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Business Process Outsourcing Driving Value In Rapidly Growing Economy


Global businesses are looking for measurable and long-term growth from BPOs. They strategically partner with third-party service providers to achieve higher productivity, improve agility, and enhance customer satisfaction levels. BPO services India follows a value-based approach to develop their business models and expand its business across the globe.

There is no denying the fact that BPO outsourcing can help businesses in making critical decisions. The service provided by the vendors is much beyond lowering their operational costs.  They inject new market-shaping industrial insights that improve clients' performance.

BPO Playing a Vital Role in Rapidly Changing Business Models

Every company today focusses on delivering high-quality customer support services to achieve its business objectives. Whether it's a Business-to-Business model or Business-to-Consumer model, creating an exceptional customer experience is highly desirable for the modern-day firms. Outsourcing helps companies to not only reduce their overhead costs but also improve revenue and increase business agility by enhancing customer satisfaction levels.

A recent study conducted by Forbes indicates that managers of multinational enterprises are increasingly moving towards partnering with established outsourcing units to achieve more than bottom-line savings. This is mainly attributed to the fact that outsourcing, over the years, has been recognized as a successful strategy for achieving results beyond savings.

Factors Driving Business Transformation in India

BPO service providers in India have proved to be a tough competition to the international BPO providers. According to Gartner, they contribute about 5% of the total market revenue spawned from the top 150 BPO companies across the globe. BPO India focuses on performing the root cause analysis by using lean and six sigma methodologies.

Companies outsourcing their backend business functions to the call centers are believed to have more effective and better self-service arrangements. A research performed by Forbes in the year 2013 indicated that about 72% of the customers look for information online to help themselves, but only 52% of them are able to locate the right information. This is where, partnering with a reliable and efficient call center can be useful, mainly to the eCommerce businesses, as this will improve their online presence and sales efficiencies. Various other benefits are:

1. Promote Business Growth: BPOs help companies in improving their growth by internally simplifying their processes.  

2. Improve Customer Satisfaction: The service providers help small and big businesses in reducing costs and eliminating processes that add no value. In this way, organizations can focus primarily on delivering quality customer services.

3. Improve Company's Approach: Indian BPOs' helps businesses gain flexibility and adaptability according to the rapidly changing business environment.

Thus, organizations seek strategic partnerships with the leading BPO providers in India to redesign their business models and improve revenues. 

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