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List of Top BPO Companies in India

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma
Top BPO Companies in India

Outsourcing the business operation is no longer the latest term if expecting to outreach business opportunities.

To serve the purpose and earn benefits from the same, the organizations are continuously looking for BPO services from third-party vendors.

The BPO companies dealt with essentials that are enough to help the organization and let them earn benefits from the same.

Being the outsourcing hub, India aims to provide essential services to its clients’ businesses with its available pool of talents, resources, and tools.

If you are looking for a list of BPO companies, which you can look up to for having business benefits, take a look at the segment discussed below-

Call Center Services:

Call center services fall under the most demanded category of BPO services that bolsters in connecting the customer with the brand over the preferred media of communication, i.e., phone, email, text messages, chatbot, etc.

To propagate the size of your business, this set of BPO services can help you get results for sales and marketing, along with customer retention practice.

Best of BPO Companies serving in this domain are-

● Go4Customer


Go4Customer is one of the leading BPO companies in noida, known for creating path-breaking solutions for BPO services.

The organization is also dealt with professionals, who understand the exact demand and need of their customers and provide them with the best solutions over the preferred medium of communication i.e., phone calls, emails, text messages, and even the automated chatbot.


● Tata Consultancy Services BPO

TCS BPO logo

Tata Consultancy Services BPO is a known name in the list of BPO companies dealing with offering call center services to customers for having a successful business.

The organization allows its clients to have secured sharing of details and provide an effective range of call center services leveraging the Tata Consultancy Services Global Network Delivery Model.


Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services in India have opened up the pave way for marketing the business essentials on a wider and better platform, incorporating strategies digitally.

To accommodate the requirements of organizations by reaching out to a maximum audience in a shorter span, the BPO companies are coming to their rescue.

The companies dwelling with such BPO services provide exquisite support in terms of providing facilities and professionals for search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), content writing and marketing, etc.

Following are a few of the best BPO companies offering digital marketing services-

● Adsyndicate

Adsyndicate logo

Adsyndicate is one of the best BPO companies, when it comes to serving the requirements of clients, especially for the purpose of digital marketing and related services.

The organization encapsulates a huge list of services that helps the organization to glisten on the Digi-global platform by constantly improving its position on SERP.

The company tends to offer services revolving around social media management, media buying, search engine optimization, web designing, etc.


● Pinstorm

Pinstorm Logo

Pinstorm is India’s leading organization dealing with BPO services, exclusively digital marketing services.

The organization holds a good track record in serving clients from all domains by running successful campaigns and delivering results from the same to the client’s business.

Pinstorm works on processing digital marketing by offering variants of services such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), integrated advertising, viral marketing, etc.


IT Services:

In the time of current scenario, each business looks up to tough IT services that can fulfill the criteria of business right from the management of services to diverse facilities required for market propagation.

Many organizations in the budding stage require immense aid to step up their foot for enhancing the expected results.

To serve the purpose, there are several BPO companies in India gathering recognition for offering and asking for a range of BPO services.

Some of the best companies for outsourcing IT services are-

● Cyfuture


Cyfuture is acting as a helping hand to the organization and customers, looking for enhanced delivery of services on IT grounds.

The organization is having an elaborate number of employees, working to bring positive results.

Cyfuture is a named brand known for offering services related to software and application development, digital marketing services, data center management, BPO services, etc.


● Chetu

Chetu Logo

Chetu is one of the leading BPO companies for outsourcing a range of IT services.

The organization is known for its exceptional deliveries of custom software solutions and app development.

Also, the organization puts a special focus on providing results that can improve the client’s business virtues.

The organization is into the field of offering services for custom software development, web development, e-commerce development, etc., under various categories and domains.


Human Resource Services

Today, most business organizations aim to exceed their business size. On the obvious note, it will require the expansion in the workforce with a unit of experts.

Recruiting, hiring, and training the employee can cost the organization, distracting them from the native’s core competencies.

To overcome the perplexing situation, the organization is seen outsourcing the section to BPO companies, having expertise in the domain.

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Following are few firms that ace the capability to handle human resource services-

● ABC Consultants Pvt Ltd

abc consultants logo

ABC Consultants PVT Ltd is one of India’s oldest BPO companies, successfully serving HR-related solutions to its clients, equipped with a pool of talent.

The organization holds a great track record in offering BPO services and recruiting the essentials at the middle and senior management levels.

Also, the firm is known for serving talents across the 25 industry types to make their business move, smoothly.


● Randstad India Pvt Ltd

Randstad Logo

Randstad India Pvt Ltd is India’s renowned human resource company that is serving clients now for more than 60 years and 28 years of successful delivery in India.

Organization’s events of recognition and legacy have continuously helped their clients to get the hands-on best set of professionals.

Also, it acts as a trustable platform for the pupil seeking jobs in various domains and locations.


Hence, if you are looking for ways to excel the conversion rate of your business.

Preferably hunting five and dime, choose a considerable list of BPO companies, that can suit the need and type of your business terms with its appreciable range of BPO services.

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