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Benefits of Customer Success Team in BPO Services

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Benefits of Customer Success Team in BPO Services

Businesses are striving to find innovative ways to improve efficiency and attain maximum results. Of course, we need exceptional sales and marketing strategy to stay one step ahead of the competitors. But what else we can do to sustain our business performance? For bringing sustenance, customer retention should have your undivided attention at all times. That is the part where you need to put more focus.

Coming back to the question, what else we can do to get more output? Maybe, it is time to invest more in customer success. Not many people really under the gravity of customer success and simply disregard its importance. However, if you put some thought into it, you can lift a lot of pressure from sales and marketing, and make them more consequential by improving your hold on customer success. Let us understand why and how.

  • Customer success is also a part of BPO services that focuses on providing more than just customer support. It is a special division that deals with more critical aspects of customer service. They are not just there for supporting customers with mundane concerns. The customer success team dedicatedly works on attaining 100% customer satisfaction, and they only deal with difficult customers.
  • Besides, you can’t always rely upon annual contracts for holding onto customers, trying to gain their loyalty towards your brand. Further, customer acquisition has become an entirely new ball game these days. It is not that as simple as it used to be. Competition is at large. It is about time we explore more options.
  • We all know, customers are the backbone of every company. For perfecting good relations with customers, we need to keep them engaged with our brand. The only way to keep them engaged with us is by assigning our special customer success team for taking care of customers’ every single need and pain point.

It is all about letting the customer win, and gain their utmost confidence and trust in our brand. It is not that easy, and that is why you have to assign the best of your support agents for the job. All BPO services have a customer success team that generally comprises senior support agents, TLs, and sometimes even managers. This team only steps into action when there is a dispute raised by a customer, and it needs immediate intervention.

It is just that customer to needs to know there is a higher authority ready to serve them when their priorities are not fulfilled the first time they reach customer support. Well, the customer success team has more jurisdiction than a normal support agent. When things go beyond control, CST can initiate vouchers, gift coupons, and refunds at their will to de-escalate the situation. But only up to a certain extent within the limits of the company’s usual obligations.

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Reason for Assigning a Customer Success Team

All businesses that are customer-oriented must have a customer success team. That is because customer acquisition has become far more complex and challenging these days.

  • One of the major reasons for the increasing difficulty in customer acquisition is due to increased number of competitors in the market.
  • So, if you wish to transcend your competitors you will need to make a huge investment in sales and marketing.
  • You would be surprised to know that a lot of successful companies and newly emerging companies have already started investing in customer success models.
  • About 20-25% of successful companies are more likely to invest in customer success division than their counterparts as they realize how important it is for retaining their customers.
  • Just by retaining the existing customers well, the rest of the marketing maneuvers can be achieved. The customer success team mitigates major catastrophes with existing customers.
  • Not all businesses have enough capital for investing in extensive marketing campaigns. It is best for all small, medium-sized, and large companies to first invest in customer retention.
  • Once a customer becomes loyal to your brand, they become your unofficial advocates. Subsequently, it puts the burden off of the shoulders of the sales and marketing departments.
  • Sustaining existing customers is more important than getting new ones. All the BPO services and call center businesses understand the most cost-effective way to a seamless business is by keeping customers happy and successful. Both aspects are byproducts of an efficient customer success team.

The customer success team has become an integral part of all BPO services these days. If you are trying to foray into a call center business, you must have a good customer support team and a customer success team working together harmoniously.

Customer Support vs Customer Success

The ultimate objective of any BPO service or call center business is to assist its customers in the best possible way. However, when the business becomes quite extensive, the customer base always becomes pretty large. It is always in the hands of BPO service to provide sufficient time for every customer. However, whenever things go astray and a customer is facing a crisis, that is when the customer success team steps in.

Customer Support: It is an online support system that primarily works on the front lines. Generally, a team of customer support agents act as representatives of the company and deal with customers’ queries, questions, issues, concerns, transactions, etc.,

The team reactively handles customers’ grievances in a polite and diplomatic way. The functions and jurisdictions of the customer support team are limited and they are obliged to stick to the pre-assigned protocols of the BPO service.

Customer Success: It is a more focused group of professionals who proactively cater to the customers’ needs even before the ticket is raised. They act as advocates of customers and ensure reporting customers’ genuine grievances and pain points to upper management.

These professionals are there to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Also, whenever a customer raises a dispute or escalates a case, they immediately take charge and start working on their requirements adroitly.

The customer success team constantly monitors the existing problems of customers and works on devising a surefire strategy that would help customers in the best possible manner and at the same time avert all the possible contingencies that might occur with customers.

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Describing the Importance of Customer Success

Call center businesses have a customer success team at their disposal because customer success is tantamount to a business’s success. It is not just about helping customers with their queries and concerns just for the sake of it, it is about acknowledging their concerns as our own, advocating their needs, and doing everything to fulfill them. The objective is to make the customer feels special by showing them genuine concern.

All of these things lead to fewer churn rates, improved customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue boost. Since the customer success team focuses on helping customers genuinely, customers grow trust and confidence in the company system. Thus, in time they become advocates and promoters of the business. With a steady growth of customer acquisition and a reasonable retention rate, a business can quickly climb the ladder of success.

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The Working of Customer Success Management

Well, it starts with a customer success manager who has got a bunch of customer support representatives at their disposal. The organization of the customer success department may depend on the overall size and composition of the company. Depending on the process, the customer success manager will report to the senior manager or VP. A customer success manager plays a crucial role in the performance of the entire call center process.

The roles and responsibilities of customer success managers are as follows:

  • Ensure that representatives put their utmost effort into helping the customers get the most out of the products and services.
  • Actively participate in the hiring, training, and motivation process of new customer support agents. Enlighten them with the best practices of customer retention and persuasion.
  • Devise a strong customer success strategy that will ascertain the absolute customer satisfaction rate and retention rates. Also, sharing insightful information about the product/service specificities with the representatives so they can help customers better; thus training them to be more efficient at every phase.
  • Develop or construct any supporting material that would help the representatives to engage and persuade customers well. Also, keep tabs on the recent, tested, and proven trends that help in better customer engagement.
  • The customer base can be segmented and categorized based on their usage types and subscription. It is the duty of the customer success manager to segment them systematically so they can be addressed and dealt with accordingly. Profiling customers according to their preferences help CS representatives help them in a better way.
  • Keeping an eye on every escalated customer issue and dealing with them on priority. Take customer surveys and encourage customers to share regular feedback. Working on reciprocating all customer feedback.

Whether it is an inbound or outbound BPO service, depending on the type, the role of the customer success manager will change. The representatives working under their lead are composed, observant, and have excellent communication, persuasive, analytical, and problem-solving mindsets. The managers will be mainly responsible for the customer retention rate, cross-selling, and upselling rate of the product or service.

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Hence, this was pretty much about customer success management and its importance. Today, we have discussed and acknowledged how customer success management (when appropriately managed) can increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

At present, most customer-centric companies are adopting innovative methods of customer success management for creating a better rapport with their existing customer base and expanding their sales operations too.

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