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Shape Your Career in BPO with Exceptional Opportunities

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Starting your career as a BPO executive is great to brush your soft skills when you are at entry level as a fresher.

But continuing the job role for over a year becomes a challenging task fearing the stagnant growth rate… firstly let’s clear the cloud of myths around the percentage of growth rate…

Like any other profession, a career in BPO jobs also does offer the steps of success and growth, if enhanced well.

Career Growth in BPO Industry:

Call center in India is considered as one of the leading outsourcing hubs to the delivery of call center services.

Therefore, being a citizen of India, there are negligible chances to face a shortage of BPO jobs in the industry.

If you still have some sort of doubt regarding joining BPO as your job, you need to have a quick look at below discussed points to clear your confusion about the career in the bpo industry.

· Improvised Leadership and Management:

Entering in BPO sub-division calls for basic requirements such as elementary level of computer proficiency, confidence, public speaking and a rough idea about the job profile.

Polishing the same in the long run is surely going to build up a strong personality swaddled with improvised leadership quality matched with the level of delivery for BPO services.

Working in the BPO industry is great if you are looking for something like confidence-building skills and leading the team shortly.

Progression with a career in the BPO sector offers you to have a hands-on the chances to switch positions linearly in the upward direction.

With a bigger set of perks and benefits comes the bigger responsibility!

Therefore, making a career in the domain is for sure going to in-built the qualities of leadership and management, efficient enough to lead the team of learners in the near future.

· Designation Wise Yearly Growth:

Busting the myth of steady growth in domain, the 12th pass is efficient enough to take up the job at an entry-level the same as a degree holder or graduate.

Like any other professional BPO holds the power to extract best out of its employees.

It could be abstracting the worthy qualities in one to significant promotion in a career as per the set hierarchy of the organization.

Entering as an agent may get you some of the good job roles over the passage of the year.

The experts of the field believe that yearly growth can be counted on the matched terms of change in position from agent to project head based on your inputs and performance.

On normal track one is efficient enough to get promoted in designation from agent to team leader to project head and manager in the 2-3 years and 5 years respectively.

· Outshine Career in BPO by Adding Brand Recognition Tags to CV:

Working in a call center calls for ample opportunities to polish your CV.

BPO aka Business Process Outsourcing as the name suggests usually deals with the project outsourced by third-party to call center outsourcing provider/ BPOs for handling the customer care service chores.

The reputed clients fall under various categories such as Fortune 500, renowned MNCs and recognized names in the city and business world.

Serving the clients for namely firm either B2B or B2C is surely going to excel in your career growth in the BPO industry along with the addition of brownie points in your CV for grabbing future opportunities in the industry.

· Develops Deep Understanding on Projects:

Modeling your career in the BPO sector develops a sense of better understanding and knowledge of the core projects handled by the call center executive.

While working for the assigned target and task, the chances are high to understand the requirement and behavioral pattern of the customer as per the circumstances encountered during voice and non-voice process.

Also, working in the BPO industry bolsters the agents in developing interest on various peripherals from retail to petroleum & gas industry.

Here, one can yield the qualities of client handling, management, public handling along with theoretical knowledge about a particular project.

· Target-Based Incentive Plans:

Molding your career in BPO industry forbids you to have tough hands-on spending money.

As being the employees of the call center, the annexure doesn’t restrict itself to basic salary. Rather the BPO executive is frequently awarded set of perk and benefits besides.

One can earn these lucrative incentives with the efficient and timely delivery of BPO services. The list encapsulates the range of inducements such as Bonus, Rewards and Recognition, Health Insurance, Corporate Lunch and many more…

Therefore, working in BPO is a profitable deal alike any other domain and department when it comes to escalating your career graph.

Career Growth in Non-Voice Process:

If due to any of the reasons you are dealing with fear in the course of public speaking and thinking BPO job is not for you. Then, you are moving to the wrong path.

BPO jobs don’t restrict itself to the section of Voice processes such as Phone Answering Service and Telemarketing. Rather the domain deals with the section of the profile run through the Non-Voice process as in backend through Chat and Email Support.

Voice and Non-Voice processes, both hold the same level of proficiency when it comes to delivering BPO services to the customer on the other side of the phone call and digital screens.

Also, the Non-Voice process agents foot the responsibility to connect with customers on all possible social media platform, to register the queries of the customer.

Polish Your Future with BPO Career Opportunities:

Till now we have already looked for the list of benefits adhering career growth in the BPO industry.

If we talk about career opportunities in the terms of increment in a package of average salary, BPO is the best podium to brush for the same reason.

According to Rediff, salary per annum differs for each individual as per the job role and loads of responsibility.

The basic structure of pay usually starts from 90K which can further be exceeded upto 6 lakh per annum and more, based on the performance.

Apart from increments in wages, BPO career opportunities deal with lateral progression in career growth.

Here, based on the course of learning and experience, one can easily switch amid the variants of job roles in BPO and other departments of the same organization only, where there is almost negligible need to handle any sort of phone answering services.

The lateral movement can be conducted from BPO to the following department:

The BPO executives are dealt with business qualities to switch the job role from one industry to another.

The BPO executive can switch in the following industries:

In Conclusion:

There are ample of chances to explore the career in BPO industry. One can reach from one position to another by successfully delivering the BPO services to a customer in an efficient manner to satisfy their needs and offer a set of profits to organization and clients.

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