about other hyperlinks as it is ready to face hot wrath of a bad reputation.

Therefore, instead of creating junk links for ranking maiden for all webpage, you should also adopt the practice of creating interactive social profiles with a high engagement rate, to a rank maiden in terms of positive phase on search engine result page.

3.      Posting Fake Review:

Big No! if the business plan to create an excellent reputation by the fail mean of a fake review, it is going to get trapped sooner or later.

The google has created a robust technology to track down fake comments and reviews on the websites and social media marketing handles, which could lead to your business in an unavoidable situation if traced.

Instead of posting fake reviews try to create a genuine review from authorized sources and customers.

According to the BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey, ‘70% of customers that were asked to write the review, have stepped up for posting genuine review’.

Thus, businesses should avoid this track of defaming act by practicing real modes, even if takes time more than normal.

4.      Ignoring the Importance of Online Reputation Manager:

Each job post read the extremely different description and require different sets of qualifications. Therefore, the job role and the importance of online reputation managers should not be ignored and treated like other positions in the business.

Online reputation manager is the responsible entity for tracking the modes of traffic along with the responsibility to deliver apt post at an apt time and socialize with the customer, to drain the negative impact of business.

An online reputation manager is trained with the number of tools required for checking the source of negativity and offer a fabricated solution for the same.

Replacing the online reputation manager with sub-executive or junior authority may be one of the responsible factors for loss in the business.

5.      Confuse SERM with SEO:

SERM and SEO are two different aspects of digital marketing. Where SERM is the mode to manage the reputation of the website and business. And SEO is the medium to rank in the top list of the search engine result page (SERP).

Confusing the duo terms may get the business in an enigmatic situation, by practicing in the improper way of performing the application.

SERM works on managing all possible frames to get your online reputation on the first page of search as effective to convert the visit in sales procedure by advocating the reviews and ratings on social channels.

While, SEO adapts the implementations of backlinks, keywords, and meta to rank in prior to the list as in comparison to their competitors.

Therefore, in order to phase out the common of business, it is important to track down the differences between SERM and SEO in the business strategy.

In Conclusion:

As a concluding statement, it is apt to say that admiring the loopholes and areas of mistakes is as much important as prepping up for the inputs in online reputation management.

If the business wants to progress in the domain, it is mandatory to have a high rate of engagement with customers by creating polls, contents, doing timely replies, addressing the customers, offer a lucrative set of benefits and much more.

Therefore, in order to glean in the belvedere start focusing on shortcomings along with strengthening points of the business in order to create an exceptional online reputation.

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