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How do AI Chatbots Clout BPO Services!

Posted by Prachi Priya

Bots are the future! You must have heard this several times and yes it's true. If your company is still not aware of how bots can be a pillar for your business, its high time you need to integrate its service in your business functions. Today, bot-powered commerce is the cutting-edge manifest destiny and companies need to work accordingly to avoid being left behind by the competitors.

When we talk about the best Chatbots to take as examples, many bots have revolutionized the way businesses interact with clients. The use of AI and natural language processing has changed the way businesses react and result. Chatbots like LivePerson, Cliengo, Amazon Lex, LiveChat, IBM Watson, etc. have changed business services exponentially.

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However, this nowhere means chatbots are a threat to human agents! People generally have a misconception that chatbots will soon eat up all jobs and will result in unemployment.

Well, several tasks need human presence and bots cannot be the final replacement. Chatbots are designed to help humans to focus on strategies for business development and avoid being enrolled in non-productive functions. There is no such possibility of bots taking over human agents and this myth needs to be debunked.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial bot that interacts with business customers just like a living person. BPO services can excel with a chatbot at work as the business gets an artificial agent that talks with the customers and give adequate advice even when a live agent is unavailable. This saves the business time and earns customer satisfaction by providing 24X7 service.

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Although bots cannot help customers on every query, they are designed to manage customer queries and recommend correct answers depending on the query type. Bots can help customers by connecting to the correct agent who can solve their issue and this instant response helps to retain customer satisfaction and build a business brand image.

Chatbots are in talks over the years and this AI bot has gained positive popularity. It helps businesses interact with customers and prospects through messaging apps by using the latest technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Bots imitate human conversation and interact with customers.

AI-powered chatbots contribute to benefit BPO services in several ways. Check out some below:

Messaging platforms

Messaging applications have grown over time and today, messaging apps have more users than social media platforms. This is where businesses can connect to their prospective client.

Customers today think that messaging apps are a better way to connect to the business and chatbots here help to provide astounding customer support service. Messaging apps are controlled by chatbots to reply to the customers instantly so that they have a feeling of reliability.

Businesses can integrate their bot in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp to help the user get access to business support anytime, anywhere.

Helps to improve customer service

Chatbots play a major role in improving your business’ customer service. It helps to assist in the following ways:

•    Customer service

Customer assistance is the basic need nowadays and online shopping demands the most support. If you are an online service provider, chatbots can excellently help your business in extensive customer service.  Shoppers’ face issues like having a problem in navigation, issues on the wrong product maybe, etc. and bots help here to enhance BPO services. Chatbots provide real-time assistance and in case of any serious problem that the bot is unable to solve, the customer is directed to an experienced agent.

•    24X7 customer support

Chatbots undoubtedly help business organizations provide real-time and 24X7 customer support to the customers.  This not only boosts the impact on customer satisfaction but also earns business fame by delivering automated answers to repetitive questions immediately. The complex issue that the bot cannot handle is however, forwarded to the agent.

•    Proactive customer interaction

With the help of chatbots, BPO services own proactive customer interaction where they hear to customer concerns anytime the customer asks for. This gives the customer/client a feel of reliability and that the business cares for their needs. Therefore, using chatbots’ service, a business can enhance brand perception. 

Augments your customer engagement in business service

When the business agent is not available at work, chatbots engage the customers for the time being until the agent comes.  Based on the user input, bots reply to the customers and try to engage them for the time until the agent is unavailable. Bots are intelligent and they never provide useless information that may hamper your customer satisfaction.

Customer data monitoring

Chatbots monitor the customers’ likes, dislikes, and informs the business about the relevant changes to make. By monitoring customer preferences, chatbots collect feedback for marketing strategy and answer other customers with better responses.

Chatbots have an inbuilt system that is filled with answers to questions most frequently asked by customers. To the query that the chatbot does not has any feed, it transfers the same to a live agent.

These bots also monitor and track requests and responses from customers that help the business further in delivering adequate results.

Monitoring the business flaws and perks, it highlights the ways other companies can be a competitor so that the in-house business builds a strategy prior to combat threats.

Saves business cost

BPO services save their business expense by implementing a functional chatbot service in the operations. A chatbot is cost savvy, as hiring and training agents in-house, to handling all repetitive tasks with a team of agents is expensive for the business. However, a chatbot is cheaper and faster.

Since chatbot is an automated service and is not manual functioning as agents, it handles many customers at once, saving expenses, time and eliminating the possibility of human error.

Moreover, chatbots bring business access to customers within seconds and there is no queue time as in manual services.

As AI is gaining name and brings the possibility of real-time customer-business interaction, it is high time that every business integrates this AI service in use to bring technological enhancements in the business process.

Thanks for reading!

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