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Business Processes that Companies Prefer to Outsource

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Is your company outgrowing in size? Are you facing trouble in managing the business operations?

Well in that scenario, the only way to manage the business is to outsource the services to a business process outsourcing company.

BPO outsourcing companies are known to cater to the requirements of the organizations and reaching a wider audience in less than the expected time.

If you feel that your business needs some external support in terms of staff, tools, technologies, and office space, but confused about the services you need to outsource to a third-party vendor.

Know here in detail about the business processes that companies usually prefer to outsource.

1.  Call Center Services

Outsourcing the call center services comes as a topmost choice among business owners when they intend to pass-on the service to BPO outsource company.

It is no hidden fact how much effort and facilities it takes to set up the call center in-house - bulk hiring of call center executives for each process, training them with tools, installation of set-up in confined office space, etc.

As per the reports of Microsoft Dynamics 365, 49% of customers, on average, use three to five different mediums of communication channels to have call center services. Managing all these business steps on a different platform with in-house employees is a tedious process.

Hence, if you are facing similar concerns of addressing the customer’s issues over a phone call and failing in matching the call center metrics, you should outsource your call center operations to experts working at a business process outsourcing company.

2.  Customer Support Services

If you are in the illusion that call center services and customer support services are the same, you are on the wrong track.

Call center services exclusively deal with offering resolutions through phone calls to product/service’s quality and return/refund concerns, whereas customer support services are broadened to reach the customer throughout the lifecycle if needed.

The experts of BPO outsource company are dealt with qualities to cater to the requirements of telemarketing, appointment scheduling, third-party verification, etc. that put their best efforts to fulfill the requirements of businesses like yours.

If you are having a customer-centric business, you should consider outsourcing the customer support services to third-party vendors as it develops the loyalty in customers for the brand.

customer support services

3.  Human Resource Services

The business organizations that deal with a heavy-rate of hiring professionals for business operations and projects tend to outsource their human resource services to business process outsourcing companies.

The BPO companies hold the level of expertise to facilitate the requirements of the organizations such as interviewing, training, and implementing the strategies for the  development of executives, managing employee relationships, etc.

HR resources

Image Source- Cinnect

Being a result-driven organization, you will be needing trained professionals at each step that has all the required qualities to fulfill the business requirements.

Hence, if you too are struggling with the hiring and training process of employees, you can simply outsource the complete process to BPO outsource company and rest your back.

4.   Back Office Solutions

In today’s competitive business world, each organization is decked up with tons of data, and to manage the same you will be needing the support to sort, compile and churn insights at the time of the business requirement.

The business process outsourcing company is known to handle surmount of data with their staff and tools, which may cost a big amount if installed at the organization’s location.

Hence, it has become one of the most outsourced services to BPO companies, all thanks to its efficiency in providing timely deliveries of Data entry services, Data mining services, Document digitalizing services, Document archiving services, Order management services, Transaction management services, Data management services, etc., with the offering of additional perks like cost-saving, reducing overhead, staffing flexibility and many others.

back office operations

Image Source- Invisor

5.  Finance and Accounting Services

Managing the finance and accounts for any organization is quite challenging, especially in the case when you need to focus on the business’s core tasks.

In that situation, the companies prefer to outsource the related task to third-party vendors to deal with all sorts of traditional and non-traditional finance and accounting services.

The BPO outsource company aims to provide high-quality data with its top-notch tools and technologies like artificial intelligence, analytics, etc,

Therefore, if you are facing a struggle in handling the operations like Invoice/Payroll processing services, Accounting/Bookkeeping services, Cash flow management services, Help desk services, Vendor management services, Reporting, and analysis, etc., you should outsource the services to an eminent third-party with important details about your organization.

finance accounting operations

Image Source- e-Business International Inc

In Conclusion

Outsourcing business services to a business process outsourcing company is never an easy decision. It is a process that involves handing over the complete responsibility of the above-mentioned departments or projects, but with the return of efficient results at a low investment of cost.

Hence, with BPO companies you can expect the cent-percentage value and hands-on best outcomes.

List down the areas/department of your business, you are facing challenges with or like to outsource in the comments down below!

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