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How Online Reputation management is helping Tourism in India

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

India, the nation with an area of 32,87,263 sq. km, ranging from snow-capped mountains in Jammu & Kashmir to the shores of Tamil Nadu. India is considered as a land of Gods, gifted with abundant scenic beauty is attracting the exemplary mass of the globe by further connecting the dots for Tourism.

In order to facilitate the mobile mass with best curated services, the Government of India is accepting the offerings of online reputation management services to flourish the culture of the country in the favour of escalating the nation’s GDP by propagating the Tourism of India with the campaign named ‘Incredible India’ aka ‘Atulya Bharat’!

Role of Government Bodies in Digitalizing the Experience of Tourism:

The Prime Minister of Nation, Mr. Narendra Modi is the most followed political leader on Instagram with 30 million+ followers in the world along with the remarkable following on various other social media platforms.

One can understand the importance of digital means, with the structural implementation of social media and websites in constitutional elections of the country. The political parties are taking resources from online reputation management firms, in order to gleam on the socio-political ground.

Based on the visible interest of digital implementation, each ministry and organization is hitting their targeted audience with well-framed steps of social media marketing, lying on the pandemic platform of social media or respective digital means.

According to stats of the year 2017, it is accounted that online advertising in India is intensifying at a markable rate of 25% with a span of each year. It is further accounted that, the audience of the age group 18 to 44 are the prime holders for businesses aiming for digital moves.

Social media


With the vast talked reviews of digitalization, the Government of India is shifting the concern of tourism to advanced medium from the traditional modes. The maiden step was considered in the field in the year 2002, with the launch of the International Tourism Campaign; Incredible India!

The tourism industry has been seen burgeoning with the quick initiatives of Incredible India. The campaign is marking its strong presence on Facebook, Twitter followed by its YouTube channel.





incredible india




fb-incredible-indiaIn order to manage the reputation on pandemic platform with more than 2 million incredible Facebook followers, 2.3 Million of Twitter followers and 55.4K YouTube followers, the Government of India is working on the mainframe, managing the online reputation for their social media handles and their official tourism website, with the collaborative inputs of online reputation management firms for creating the genuine engagement relationship with its targeted audience, through its interactive social media posts.

Apart from the initiatives of the Government of India, Regional Governments are seen propagating their state tourism.

Rajasthan Government is one of the states, actively participating in the digital campaign of Tourism. Rajasthan is well known for its rich culture, exciting history and beautiful standstills and forts.

The Government of Rajasthan is actively marking its presence with up to the minute official website to attract the troops, especially tourists from foreign lands by engaging them with rich and cultured posts and surveys.

Along with the digitalized site, the Rajasthan government is exceeding the number of followers on the subsidiaries online platform of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram handle with the range of followers 588K, 100K, 102K, and 212K followers respectively.











‘With great following, comes great responsibility’, Rajasthan Government is adopting the mechanism of online reputation management services, in order to regulate the flow of customers, by screening their review, managing harmonious relationship with vendors, preserving the cultural of the state and offering prompt replies to the enquiry of tourist with a span of hours.

Rajasthan, being diverse in culture conduct the strategy of social media marketing to loop the business in favour of the state’s growth.

Based on the reports of government’s initiatives, it can be assimilated that social media and its digital resources are enhancing the taste of tourism, on the backdrop of government’s campaign, compassing the scale on both; the State as well as the National level.

Role of Private Companies in Digitalizing the Experience of Tourism:

make my trip

India as the nation has exceeded its feet in every sector of economy gathering. Tourism is the domain of business, that is never going to witness dusk of glory.

India being the hub of culture, opens up the platform for the everlasting opportunity of business in tourism.

Apart from the initiatives of the Government of India, the private companies are ruling the preface with instant digital services, just at the stretch of a click.

Choice, Choice everywhere…but what to Choose?

The online services have flourished, so as the number of tourism companies.

In order to rank maiden, private tourism companies are adopting crafted technology to filter out the best of them. The private tourism companies are outsourcing their resources to the reputed and trust firms to carry out the proceedings of their business in favour of the company as well as the customer.

Names like Make my trip and Yatra are one of the leading private tourism companies installing the application of online reputation management services into its core.

Make my trip is the trusted name among the private ventures. The company ensures to address the review of its customer in order to ensure the longer retention for future aspects of traveling.

Make my trip accounts for over 2 million likes on Facebook, along with 90K+ followers on Twitter. The active appearance on social media boosts the trust factor amid tourist, with the promise to advocate them in better possible way.

Similarly, Yatra is the family term in the drop back of planning the trips using online modes. Yatra believes to serve fabricated services to the customer, anticipating their usual needs.

The acceptance of online reputation management services followed by social media marketing strategy has helped them in gaining more than 2.5 million likes on Facebook and 59K followers on Twitter along with a lucrative number on Instagram and YouTube.

Based on the submission to work, the private companies are enhancing the experience of its customers, attracting them to follow and gift visibility to the socio-digital platform of tourism companies.

Insiders– Factors Boosting the Trend of Tourism:

Tourism is the compassing business venture, trailing the economy of the nation. The inputs of digital means have set strong competition amid the tourist companies.  To last long in the challenge, it is mandatory to rule the channels of social media by grinding up the best for promising views.

Social icons

Lets’ have a look at some titled insiders of digital belvedere, boosting the trends of tourism with the help of Online Reputation Management services.

1. Likes & Followers:

The page or websites demand the interest of its customers. The more likes and followers on an official page of the tourism company more will be engagement, which may further lead to sales conversions.

2. Fresh Content and Updates:

In order to regulate the content on the socio-digital platform, it is mandatory to upload a fresh set of content and regular intervals of time, to ensure the increase in the number of views.

Also, apart from fresh content, it is necessary to offer updates for the website, to eliminate the case of having bugs or digital risk.

3. Contests, Offers & Quizzes:

The services of online management help in creating the aura amid its customers. The tourist company holds the various contest, provide offers and conduct quizzes in order to engage the customers and inflate the visibility of the website.


digital marketing










4. Response to Messages:

Responding to customer’s enquiry is one of the assisting factors, for gaining the trust of a customer.

The speed of attaining the query decides the prompt level of a tourism company, cleaning the reputation from any assumptions of misalignment.

5. Reviews on Social Profiles:

Apart from responding to enquiries, review on social channels plays a prominent role in design the reputation factor for the tourism company. The better the review, the better the customer approach.

6. Wikipedia Page Management:

Wikipedia is the open-source of information. The tourism company should update its Wikipedia page regularly, to keep the check on it to filter the loop cause, which may downgrade the company’s name and its reputation.

Call to Action:

Go4Customer is excellent in handling public relations, controlling eWoM electronic word of mouth.

Go4Customer offers excellent online reputation management services, trained to deal with brand negativity with cool temperament, turning it into a positive reputation soon with its practices.

ILBS, Indian Art Ideas, The Maharajas, Databagg and IRCTC’s E-Catering are some of the projects that the Go4Customer has looked into.

If you have the vision to grow in India and acquire the Indian audience, consider Online Reputation management is the key factor, as it can bolster in revamping your online image to move in any aspect of the domain.

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