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The Criticality of Third Party Verification Services

Posted by Shashvat

For a business to flourish and prosper, preciseness and professionalism need to walk hand-in-hand. Whether it is handling your employees, right from the screening process or if it is assuring that your sales process is implemented without a glitch, a competent verification team is quintessential. Business owners do not have time to examine each & every piece of information that is embedded into your CRM or database. Neither can they spare much time to closely shortlist every new hire.

For all these tasks, organizations generally hire or outsource a third party verification team. While maintaining a proficient TPV team in-house sounds like a great idea, in reality, it is quite demanding. Apart from a reasonable amount of capital, you would be required to invest enough time and effort to make your workforce fall in line with the international standards.

Wise business owners generally look for a performing and eminent third party verification services provider who can not only handle the entire employee screening process effectively but also assures a first-rate data entry into your CRM and allied databases. In a nutshell, it would be wise for you to choose a competent BPO call center for a seamless growth of your business.

Types of TPV services

In layman terms, third party verification is of two kinds; one to crosscheck the employee’s details during hiring and second to assure that data entered during the entire sales process is error-free. Organizations look for both services generally, but in some circumstances, business owners require one of them.

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So, for clarity, let’s discuss each branch of TPV services separately:

Background Screening Service

Resumes are meant to get a glimpse of candidate’s skills, experiences, and qualifications before finalizing the position. On the other hand, cut-throat competition makes job seeking candidates more desperate to stand ahead of the rest. Therefore, sometimes, candidates oversell themselves by incorporating false information in the resume.

Now, you can ignore this aspect. But organizations that overlook the essentiality of background screening may face unwanted situations in the future. Because candidates lie about their credentials, hiring them would put your company in jeopardy of future mishap. 

So, there are quite a few third party verification services vendors in the market that make sure to closely examine candidate’s credentials and information provided in the resume. This is done mainly in three stages.

1.      Employment history check

TPV agents ensure to reach the previous employers of the candidate by using the phone or by emailing them. Some of the ultra-modern BPO call centers do not shy away to utilize the automated verification services. The ultimate focus is to crosscheck information like:

  • Joining and relieving dates
  • Job Designation
  • Salary
2.      Educational details assessment

This element of the resume is one of the most falsified information found in the job applications. Employees with a desire to catch their dream job often lie about their educational information. This is why sound TPV experts make it certain to go through details like:

  • Name of school
  • Diploma, degree or credential awarded
  • Date Awarded
  • Major area of study
  • Dates of attendance
3.      Professional reference tracking

In order to get a thorough idea of the candidate’s proficiency, the third party verification services agents make sure to contact the listed references (mainly previous company’s colleagues) and learn more about the individual’s temperament and professionalism. Generally, TPV agents ask:

  • Relationship with the candidate. Tenure in which the reference worked with the candidate.
  • About the interpersonal skills of the candidate.
  • What as per the reference’s point-of-view motivated the candidate?
  • Best qualities of the candidate.

Sales verification process

Every company’s sale process is quite strenuous and a lot of data-delicate. This means that a sheer mismatch in data could create a big damage. Since the myriad of information is generally input by the agents, human error is simply unavoidable. In addition to this, B2B companies often tend to record their sales confirmation conversations. This is so because a lot of cases are coming up where the customers create a fuss about a detail in the order and there is absolutely nothing to crosscheck. The result is lawsuits and financial losses for the businesses.

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This is why nimble business owners are not ready to take any chance. A big organization with a presence in more than one country and a big budget can handle a sales verification team in its own premises. However, few times only these teams are able to match the expectations. Therefore, third-party verification services companies are called upon by the business owners.

These TPV firms have agents who become the quality control experts for your business. Our deft experts ensure to listen to every recorded verification call to ensure its conformation with your business standards and international guidelines.

As soon as our experts notice an error or a glitch, it is taken directly to the quality check professionals who will report your account manager. The ultimate objective is to continuously pursue the enhancement possibilities in the business functions like script delivery and data entry.

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