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How Instagram AR Filters Can Boost the Strategy of Social Media Marketing?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Indeed, when we hear the term ‘Social Media Marketing’, all we can figure is promoting the brand on different social media platforms via posting the content in form of ads like photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, etc.

Progressing technologically day-by-day has raised the mediums to connect with prospect customer.

One of such latest is Instagram AR filters, responsible for driving the Instagram social media marketing strategy.

Why Instagram Social Media Marketing is Success Ground for Business Owners?

Talking about the popularity of Instagram as in comparison to Facebook and Twitter, it holds the statistics of 58% more than Facebook and 2000% more than Twitter.

Believing on numbers, till the date Instagram has 1billion+ active users recorded on per month basis, including 500 million who are a daily user of the app.

Therefore, following the strategy of Instagram social media marketing can help the business holder to grab the attention of customers, where there are almost 71% of users are young, falling around the age of 35.

Social Media Marketing

The platform opens up the way to touch the chord with a successful Instagram marketing business strategy.

When most of the targeting customers are young, it is beneficial to look out better methods to attract the crowd with their matter of interest.

One such method is to attract the customers to your business is to launch your brand with Instagram AR filters, creative in the idea and attractive to customer swaddled with marketing and revenue generation strategy.

Instagram AR Filters boom– The Medium to Attract Customers:

Instagram stories are quite trending among Instagram users.

Previously, Instagram only used to hold the features of Normal Camera, Back Video, Boomerang and Superzoom for stories.

Stats from Instagram shows that 500 million of IG account use Instagram stories on a daily basis.

And 1/3 of most-viewed stories are from business accounts.

Medium to Attract Customers

Soon back in the year 2017, the launch of AR filter Instagram speedup the race of technological advancement on the social media platform with the limited number of fixed filters.

The immense success of AR filters in Instagram stories boot up the demand of more such filter, which significantly can profit the business in the long run with upgraded social media practice.

What Exactly is Instagram AR Filters?

Instagram AR filters aka Instagram augmented reality deals with clicking photographs and making videos with non-existent reality in virtual form.

The main reason for the popularity of these filters is that it makes photos much more beautiful and attractive.

Instagram AR filters

On the Obvious note, using Instagram for marketing is one of the best initiatives to propagate the market essentials for business purposes.

How to Use Instagram AR Filters for Social Media Marketing?

Till the time, we had successfully gathered the list of benefits associated with Instagram marketing contributing to generate the organic traffic through hashtags, stories, feed post designed with polls, ads and contests.

 Here is the guide that the business can use Instagram marketing strategy to boost the success ratio:

· Step 1– Design the Instagram AR Filter:

Create or Outsource the AR filter designing for moving with social media marketing.

 social media marketing

· Step 2– Launch AR Filter on the Official Page:

Launch the AR filter on your official Instagram page and further advertise it on your other related social media accounts.

Insta Account

· Step 3– Make the Instagram Strategy to Exceed Customer Reach:

The addition of the AR filter on Instagram account comes in the notice to the customer, when he/she lands up on your official page.

Insta ad

·       Step 4– Stamp the Business Name on AR Filter:

As soon as, the customer tries your AR filter, it likely high chance that if the filter is engaging and attractive, the customer will for sure share it on its handles.

Sharing your brand name further attaches the complete set of information about your brand, required for generating the interest in the customer.

Business Name on AR Filter

· Step 5– Redirect the Instagram Ad to AR Filter Instagram Stories:

You can redirect the normal Instagram ad to Instagram stories laced with AR filters.

This redirect on the filter page helps the customer gaining real-time experience before creating the final purchase.

Instagram ad

How AR Filters Instagram Social Media Marketing Can Leverage Your Business?

Making Social Media Marketing strategy

Making Social Media Marketing strategy is quite interesting when it comes to defining the Facebook and Instagram marketing methods apart from standard formats of classified and ad posting with the hope to track the customer for revenue generation.

Therefore, if you are one thinking to switch digital marketing via Instagram AR filters, plan to move with the same.

Using Instagram AR filters for social media marketing of brand can cost you following set of benefits:

·Organic Traffic Driver:

Organic Traffic

For sure, Instagram has much more engagement rate in comparison to other social media platforms.

Therefore, it is a profitable deal to use AR filters in marketing strategy.

Suppose, your brand does have a feature of AR filter in the niche.

Here, when your customer tries the filters with AR effects, more willingly the image will look attractive and perfect to gather views on their IG accounts.

Stamped with business name, the followers of maiden will try out the filter by clicking on try out filter section, as a result, it will create a chain reaction of followers technically known as ‘Organic Traffic’.

·       Success Booze with Minimal Efforts:

Here, in the strategy, you don’t need to work hard on viral marketing.

Only you need to work hard on designing perspective, that can completely depict the full information about your brand.

The more informative and attractive the filter will, the more it will catch the interest of influencers and daily users of Instagram.

As discussed previously, the AR filters are organic traffic generator, that’s enough to taste the sweetness of success.

·       Escalate Business Revenue:

Considering the future of augmented reality in the business model, the brand can expect a lot more than just a better approach to digital marketing by escalating the structure of revenue generation.

With an approach to Instagram social media marketing, the business can hit on top-notch point cutting the efforts of physical five and dime to hunt customer for finalizing the business purpose i.e complete consumption of product followed by successful payment.

It is estimated that alone the technology of augmented reality is all set to rule the market with visual and display search.

Also, according to the reports of ARtillry, it is expected to witness the great leap in ad revenue with $2,619 million by the end of the year 2022.

AR ads

How to Create Your Own Instagram Filter for Business?

If you are one thinking to use Instagram AR filters in the marketing technique, but wondering how to create one…

Here is the short guide, following which you make a customized Instagram filter for your business:

Step 1: Collect the required images and clips needed to make filter

Step 2: Download Spark AR Studio on your PC.

Download Here: Spark AR Studio (Click on the link to make your own AR Filter)

Spark studio

Step 3: Start a new project or choose a template from given existing samples.

new project

Step 4: Import clips and images by clicking on ‘Add Asset’ to make the animation sequence.

import clipe

Step 5: Select the sequence of images after opening the entire set of images.



Step 6: Add face tracker and Adjust the position of the plane.


Face Tracker

Step 7: Add material to the intro image.


Step 8: Add material to duplicate plane following the intro image.

blog Image

Editing image

Step 9: Control the speed of planes to make the user-friendly attempt.

Step 10: Play the Filter and save it on your PC.

Filter Image

Step 11: Try the final cut of filter on Instagram and publish it on your official business page.

Famous Brands Using Instagram AR filters to Increase Their Business’s Productivity:

Following are some famous names who are already using AR filters in their Instagram social media marketing strategy:

1. Adidas Originals:


2. Gucci:


3. Coca-Cola Poland

Coca cola

4. Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner

In Conclusion:

The trend of Instagram AR filter is not going to face downfall anytime sooner.

Therefore, if you are also looking to boost business productivity with Instagram social media marketing, the platform is for you to cherish and attract young customers with interactive and informative filters.

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