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Make Your Business Future Ready with Outsourcing

Posted by Priyanka Thakur
BPO Services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the process of subcontracting one or more specific business processes to a third party BPO services provider at some predefined terms and condition. This subcontracting of processes authorizes the service provider to become the administrator and manager that supervises the services and processes ensures that they deliver the desired result. Over the last 20-25 years, outsourcing has flourished like never before. The major factor that has propelled this industry in the direction of success is the easy availability and access to qualified and skilled professionals at cost effective prices.

Outsourcing the business processes that do not fall into the category of core-competencies of an organization but are critical for smooth functioning and overall success of the organization is a value proposition that makes the business streamlined, scalable, profitable and successful.

The top offerings of BPO services that ensure success of a business are: 

  1. Focus on Core Competence: Outsourcing certain processes like customer support to inbound call centers relieves the management of an organization of the burden of managing a non-core process that would leave them with no time and energy to focus on their KRAs. Outsourcing allows them to focus on giving the business a competitive edge by augmenting the integrated operations and solutions with exclusive and comparatively cheaper services. Outsourcing saves resources and time that can be used directly on building the core competencies of the business.
  2. Focus on Needs and Expectations of Customers: The team at inbound call centers and outbound call centers interact with both existing and potential customers. This interaction gives them an insight into the needs of existing customers and expectations of prospects. Having an insight of the needs and expectations of customers help an organization to understand customers’ behavior and allows it to device business strategies to serve customers better.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: In addition to cost effectiveness, scalability and flexibility are two benefits of outsourcing that allows an organization to operate in the most effortless manner.

With the advancement in technology, the outsourcing industry has been changing at unprecedented rate. These changes allow BPO services providers to offer services that give the businesses that choose to outsource their processes a cutting edge over their competitors. The newest business technology and process have been changing the future of outsourcing. The latest trends and industry surveys predict that in the coming 5 to 10 years BPO centers are going to be re-defined. Till now outsourcing was viewed as only a cost reducing method, but with the introduction of cutting edge technology service providers are increasingly being seen as a means of ensuring superior services. The advancement in technology and the changes that it brings are rising up the BPO industry a notch-higher. An increasing number of inbound call centers, outbound call centers and other service providers are making use of cloud computing, business analytics tools, automation and are using multiple communication channels to connect and interact with clients and customers. Adopting, implementing and adapting to these newest technology gives BPO services centers an upper hand and allows them to offer cutting-edge products, services and solutions.

Over the coming years, we will see robotics transforming and managing the roles of a traditional call centre executive and back office staff. Automation has already made its presence felt in the manufacturing and production industries. Taking clues from these industries, outsourcing giants have started introducing and incorporating certain elements of robotics in the day to day function of BPO centers. The introduction of IVR and self-service options offered by inbound call centers are examples of automation in its simplest form. It is only a matter of few years that outsourcing industry will be overhauled by the arrival and industry wide implementation of robotics and automation.

Only those businesses which are able to see these changes taking place in future and prepare themselves for the change in time will survive the competition and make a mark in their respective industries. To ensure that your business leads the competitive race and climbs the ladder of success, it is imperative that you act when you still have got time on your sleeve. The preparatory steps that will pave the path of your success in the near future are identifying your core competencies and focusing on them, without sidelining the other important business processes. To take proper care of these other important business processes, it is crucial that a business choose a technology driven, futuristic BPO services centre that will make your business future ready. 

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