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What to expect from BPO companies in 2019?

Posted by Shashvat

Yes, it’s good to be prepared for what is about to come tomorrow, but is it justified to compromise on today because of that? This question is a tricky one and fits rightly for the situation most of the business owners facing today.

Business owners are actively looking for ways that can enhance the revenue generation rate and offer higher productivity at low expense. For the same, businesses choose to outsource their tasks to specialized providers.

However, with rapid and transformative advancements in technology, everything is changing at a quick pace. You can see that by witnessing the rise of technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and RPA (robotic process automation).

In fact, owing to so many technological advancements, AI and RPA have confirmed that these techs are here to stay. A lot of organizations in developed nations are already hopping on these technologies. This year, with 5 months left has already seen a lot of BPO and call center services providers utilizing these high-end technologies to render exceptional services to the customers.

Make Your Business Future Ready with Outsourcing

So, what I am basically trying to jot down is that the era when the main objective of outsourcing was just to ‘save money’ is quickly fading away. This blog is going to offer you insights into the trends that we think will impact the BPO industries in the year 2019. Let’s see what they are:

Alignments of goals

Conventionally, the most popular reason to outsource is to trim the operational expense, save money for the business and create an optimized online presence through the inputs of online reputation management. Business owners opting to outsource focus mainly on attaining the bottom line only. So, outsourcing was an affordable and suitable way using which businesses used to attain their financial performance objectives.

Watch this video: How to choose the best BPO Service Provider?


However, worrying about tomorrow too much can ruin your today. Like saving money today because you want a better tomorrow can sometimes hurt your business.

Every business set its growth targets and to accomplish those goals by having a defined future objective, which is aided by suitable capital investment. This is the reason that so many companies are choosing to outsource not just for saving capital. So, what is the exact aspect that business owners are seeking today?

How Business Outsourcing Companies Benefit Your Business?

Well, IMHO, next year will witness an inclination of businesses towards corporate strategy alignment. This means that business owners will be looking for call center outsourcing partners who share the same vision as theirs and works in favour of outgrowing the business along with online reputation management for burgeoning social appearance.

The term ‘vision’ here means understanding the business’s bottom line, getting versed in their culture and transparent management communication.

Data protection

Business owners often ask the BPO companies and their owners about cost predictability. In return, BPO services providers present the estimated financial model, bringing a sense of relief to the business owners.

Since, financial stability is adeptly taken care of by the call center services, what else is left? As per 70% of the business owners, data security is one aspect that keeps them worried and bothered all the time.

I wouldn’t blame business owners here for being too much paranoid. I mean, look at the events that are happening all around us in recent years. Be it the Equifax Breach of 2017 where 127 million people were affected or be it the very recent Facebook’s data breach situation that concerned around 87 million people, everything is pointing in just one direction; business owners concern about data security is logical.

Of course, to run and sustain a business, you require capital without an iota of doubt. But the data of your customers is not just your responsibility but it also influences your business’s reputation significantly.

The cyber environment is under constant attack and for any business to make it safe for customer’s data preservation, ample time, efforts, and capital are needed. So, the call center outsourcing solutions equip the latest technology to assure data safety will be the ones preferred by the businesses.

Tech-related investment

As said, technologies such as AI, RPA, machine learning applications (virtual assistants), chatbot, IoT (internet of things)and many others are changing the end game of the business world.

Except for the big cats of the business world (who has the cash to spend), other companies are investing in these high technologies quite conservatively. The reason is that these technologies are actually quite expensive to get hands-on.

So, businesses are now taking a step-by-step approach towards advancements in technology. For instance, video chat and chatbot are aiding the customer support challenges on a daily basis. So, BPO services providers are ensuring to bring these technologies like AI and IVR (interactive voice response) to the businesses and the customers in a very logical manner.

Long BPO partnerships

Sustaining and keeping a bolstered business partnership (be it of any sort) can bring along a number of challenges such as management communication, improvising technology, cost handling, and raising efficiency.

What aspects really inspire Businesses to choose Outsourcing?

So, the aspect that most of the business owners will be looking forward to is to partner up with the competent outsourcing partner that can measure performance, offer a roadmap to meet bottom lines and provide pervasive communication plans.

Final words

I have tried scribbling down some of the compelling trends of the BPO industry that could affect businesses in the coming year. I hope it will help the business owners and BPO companies in Ahmedabad, Noida, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chandigarh both. Thanks! At go4customer, we aspire to bring clients to the top, as we are at the top of call centers in US.

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