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Important Measures to be Taken Before Running a Business Process Outsourcing Company

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Important Measures to be Taken Before Running a Business Process Outsourcing Company

If you are planning to open a call center business, you will need to contemplate a lot of things. A business process outsourcing business entails a lot of things, not just mere desktops, telephone systems, and people to answer calls. As we dig deep into the requirements of running a successful call center, things just get more intricate and difficult to process. So, we will discuss every single aspect, one at a time.

●There are two kinds of business process outsourcing services for customer handling - inbound call center service and outbound call service. Depending on your client base and your expertise, you will be choosing either of the specialties.

●When it comes to inbound call center services, the priority will mostly be on satisfying the customers with the best support and handling their grievances with absolute dignity.

●When it comes to outbound call center services, you will need to have more tools and applications at your disposal to actively measures the performance and outcomes of the calls.

●Also, you must have sufficient experience and knowledge on how to draw insights from the daily data acquired from the sales tools. If we are talking about outbound call center services, it would most probably be about sales and marketing.

Just like any other business, business process outsourcing requires a list of things that entail location, expertise, marketing techniques, target audience, infrastructure cost, profit evaluation, finance, accounting, and other types of resources essential for business. Before going into these things, we need to understand the primary motive or objective behind opening a business process outsourcing agency.

Outbound call center services unline inbound call center services are far more sophisticated and challenging. You will need to constantly watch the sales conversion rates and implementation of sales strategies. Whatever you do, the sales conversion should not go down. Therefore, you will need to constantly make improvements on the basis of respective scenarios from time to time. Inbound call center services are a bit straightforward.

Whether it is outbound or inbound call center service, there are some common measures that you follow before venturing into the business of call center. Undoubtedly, business process outsourcing is quite lucrative and fruitful. Therefore, without making further ado, let us understand rule some common measures that need to be followed before opening an outbound or inbound call center service.

Announcing the Purpose of your Call Center

You can open a business just because you think it is lucrative. Well, that is quite obvious to think that way. Any business could be lucrative as long as you are properly dedicated to it. Business shouldn’t be just limited on the basis of monetary benefits. You must contemplate the values you are getting from your business. Before getting into the process of recruiting employees, training them, and allocating resources, ask yourself, why?

The entirety of your business revolves around your vision and long-term mission. Therefore, envision how you are going to operate your business in the future, how are things going to be in the future? Ask yourself a couple of questions such as, what are your short-term and long-term objectives? How do you perceive your success? How do you measure your success? How your business team will contribute to your mission?

Make Sure Your Staff Members are Attended Well

Fundamentally, a good inbound call center service begins with good call agents. Make sure that you hire the best candidates for call center support. The key aspect is that your agents need to be satisfied with their job and there must not be any pain points. We emphasize keeping the agents happy because their temperament and mood will have a direct consequence on customer service. So, it is important that you must attend to them.

To ascertain that your agents perform well without the need for constant intervention from the management, you must keep your hiring process very specific. Hire only the best candidates with excellent communication skills. It doesn’t matter what level of jobs we are talking about, whether it is a higher level job or entry-level job, every employee must be equally proficient in English because everyone is in direct contact with customers at times.

Emphasize Training the Agents

Let us just accept the fact that working in a call center is one of the most difficult jobs. Call center agents need to speak to several customers on a daily basis and they need to keep decorum and diplomacy during the entire conversation without fail. This could be very tiring and frustrating sometimes. Therefore, it is understandable that agents might feel a little turned down or irate because of the workload.

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct training sessions from time to time. During the training sessions, the managers and team leaders must inspire their agents properly. The agents must receive proper coaching and methods to upscale their skillset. Lack of skills and motivation among the call agents can be quite detrimental to the whole process. Hence, it is imperative that all business process outsourcers must invest in the welfare of their agents.

●You can start by giving a little brief about the company’s business and work models before getting started with the training session. The training session can begin at a very early stage, the moment an agent steps into the process after hiring is done.

●Sharing call center handbooks or online training videos with the agents as an add-on measure can save you a lot of time. The knowledge base videos can be of great to the agents and help them to gain in-depth knowledge about the client’s business.

●If you can conduct mock sessions with the agents, that would greatly help them to understand the call maneuvers on a practical front.

●Agents will be able to test their inherent communication and comprehensive skills while taking mock calls with disguised customers. Role-playing can provide a guaranteed conviction about the agents’ learning.

●You can inspire the agents to imitate the way a call agent spoke in a highly productive and quality conversation held with the customer. Also, let them know about the reward system kept for top-quality agents.

Repeat the mock call sessions and provide live updates on the recent changes made in the knowledge base. Agents must be given ample resources so that they don’t stumble during hectic situations. There would be many instances where the agent is not able to find an answer. During those scenarios, agents mustn’t feel discouraged or diffident. Inspire your agents to embrace every call and take them as a learning opportunity.

Streamlining the Work Model

It may sound simple but the complications are going to get more extensive as you set things into action. You might feel that you are good to get things started once the hiring process is done. Organizing every step of the process is very important. The control of the process should always remain in your hands. Whatever strategies have been implemented, they should be monitored properly.

Every single problem should be closely dealt with. Basically, you have to be conscientious about every move. There will be things that you would have anticipated and things you didn’t anticipate. Work on your core strengths and be ready to handle discrepancies that might occur while handling the customers. Customer satisfaction should remain on top priority despite all the efforts you make.

Therefore, it is utterly necessary to keep the whole process organized and everyone knows exactly what needs to be done. If an issue or problem comes while implementation, the concerned team or person should immediately report to the manager so that counteractive measures can be taken in time and the workflow remains undisrupted. Hence, before opening a business process outsourcing companies streamline all the operations first.

Conversation Methods

It is probably the most important but slightly underrated part of leading an outbound or inbound call center service. Nobody knows your customer better than you, so you must make it a point to share your insights about the customer persona so that agents can approach the customers accordingly. If your customer base belongs to a certain age group, ethnicity, class, or culture, they would be required a different set of approaches.

Try a few scripts that make more sense during the conversations. The scripts must be customer-centric, confident, straightforward, polite, and diplomatic, and they can be flexible sometimes. Some customers like to speak casually, and some customers are very cynical  You will never know how a customer would like to be conversated. So, agents must be vigilant enough to adjust their approach depending on the situation.


Last but not least, every business process outsourcing company should have adequate technological resources. Without enough resources, a business process outsourcing company hopes to operate successfully. The majority of BPOs achieve success in less time because they had modern technologies. So, make sure you have enough grab-over technology before you start your BPO business venture.

Pieces of equipment like ergonomic keyboards and chairs, LED monitors, high-end CPUs, GPUs, etc, are important for a comfortable working environment. For more productive working, you can introduce technologies like voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP), automatic call distributors, and IVR systems. Fundamentally, any BPO agency that has the latest customer service software always holds the larger end of the stick. 

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