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How to Start BPO Companies in India?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

The need for enhanced customer service is at boom. And to supersede the market competition, the organizations are looking up for strong support from flourished BPO outsourcing firms.

Several entrepreneurs are hunting for light to glide with the business idea to earn balanced recognition and money.

To begin with, starting BPO companies in India is never a bad idea.

India is considered the largest hub for seeking services to upgrade the virtues of one’s business.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to start setting up a business to accommodate fellow business owners’ needs, it is vital to understand the domain’s technicalities to provide the best results.

In this article, we will discuss how one can start with setting up BPO companies in India.

Let’s dive in!

Prerequisites for Starting BPO Outsourcing Company:

The idea to lay the foundation for BPO outsourcing may sound reasonable. But it is quite essential to understand technicalities before you step in the shoes for creating a business out of it.

To be precise with available data from Trak, when individuals are interviewed in the context of visualizing opportunity in terms of economic growth with BPO services, India contributes to the share by 85% of the outsourcing market, followed by North America (7%), Europe (5%), South America (2%), and Asia (1%), excluding India.

Hence, we can say that BPO outsourcing is no more limited to call center outsourcing; instead, it travels the fields for serving the workforce and resources to Human Resource, Finance, Administration, IT help desk, etc.

Therefore, to combat the domain’s blues, the outsourcing company should have in-depth information about every field and its operations.

Following are prerequisites needed to be considered when planning to start one of the emerging BPO companies in India-

  1. The objective of the proposed BPO outsourcing company.
  2. Domain BPO is going to deal with offering the required services.
  3. Blueprint for the supposed plan of action.
  4. Mode of communication to reach potential clients.
  5. Tools to be taken into consideration for bringing profits to the client’s business.
  6. Familiarity with unavoidable circumstances and risks associated with BPO companies.

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How to Start BPO Outsourcing Company?

Once you have decided to move with the decision to set up the business dealing with BPO outsourcing, there is no point in going back.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to look at the below-discussed steps when stepping for starting the BPO companies in India-

1.Identify Your Business Model and Serving Domain:

Undergoing the prerequisites for getting started with is essential, especially when you are new to outsourcing business type.

Hence, before you lay the foundation of a BPO outsourcing company, make sure to develop a complete understanding of the type of domain you will deal with.

Also, BPO companies in India are expected to have intense competition. Therefore, the owner of these BPO outsourcing companies should focus on the maximum level of collating the brief about the to-be-served domain for retaining the existing set of customers and make links with new ones.

2.Re-Consider the Budget and Staffing Strategy:

Once you are done with the decision to choose the type of serving domain, it is vital to draft the strategy to supersede the possible business ordeals.

Fabricate the strategy in such a manner to match the level of services with staff available at your end.

As each staff member has a different set of expertise that is needed to be utilized in different ways.

Therefore, frame the final strategy considering all essential factors and budget involved in the same to set up the ground for BPO company.

3.Get Legally Certified to Step into World of BPO Companies in India:

When starting a BPO outsourcing company in India, it is vital to understand the necessity of getting paperwork done on time, to avoid all sorts of complexities related to the legal context of setting up a new business.

Under the companies act, 2013, it is mandatory to register if starting your brand new business across domains.

Also, as to get started with BPO companies in India, one needs to register for the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) for carrying the smooth functioning of BPO operation for clients and its customers.

4.Move-In to Office Space with Latest Tools and Softwares:

Starting the BPO outsourcing company doesn’t get wrapped just by getting certified with documents; instead, the way to go is a long and far away.

To start with the business model, you need to find a suitable place where the task of BPO operations can be easily carried out with a continuous supply of resources.

Followed by turns of events, as a budding business owner of BPO company, get a grip on the latest tools and techniques available and used in the market to churn out requisites of the project.

It is imperative to provide adequate training to staff and personnel associated with business at the backend, as they will be the entitled responsible entity bringing results to your business’s core competencies.

5.Run Brand Awareness programs and Create Business Contacts:

After all the hustle for setting up a BPO company, you need to run a successful campaign either through off/online mode to reach your business’s objectives to potential clients, whom you can serve by offering the best services.

You can merge other segments of business and its department to spread word of mouth (WoM).

This step is highly appreciable when looking for clients on some serious note to do business with. Also, exceed your degrees for business development by considering the team to ace the challenges likely to come in a way of hunting a suitable set of clients.

Collects the clients’ proposals, prepares the detailed report of your business area and recognition in the field, and sign the deal to run one of the emerging BPO companies in India.

Hence, we can conclude to the point that starting BPO companies in India demand a detailed understanding of the domain and its customer along with pain points they are most likely to face while using the product and services of the client’s business.

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