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BPOs Creating Value Through Customer Engagement Model

Posted by Sukriti Saini

There is no denial of the fact that the traditional ways of performing outsourcing tasks are quickly running out.  The most probable reason for the same is the ever-changing customer behavior. In order to live up to their expectations and increasing the customer retention rate of their clients, BPOs are maturing with the fast-changing business environment. In fact, about 50% of the service providers offering call center services are reinventing their conventional models to increase customer engagement.

Now, as BPOs are continuously transforming themselves according to the changing technology and customer behavior, if there is anything that is getting affected by it the most then it’s the companies that these BPOs are working for. , Moreover, for a sustainable BPO model, it is important that both the businesses as well as third-party service providers closely work together, along with the underpinning technology.

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So, let us first look at the major changes made by the BPOs in their traditional and obsolete model to improve customer experience.

The shift in the focus- As companies are shifting their focus from being product centric to customer centric, BPOs are following the process of customer engagement, which includes acquisition, development, & retention. In the modern business world, the objective of the service provider is to inspire and engage customers at every step to acquire and retain them during the entire life of the brand.

Utilizing social media channels- In this digital age, to acquire more customers, companies need to have an ongoing dialogue with them. This requires a continual exchange of messages between a firm and potential & new customers by leveraging various communication channels like web, and social media platforms. The positive outcomes of performing these activities include adequately answering consumer queries, promptly resolving them, hearing out new ideas and supporting them. Moreover, companies are required to maintain peer-to-peer relationships to sell their products via active online communities.

Also, by effectively engaging and monitoring the social media platform, organizations can isolate each and every user on an individual basis and then intercept all the users for the most appropriate consumer treatment The BPOs realized this need and have started using these channels way back. Now, they keep coming up with various ways to promote the product or service of the company they work for.

Improving scripts- The business process outsourcing companies realized the need to revamp the scripts they had. So, they now keep revising their scripts time to time. Also, they don’t restrict their agents to the scripts. Meetings are held once is a week or month and discussions regarding a particular customer behavior or problem are done. Different customers need a different kind of treatment and scripts don’t work every single time, they sound more mechanical and less personal. Hence, the scripts are altered accordingly. This helps in keeping every customer content.

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Training representatives well- Another thing that the BPOs keep continuously working on now is – their most valuable asset- the agents. Good training is really important for the new agents hired. However, earlier proper training or attention wasn’t given to them after they used to get accustomed to their process. Now, because the new technology and ways to acquire and retain customers keep coming up, many workshops and training sessions are arranged for them. The performance of the agents is also analyzed using various KPIs. This way they stay updated and work with more concentration. Latest technology and well-trained representatives are known to be enough for increasing any company’s engagement with its customers.

Now, let’s take a quick glance at how enterprises that have hired such business process outsourcing companies are achieving benefits from the dedicated support and new engagement methodologies.

Improved Brand Image- As the world is connected with technology, engaging consumers on-the-go becomes significantly important for all the enterprises. Thus, service providers now provide immediate services round-the-clock to gain customer loyalty and stay ahead of the competition. When customers are shown this much of importance, the brand image automatically improves.

Increased customer retention- Improving products in line with user preferences leads to nurturing loyalty along with increasing sales and revenue. According to industry experts, about 70% of the customers are willing to incur about 13% of their expenditure on companies providing excellent customer services. Thus, this change in the functioning of BPOs is resulting in increased customer retention. More customers are getting loyal to the brand that cares for them.

Quick acquisition of new customers- The transparent interactions between an organization and its customers consecutively influences other potential customers. The happy existing customers promote the brand amongst their knowns and this adds new customers to the brand’s customer base. Moreover, when the calls of every potential customer are answered appropriately and readily, they choose to try the product or service of your company over your peers always.

Hence, this is how BPOs are helping businesses to aptly connect with their customers by generating a series of positive experiences by deploying anytime, anywhere customer experience and results- driven customer engagement efforts.

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