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How Business Process Services Impact Business Models

Posted by Anushka

The journey of business process services as a confusing domain to an imperative inclusion in the business model has been quite compelling. An industry that was formulated on a traditional idea of outsourcing a few business operations to a third-party service provider is one that impacts analytics, digital transformation, and changing technology models. Moreover, an enterprise that falsely mistaken to include only customer service process is now handling bulk operations of customer experience management, finance, and accounting, human resources and talent, procurement and supply chain, and other industry-specific processes. 

Contemporary business process services empower client tasks with data, insights, benchmarks, guided execution, and dedicated consulting support. Such business process outsourcing ( BPO ) services help in transitioning your business from how things are to how things will be. With market insights and customer data collected, business leaders can make better decisions faster. Organizations using the right resources and skills can advance their operations and benefit from external intelligence and expertise, improving business market strategies. 

That said, business process services do impact business models refining its current structure and dynamically affecting the overall operation process. 

What is the business model?

Before you get into the practicality of business process services, you need to know what a business model is and how it delivers value to companies and customers. The business model construct comprises of product or service, the customer and market, its role within the value chain, and the economic engine that allows it to meet the profitability and growth needs. 

Business models are used by startups and developed organizations as prototypes to build and construct new ventures based on the knowledge and understanding of the operational process. 

How does business process services affect the business model of an organization?

Business models don’t just talk about the hierarchical operation. 

They detail the source of revenue, the cost structure of an organization, the key drivers of profitability (compiled together as a profit model), their long-term growth objectives to meet its profit margins (called as a logic model), study the USPs of the products and services, create a differentiated value for your customers, work out go-to-market strategies, research what the value chain is offering (coupled together as a value-creation model), and improve the transactional revenue model. 

Factoring in the propositions mentioned above, business process services possess the power to affect and impact all types of business models. For some organizations that might consider it to be a hefty transaction, its advantages out limit the initial cost expenditure. In the long run, what matters is not how much revenue you spent on operations but the margin you earned through them. 

Overall, business process outsourcing services help to reinvent your business operations, taking the current market trends, customer behavior, hold in the market, and buyer-provider collaboration into consideration. Apt business process services empower businesses with a three-dimensional take; what’s next, what’s more, and perspectives on major shifts in the business process outsourcing architecture. 

The BPO industry isn’t just about the value chain anymore; it is abuzz with possibilities presented by newer capabilities and engagement models. Nowadays, BPO services aid organizations to capitalize on this changing behavior and dynamics, take benefit from this highly opportunistic market, and solve issues related to risk management. 

Business process outsourcing is no longer an underdog, but one that carries forth an image of cost arbitrary, moving beyond its recognition as a simple cost offering. Mature organizations are well aware of the wonders related to effective BPO solutions and its significant impact on their core businesses. 

On a broader scale, the following are three domains impacted by BPO services and operations. 

Enabling a more customer-centric environment:

BPO is not just limited to calls and random texts; it has widened its domains into platforms like social media, online marketing, digital channels, live chats, emails, etc. There are too many channels using which you can connect with a single customer, offering multi-touch points for customer engagement. Moreover, with analytics in the picture, traditional transactional CRM data can now be mapped to social CRM analytics, allowing customers to understand the behavioral patterns and establishing a cross-channel marketing strategy. 

Powering organizational agility and competitive strategy of an organization to meet the expectations of the changing market trends:

The BPO industry needs to stay agile and well-educated with the market conditions while informing the customers about their key objectives. Organizations that handle their operations effectively and efficiently are well-placed with the competition and equipped with an agility quotient for sudden reactions to any change. Business process services that have achieved the said industry benchmarks can keep competitors astride in the market. Such C-suite companies can focus on their core capabilities while leaving the Business process outsourcing partners to focus on improving process functionality and innovation, creating a symbiotic relationship with each other. Moreover, in such case scenarios, both BPO and Vendees can create a win-win situation. 

Powering business to grow with analytics:

Today, the BPO industry has evolved far from its earlier transactional capability to possessing a transformational mindset. It has incorporated modern technologies like cloud computing IoT, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and many others. Adding this modern approach to its existing environment has flooded the BPO avenues with several possibilities and potential, unlocking business transformation and delivering enhanced business outcomes. 

That said, data analytics is molding the decision-making process of the companies, allowing them to know their business and customers better. The data collected from several resources are now being analyzed for productivity gains, allowing them to enter new markets faster, driving business agility, introducing new products/services at reduced costs, and speeding the new product rollout process. 

All in all, data analytics is powering the customary processes, resonating well with the need of the hour, and providing leverage to companies to stay ahead of the competition.  

Modern business process services help them chart unexplored areas:

Exploration is one of the necessary aspects of business expansion, allowing companies to chart new areas, associate with the leaders in that genre, and enabling them to explore the opportunistic market. Business process services help pave the way to make smarter decisions, nullifying the reluctant approach decision-makers take while expanding into other domains. 

How can BPO solutions assist in business growth?

Through Big Data. 

It opens several roads for service providers to seek out the strategic value proposition in unexplored areas. Big Data relates to not just external data collected from various social media applications but also the internal transactional data amassed from the CRM platforms. With apt data analytics services, companies can clean, filter, and mine this data for valuable nuggets of intelligence, directly contributing to organizational revenue structure. 

Help with creating value for your business:

For BPO providers, innovation today is related to Business Value Creation. Partnering with the innovational solutions and technologies does not just drive excellence but impacts the customers in a positive way as well. Business process services bring in innovation and modernity, creating a new personalized business model. To survive the cut-throat competition, BPOs have to indulge more with innovative and unique strategies. Referred to as Innovative BPOs, the characteristics for their success include an evolving nature along with the changing market needs, building effective business models that can thrive through this dynamic market, and delivering business impact to the customers. 

Improving operations with business process services 

Metamorphosis or advancement in a business setting is an inevitable reality. 

For businesses who change with the changing needs improve their business reputation, revenue, and sales quotients. For others, they lose their ingenuity in the tedious race and fade into the past. 

Modern and agile approaches are one-way business process services that assist your business, a quality that can help companies of all levels and genres excel in the market.

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