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Shifting Customer Paradigms : BPOs Maximize Business Value


Smarter businesses optimize demand with supply, driven by customer insights to continuously replenish information flow on an interconnected and instrumented planet. In this context, business process outsourcing has played a vital role in transforming the business landscape by adding a high degree of elasticity to adapt to the fast changing times. 

It is imperative for firms to leverage outbound and inbound call center services offered by various service providers to leverage their process skills, superior technology, and domain expertise. To effectively engage and optimize their operational efficiencies, BPOs are focusing on customer intelligence strategies, while offering the traditional services like technical helpdesk outsourcing, customer support, toll free, soft lead generation and telemarketing services. 

Let's dig deeper to understand how outsourcing services are enabling enterprises to build resilient policies while reducing vulnerabilities in their business

Executing effective work methodologies followed by the third party service providers along with quick focus on building business efficiencies through business process automations and Six Sigma tools facilitates a firm to improve its internal process. Moreover, business intelligence resulting from consumer analytics acts as a key factor in reducing various business risks. This is because; the analytics tool is useful for understanding the user demand trends while neutralizing supply risks. In the same way, analytical knowledge can significantly help organizations to track customer behavior, which in turn, maximizes the probability of repetitive purchase. 

Predictive analysis or tracking customer purchasing pattern is the amount of information gathered by the contact centers for professional analysis. This is done by forecasting the market conditions and formulating business plans to predict capabilities, which can optimize processes and improve sales & revenue.

According to a research conducted by Forbes, most of the organizations believe that BPO services are a critical part of their business models. About 32% of the respondents considered outsourcing for driving their business growth, of which 35% companies trusted that subcontracting can add value to their business by improving customer experience. It's equally interesting to note that two-third of the enterprises included in the survey believe that outsourcing relationships are value-based, which encompasses both tangible as well as intangible objectives, such as customer satisfaction, free cash flow, and market penetration.  

Thus, it goes without saying that call centers are treasure of rich information, offering accurate consumer insights, such as customer data, feedback, or requirements. The ability to draw and track intelligence from information is highly imperative for the success of business.

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