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Things to Research before Finalizing the BPO Partner!

Posted by Prachi Priya

A business outsources its services to streamline functions and enhance productivity. BPO outsourcing works to reduce overhead cost and enhance revenue for companies. Business looks for an outsourcing partner when it feels the in-house agents are not able to deliver adequate results as essential.

“The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.”

Azim Premji

However, enhanced results depend on the right selection of the BPO partner. Just finalizing the BPO partner is not enough! Companies need to do proper research before finalizing their BPO outsourcing company. The partner has to have knowledge in the company-specific stream so that handling the business services is not a mess.

Companies when think of outsourcing their operations need to research the partners’ services to check if they have in-depth knowledge of the industry-specific information. Once your company gets to know the provider and their previous records, it is easy to rely on their services without the second thought of any cheating on the part of the outsourcing partner.

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Many companies also think that in-house operations are more successful and outsourcing can land the business to pain.  However, it is correctly said:

“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you're putting yourself out of business.”

Lee Kuan Yew

While finalizing the BPO outsourcing partner, some crucial essentials are necessary to note. Therefore, here are some essentials to look in the outsourcing agent:

Industry-specific experience

It is essential to research the partners’ work and reputation to collect information on whether the potential partner has the industry-specific knowledge or not.

A business gains success when its partner works with full knowledge of the business infrastructure and services. It is equally essential to focus on the professionalism and reliability of the partner so that you are sure over your providers’ credibility.

A reliable partner will have the document of industry experience, and you should not hesitate in asking them for the documents to cross-check. Companies can also hear the BPO partners’ call recordings to ensure that the outsourcing company has appropriate agents to handle customer calls.

When a business outsources its services to a partner that does not have the industry-specific information, it is hard to collaborate and deliver a soothing experience.

Data security terms

An outsourcing firm works on certain technologies and companies seeking their support needs to check that the technology and equipment used is feasible for their organization or not.

Depending on the security terms, companies need to check their partners’ measure to beat security threats. Outsourcing to a non-trusted partner and then landing in data threat disputes is of no use rather outsourcing to a partner that can be trusted.

It is subsequent to check the partners’ business infrastructure, quality certifications, equipment used, etc. to understand their way to performing business functions, so that it is easy to understand how it can benefit the business.

Since outsourcing requires sharing the business confidential data, it is essential to have a good understanding of the partners’ company.

Data needs to be stored, protected from risks, and before finalizing to outsource, it is vital to note the measures the partner takes to help the business in reaching new heights with saving the business from any possible cyber threat.

It is also crucial to verify the trustworthiness of the outsourcing company’s employees to check their capability to represent the company. There need to be strict policies in the outsourcing company to save business data and keep an eye on employee performance too.

Metrics of business focus

The BPO partner needs to know the way to research and uncover hidden insights, which can be useful to the organization. Before finalizing, make sure that the partner clearly understands the expectations and business offerings.

It is only after the partner gets an understanding of the business functions, the business metric to focus is clear. It is also essential to check if the BPO provider knows the process to measure business outcomes.

If the provider is not able to identify the business results and performance, there would not be a positive check to customer satisfaction, employee retention, in-budget operations, customer acquisition, etc.

Scalable services

Businesses should always select an expert partner specialized in the business-specific service as customer management assures business results thereafter. An expert partner that has business knowledge can seamlessly scale operations and can help the business to excel in the market dropping off all drawbacks.

Look for a value-focused partner

Finally, yet importantly, it is essential to pick a value-focused partner. To move on to having a long-term relationship, it is essential to build a strengthened bond, which is possible with a partner that values trust.

Companies need to have a focused account manager that works to escalate business processes. Before finalizing an outsourcing contract make sure that, the partner has not turned up to extra budgets with other partners before. Check the credibility and then select the best partner for your business.

Outsourcing companies need to have a transparent system so that companies willing to outsource their operations to them can research and trust the partner without any second thought. 

It is vital to choose a firm that is famous to keep promises and one that does not have a history of giving false promises and ending up bringing hidden costs to the business. Therefore, check the partners’ history and be sure that the company to be outsourced has delivered hassle-free and adequate results before.

BPO outsourcing, the bogeyman of the 90s has now won the trust of business organizations resulting in compelling the companies to outsource their operations for better business management.

Ending with a statement by Alphonso Jackson, former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development:

“The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it.”

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