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Omnichannel Customer Service: Is it Helpful for the Better Customer Service?

Posted by Akash Jaiswal
Omnichannel customer service

Earlier, customer communication has developed with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning bots. Agree? But in this era, every organization focuses to deliver great customer service for a better customer experience. Hence, they shifted from traditional channels to omnichannel customer service to deliver a better experience.

These days, several companies deliver strong omnichannel customer service. As a result, they retained 89% of their customers. Hence, businesses must make it as simple as possible for customers to get in touch with them.

So, how do you plan for an omnichannel vision to improve customer experience?

Before we go into deep knowledge about omnichannel strategies, let me tell you what is omnichannel customer service and how it is crucial in the best customer support service.

Omnichannel Customer Service Defined

Omnichannel customer service is a multi-channel strategy for customer care. It combines traditional and digital channels and touchpoints to deliver an integrated experience and improve client connections as well.

Marketing components are also at work when it comes to omnichannel customer service. Customer interaction is the most crucial part of the omnichannel approach. However, you should also consider the impact of personalized marketing across numerous channels on the total consumer experience.

Omnichannel Marketing Strategy: What Is It?

An omnichannel marketing strategy refers to an integrated, multichannel approach. And, it also creates a unified customer experience (CX) and minimizes siloed interactions. It offers to its customers, to shop or interact with any brand from any device and still get a seamless experience.

Here are a few examples of the omnichannel marketing strategy which are listed below. Have a look at them!

  1. When customers do shopping in-store, then customers receive an SMS text message regarding the sales and promotion.
  2. The customer receives a cart abandonment email and retargeting advertising for wishlisted products display.
  3. The customer performs online research on a product, inspects it in-store, then decides to buy it via a brand's e-commerce website.

Customer service operations and marketing strategies are carried out through platforms like social media. So, teams from both departments must interact to deliver a consistent experience to the consumer.

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What is Multichannel Customer Service?

Multichannel customer service is one that provides customer service or support across more than two channels. A company with multichannel support offers several ways to interact with them. It allows businesses to interact with their potential customers in their own way.

Difference Between Multichannel and Omnichannel Customer Service

Multichannel Customer Service

Omnichannel Customer Service

Do all the communication channels separately.

Do all the communication channels together in a single tactic and with a diligent approach.

Better customer engagement.

            Better customer experience.

Enhance the number of channels to promote a brand.

Give a seamless experience as they go from one channel to another.

Channel centric.


Focuses on quality of channels.

Focuses on quality of customer services.


Major Benefits of a Better Omnichannel Customer Service

Here, we summarised a few major benefits of omnichannel customer service which are mentioned below. Have a look at them!

  1. Improve customer experience (CX) by offering consistent and personalized service. And it also allows customers to engage online and offline at their comfort.
  2. By understanding client lifecycles through interaction records and enabling them to give customized care across different channels, they can improve customer journeys and provide better insights.
  3. Provide a smooth, individualized customer service experience that creates value and trust to increase customer loyalty.
  4. Ensure a consistent brand experience across devices, channels, and platforms to increase brand memory.
  5. Increase revenue by boosting customer loyalty, brand awareness, and repeat purchases.

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Omnichannel Customer Service Best Tips and Practices

When you implement omnichannel customer support, then some of the best practices can be used to inform your strategy.

Better Understanding of Preferred Channels by Customers

It can be critical for businesses to know where the customers can access information, shop, communicate, and seek help. Therefore, you may do this by analyzing relevant data to figure out which platforms your clients use the most. Consider a few questions as like:

  • Does the customer have an active online presence?
  • Which platforms do they prefer to use the most?
  • Do they read reviews before making an online purchase decision?


These questions will assist you in deciding which channels to employ to engage with clients. With this information, you can design a customer interaction framework that allows you to define their goals and needs, determine their preferred service channels, and map their path to provide optimal and consistent assistance.

Instant Response with Live Chats:

Usually, customers become frustrated if they wait for long times. Using live chat software, customers can be assisted in real-time. Therefore, by implementing live chat into your omnichannel strategy, your business will be able to accomplish the following:

  1. It provides instant and personalized support and solutions to the customers via live operators.
  2. Provide timely responses and simplified omnichannel customer care to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  3. Proactively engage with customers to enhance conversions and handle problems before they become more problematic.

Presence of Your Social Media Should Be Enhanced:

In this era, social media has expanded rather than a simple platform for communication between family and friends. Therefore, it is also leveraged by several companies to provide better customer service that manages customer satisfaction.

These days, the majority of people have at least one social media account. Agree? Brands can leverage social media platforms whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others for their omnichannel strategy by:

  • Providing an instant response to consumer inquiries via message and comments for efficient and effective service.
  • Enhancing brand awareness and omnichannel consumer interaction by positioning products and services for a specific target.
  • Collecting social data insights and combining them with other platforms in your strategy to provide cross-channel support.


Self-Service Options Are Highly Valued by Customers:

As part of your omnichannel service strategy, give your clients self-service choices so they may fix support issues on their own.

Self-service solutions are useful for both customers and agents, such as a resource library or FAQ section where users can search online knowledge bases for answers.

Sharing reliable and useful information builds trust and enhances the consumer experience. It can also help you to save the money of your business by minimizing the number of time spent on answering simple queries. And also, allowing the agents to focus on more difficult support requests.

Provide Right Skills and Tools to Your Support Team to Deliver Effective Customer Experience (CX):

When you implement an omnichannel service strategy, it helps to ensure your staff has the right skills for execution.

Customer support representatives are your company's face and voice. And, they are often the only human contact a consumer gets with your brand. As a result, it is essential to have the right skills to provide efficient omnichannel customer support.

Customer service representatives should have complete knowledge about products to answer support issues. Additionally, they have excellent communication skills to deal with a variety of consumers and follow correct support etiquette across online and offline channels.

It is also crucial to allow your customer service representatives with the greatest tools possible so that they can give consistent and effective help across all channels. Consider:

  1. Agent scripting is used to guide agents through workflows and guarantee that interactions are constantly efficient across channels.
  2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to improve support operations, enhance response times, automate processes, and maximize agent productivity and efficiency.
  3. Customer discussions, data, and support can all be centralized with the best call center software and ticketing service.

Transform the Call Center into Digital Channels:

Earlier, the call center provides customer service over the phone. But in today's digital world, consumers connect and interact with brands via a variety of channels such as phone calls, text messaging, video, and more. An omnichannel support strategy cannot be implemented using traditional phone-based support centers.

You should upgrade your contact center solution that combines all of the functions of a traditional support center with the ability to manage customer interactions across multiple digital channels. When you combine your contact center with CRM, then you can provide omnichannel support to the customers that enhance customer satisfaction and boosts your business.

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Wrap Up

In this era, omnichannel customer support plays a vital role in providing better customer satisfaction. It provides strategic direction to the business than a tactic one. Omnichannel enables companies to interact with their customers where they are. To deliver better support, having an omnichannel strategy is not sufficient. Businesses also need to train their customer support executive to understand the need of customers in every interaction.

If customer service representatives are available for their customers across various channels, then it enables the support team to deliver proper service that meets individual customers’ needs. When you implement omnichannel customer service, then it helps in better customer experience (CX), boost your brand loyalty and enhance sales.

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