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BPOs Leveraging Digital Media Platform To Engage Customers


Today, digital media strategy has become a game changer in the business process outsourcing industry. It is proving to be an important tool as the companies are increasingly tracking social media platforms to understand consumer perceptions and preferences towards their services and products. Accordingly, the way call center services engage customers is moving away from e-mails and telephone calls to mobile and social applications.

While conventional marketing platforms broadcast in a single direction as well as are frequently targeted in a common way; digital media is capable of creating dialogues with large and specific audiences by addressing an individual at a time.

Harness BPO Power To Gain Customer Insights

Industry experts believe that electronic, print and social media platforms are the best way of connecting people across multiple geographies. For instance, social media is considered as a highly connected community, wherein social influencers, such as big celebrities, create an impeccable impression in the mind of consumers by endorsing a brand online.

Let’s dig deeper to understand how digital media and BPO services are inter-related:

There is a direct correlation between a third party service provider and digital marketing. Call centers in India are exploiting the digital explosion to reach customers and promoting various products and services of its clients. A recent report by the Economic Times suggest that Facebook and Twitter are the most common social media platforms used by the BPO units to manage customer relations.

On the similar lines, Gartner in its study fore casted that by 2015, over 50% contact centers across the globe are likely to use social media as their mainstream communication channel to interact with customers. It is for this reason; outsourcing units are leveraging the popularity of multichannel communication to generate sales leads as well as counter product criticisms. India is expected to dominate this space. The Nasscom report further predicts that the BPO sector in India is expected to reach about $50 billion by 2020 by realizing the potential of social media platforms. Following are the ways to reach end-users by using digital channels:

1. Mobile Engagement: Creating a mobile friendly website is one of the best ways to engage customers. By leveraging location-based mobile applications, companies can successfully engage customers and strengthen brand loyalty.

2. Social Media Intelligence: Digital and social technology offers an unprecedented prospect to businesses to gain customer insights. BPOs, by establishing social listening skills, can achieve a deeper understanding of the consumer needs and accordingly, help businesses in formulating strategies to improve their offerings.

3. Embed Digital Technology Experience: Another way of engaging customers is adopting digital technology, such as 2D barcodes and image recognition, to augment customer experience.

Business Process Outsourcing Driving Value In Rapidly Growing Economy

4. Engage Customer Dialogue: Sharing online content like audios and videos have the power to influence and engage audiences. It is an effective way of engaging consumers in a two way dialogue.

Besides, there are other ways to reach customers through digital media channels, such as developing feedback advisory community, creating an online forum, and implementing real-time consumer service channels. To fully exploit these benefits, it is important for companies to share its core business strategy with the BPO partners and accordingly leverage the power of digital media channels.

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