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How has a multi-channel BPO call center become an essentiality for Businesses?

Posted by Shashvat
BPO call center

Business owners have never brainstorm more to find an effective strategy than now. Customers have raised their expectations owing to the emerging presence of technology, which is bothering businesses to the core. There is a tough race to satiate customers by easing their efforts and providing them an expanded and unmatched service experience.

Gone are the days when customers used to wait for the agents to offer the solution only on the phone call. Now, customers want their brands everywhere using various daises such as social media platforms, emails, texts, live chat, and IVR. Businesses that are customer-focused are now in a dire requirement to engage customers on more than one communication mediums. The best part is that no business can actually overlook this aspect because customers instantly post about their lousy service experience on social media networks, jeopardizing the brand’s value in the market.  

This is why BPO call center service providers are now getting promptly active to reach customers on every available platform. The ‘multiple-channel’ approach or how marketers say an ‘omnichannel’ approach is providing to an effective business tactic used by a lot of call center services providers.

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In this blog, we are going to show you how the BPO service provider’s omnichannel approach has made businesses to rely on outsourcing even more. Let’s begin:

Raises customer satisfaction

As per a survey, around 75% of the respondents who have been serviced by their brands on the multiple platforms have shown a higher satisfaction level than those who only utilize conventional mediums. Owing to the rise of the internet, customers are now being catered by the call centers on web conferencing, live-chat, and social media. This omnichannel path has truly evolve the customer interaction into a much-enhanced version.

Channels such as voice and email, however, are still considered as value offering platforms, but, the businesses that ignore the other digital channels risk their company’s future.

Aids in nurturing relationships with customers

New patrons are typically jumpy while making their first purchase with any online business. Therefore, business owners need to eradicate this apprehension by deploying more than one daises so as to revolutionize the customer-focused service tactic.

Ideally, businesses should:

  • Back the prospects/customers by easing their searching & browsing ability.
  • Offer a constant update to the customers on order status, availability, cross-sell, up-sell, inventor, delivery timeline and so on using targeted texts and emails.
  • Ensure to offer a prompt resolution by voice support if payment failure occurs or any glitch appear in order processing.
  • Track the abandoned cart’s customers and persuade them to finish the purchase.
  • Increase the repetitive purchase by same customers by raising the loyalty factor.

In addition to this, contemporary call center services providers possess hi-end applications that enable a more synergetic and blended approach to provide maximum satisfaction to the customers. This means that customers need not to explain the same issue again & again on each channel, which, in turn, increases their satisfaction with the business.

Added value to the offerings

The dilemma which most of the business owners experience is selecting the type of channel for particular instances. Imagine a scenario where customers want to get the information about the stock availability. Now calling each customer is not an appropriate solution, instead, an SMS to each patron will do the trick.

So, a BPO call center using an omnichannel approach allows business owners like you to select the most persuasive channel to satiate the customers without spending much.

Makes it easy to render international support

If your business is vastly expanded across multiple geographies, using numerous channels to engage customers can remarkably unburden business overheads. Because if you want to use the voice support for international customers, even with VOIP, that required effectiveness is not there. In cases like these, web-chat and personalized emails work much effectively. So, using multiple channels would allow your business to provide a uniform brand communication and elevated customer satisfaction.

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Shifting the customer service on social media

Social media has enabled people to shift their preferences and aversions within the communities. This impacts the purchase decision and customer loyalty to the core. Organizations are hence leaving no stone unturned while utilizing social media networks for their marketing and customer service divisions.

Social media empowers businesses to:

Give prompt response to the customer’s tweets

Asses and reply to Facebook chats

Offer chat alternative on business’s Facebook page

Enable the customers to contact the business through known social networks

Affordable digital platforms

The cost to maintain multiple digital platforms for customer engagement is way less than the traditional channels. For example, if one agent is able to manage more than one live chat window at a time, it significantly reduces the average conversation cost and raises the productivity.

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