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Why are Data Verification Services good for your Business?

Posted by Shashvat
Data verification services

Any business that aims to accomplish success and an apex level in its industry have to consider many aspects. Factors such as human resource, business model, marketing strategy, sales plan, and so on contribute their share to the success of a business. One such consideration is maintaining the quality and accuracy of data. If the data is corrupted at the initial stage i.e. at the time of data entry, then the subsequent process is automatically of no use to the business. So, it is imperative that you ensure a safe passage for data inflow & outflow in your business.

For the same, various vendors are offering data verification services to the business. The objective of these service providers is to ensure that every data that enters the database of your company is precise and correct. Similar to customer service outsourcing, companies prefer delegating these services than assigning their own workforce to verify the authenticity of the data.

Data verification enables business owners like you to resolve problems before they grow owing to the ability of these services to pinpoint the main issue and conduct a root cause analysis.  There are numerous benefits your business can have by using the data verification services and we are going to walk through few of them in this blog. Let’s start:

Avoids data decays

Experts have found via a survey that data decays at a uniform rate of 2.1 % every month. That’s data decay of 22.5 percent per annum. This happens because organizations change their employees and designations. Also, people unsubscribe from the emails they do not like, which further leads to data decay.

Data verification is a process that offers a solution to the problem of data decay. The experts offering these services work to eradicate duplicate data, finding information that is not precise and pointing out the emails that are highly probable to instigate spam filters.

Better email marketing


One important aspect of both email marketing and marketing division as a whole is deliverability. Although it is known that spam filters differ by ISP but are meant to be more active on a wider spectrum. A study showed that around 20% of genuine emails are webbed in the spam filters. Also, around 65% companies globally reported deliverability issue each year. This is a huge number.

Now data corruption in your database is only going to hike this deliverance issue of email. Sending an email to addresses that have firm bounce rate or non-engaging characteristics as you have entered the wrong person’s id makes your ISP affected. More inaccurate the data is, lesser becomes the likeability of your emails reaching the inbox due to clipping at the rate.

In few extreme cases, your business could get blacklisted by ISPs. So, maintaining a contact profile with the correct information so that you send the email to the correct person becomes quite necessary for your business. For this, availing the data verification service and leave your worries.


Encourages personalization


Personalized marketing is considered and preferred much better than a broader messaging tactic for any vertical. An attempt to send the personalized message is like telling the leads that you are paying utmost attention to their activities on your site. You try to convince the leads that their choices are specifically noticed and will be taken care of. The personalized message you send to the leads is a calculative risk that you take on the basis of the data that you presume to be accurate.

Imagine that the information of the contact is not precise i.e. is incorrect and you send the email to the wrong person. So, what you thought would gain you the win of lead somehow brings you down owing to inaccurate data. Hence, data verification services come extremely handy when it comes to winning the trust of leads or customers and avoiding any damage to your brand’s image.

Lead generation becomes much easier

It is a serious and tedious job to craft a lead scoring and qualification system. Now if the data is inaccurate, the whole lead generation process goes waste in vain along with your efforts. You will miss out on the significant accounts and your attempt to get the expected ROI witness a downfall. Availing the data verification services assure you of a streamlined and profitable lead generation process, which means an enhanced ROI for your business.

Final Takeaway

It is much easier to say and plan data maintenance than to actually execute it. Data corruption leads to bounces and unsubscribes that seem like a trash bin full of wasted resources on marketing efforts aimed at an incorrect database of contacts. So, approach an eminent vendor who can offer you an impeccable level of data verification services. Remember, correct data means assured implications of your business efforts!

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