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BPO Company to Work from Home: Is it Possible?

Posted by Prachi Priya

Over the past few months, work from home has become a need for all industries. Several companies have shifted to remote working, as the threat of COVID-19 transmission increased. Maintaining employee health and happiness along with customer satisfaction is a must. Thus, work from home is not a new thing anymore. Not even for BPO firms!

However, are companies offering BPO services ready?

Well, initially when the lockdown was announced around the world due to Coronavirus outspread, companies had to shift to remote working. Nevertheless, with the ease in performing functions and no threat to productivity, call centre companies switched to remote working too.

BPOs today have revolutionized to using modern technologies for swift service performance. The use of AI and the introduction of Google Clouds' contact centre AI has made call centres' open up to modern advancements. Additionally, to work remotely without any hurdle, call centres required cloud-driven solutions, and yes, BPOs are opening up to it! Cloud-driven call centres manage huge customer data without any security threat, thus most companies opt the same over traditional methods.

“Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy working with call center owners on their transition to work from home agents. The good news is, it’s simpler than you think.”

Bobby Hakimi, Chief Product Officer, Convoso

What are the cloud-driven solutions?

Cloud solutions are all about making computer system resources (data centres’) available to the user over the internet. Without the involvement of the user physically, cloud solutions help partners’ access huge data sets swiftly with just the use of the internet. This is the reason call centres need to adopt cloud-based solutions so that managing huge data sets without the physical presence of the agent is feasible.

Earlier call centres required agents to be physically present in the office. However, today with the help of cloud-based services, managing service operation remotely is a reality. Agents in call centres require making/attending calls of the leads/customers 24X7, and with cloud service, employees’ can make calls by accessing customer data protected through passwords online. Isn’t it an amazing and time-savvy practice?

Cloud solutions have emerged as a modern technology helping every BPO company work diligently off-premises. Cloud solutions have been around for long, yet most BPOs preferred in-house service operations to automated ones.

Nevertheless, with the advancements in tech, and industries understanding the perks of modern technologies, BPOs have started adopting new innovations. Practicing the traditional ways to handle customer support may not bring the same customer satisfaction as with cloud solutions. Thus, why wasting time and money on in-house service handling when cloud solutions can help handle operations hassle-free.

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Perks of a cloud-based call centre:

Integrated communication platforms- With the help of a cloud-based call centre, agents get access to all call centre services in one place. All communication channels integrated into one-place help the agents handle responsibilities hassle-free.

Automated solutions- Whether it is about handling calls, live chat, emails, or scrolling across customer data, a single virtual solution available over the internet helps agents. Automatically generated tickets, emails, 24X7 chat service with the availability of bots help BPOs ease several functions, which were not the same with traditional services.

Data collection- Cloud-driven call centres get ease at collecting all data sets in one place. This way, the agents can handle any information anywhere. Moreover, with analytics and visualization, the cloud helps call centres' save their data into impactful dashboards that are easily accessible. Earlier call centre agents had to be present in the office to access data and call customers. However, with the cloud, agents can access customer information easily. Additionally, there is no threat to customer data security too, as the same is protected by passwords.

Cloud hosting- Thinking of cloud BPO services, you might be thinking that agents have to maintain hardware in-house. Well, there is no such need for the agents to maintain hardware at home, as it is hosted in the cloud making WFH easier.

Call routing- Yes, you heard it right! Call routing is possible for BPOs working with cloud-based solutions. With the help of AI and the availability of cloud servers, calls are easily routed to the experienced agent in the same field. With a call centre working on traditional practices, such swift routing opportunities are less.  

Things every BPO Company needs to remember for swift work from home service:

  • Video conferencing is must
  • Provide internet connection
  • All adequate devices need to be available
  • Make all the analytical tools accessible
  • Access to passwords and other essential content
  • Ticket assignment system
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Intelligent call routing facilities
  • Virtual call centre software
  • Shift times
  • Teamwork
  • Daily team meetings for better communication.
  • Headsets, computer availability, etc.

Why is work from home no hassle for companies offering BPO services?

As the world prepares to allow agents to work from home, why not WFH for BPO agents? Well, most experts do not find call centres feasible to function remotely!

However, with modern techniques bringing in numerous perks, call centres can handle answering responsibilities splendidly from home. Call centres are not the same as before where a huge team of agents had to stick to their tables to make sure that no call is abandoned. Today, AI has introduced modern ways to ensure augmented customer experience and cloud-driven solutions allow work from home too. Every BPO company just needs to make sure that they make the adequate documents, network, and communication systems available to the employees.

Moreover, with cloud-driven solutions, the essential data is available to the user over the internet accessible through passwords. With the help of video conferencing, coaching sessions there is no issue in handling BPO services remotely.

Tips to create 'work from home' policy:

As work from home has become possible for call centre companies, there has to be a policy for a streamlined service operation. To empower agents with the right tools, check out the aspects BPO companies need to check for policy generation:

  • Safety and technical tools.
  • Expectations from work.
  • Availability of work from home option.
  • Work hours
  • Break timings
  • Communication channels
  • Leave policy
  • Training essentials
  • Health and safety needs
  • Guidance for the management of hardware tools, etc.

Ending Statement:

Several call centre firms have started working from home. Numerous that were still sticking to traditional methods have adopted new technologies for better results. If you want to empower your offerings and ensure customer satisfaction with work from home service, a reliable WFH policy will anyway help.

Thanks for reading!

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