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Top 3 Google Algorithms That Every Company Should Be Knowing

Posted by Rahul Garg

In this modern era, the key to securing seamless business growth is ‘Strong online presence.’ This is so because netizens usually pay a visit to those websites that are ranking from the 1st page of search results to the 3rd one (maximum). We aren’t revealing any surprising news by saying that Google is the first choice of netizens as compared to other search engines.


To get better rankings on Google’s search results, you must be good with your search engine optimization techniques. Doing SEO isn’t easy as you must adhere to some pre-defined algorithms.

There was a time when some companies used the ‘Black Hat’ technique to rank better in a short period. Instead of securing benefits, this shortcut technique cost them an arm and a leg.

How? Well, Google released some updates later on, which tarnished the rankings of those websites that are trying to attain organic traffic by breaching its SEO rules. And those websites gained benefits from such updates, which never employ unethical practices to increase the number of website visitors.

So, if you want to ensure better website rankings, here are the top 3 Google algorithms you should be knowing:

1.    Google Panda

Google Panda, an algorithm update, has been impacting website rankings since its introduction. It assesses websites as per the quality of their content. It gives higher rankings to those websites that have high-quality content on their pages or vice versa. Simply put, you must be good at content development.

Factors that trigger panda are:

  • Thin content: It is directly related to short content. Generally, backlinks are the main reason why SEO professionals require content. The number of backlinks decides how well your website will rank on Google. The catch is developing extremely short content won’t help you to reap benefits because panda will rule it out at some point in time. Panda will only pass short content if it is good enough to educate someone, otherwise, your site will be penalized.
  • Low-quality content: As we have already said, panda is all about content quality. If your website has good and informative content, it will rank on Google or vice versa. So, in a nutshell, there should be no place for carelessness during the content creation process.
  • Duplicate text: Of course, developing A-Okay content takes so much time and effort, and there is no shortcut to doing it. But companies that don’t understand, try to copy the content of other websites to get better rankings on Google. Duplicate content is what triggers panda to take strict action against your company’s website. So, stay away from the duplicate text for your own sake.
  • Article spinning: Again, the word — ‘Shortcut’ — doesn’t exist in the content marketing world. But some companies are yet to understand this. In order to quickly produce a pile of good content, companies use an article spinning software. However, this move never pays off because the article spinning usually diminishes the quality and churns out meaningless content. And panda doesn’t tolerate such unethical practices, thus, penalizes in terms of rankings.

2.   Google Penguin

Google penguin is the second major algorithm update that is likely to hit your website if you are on the SEO dark path i.e. using black hat techniques. Likewise, to panda, penguin doesn’t spare your website if you employ any bad practices such as link farming, site-wide linking, getting paid links, comment spamming, generating hidden links and so forth.

Factors that trigger penguin are:

Buying links: It is self-explanatory. Don’t you get it? Getting links from those websites that pass link authority in return for money or products.

Lack of anchor text diversity: The good SEO practice says to add different anchor texts in your content. In case you keep the same text everywhere, Google penguin consider as an attempt to manipulate the website’s rankings.

Low quality of links: Poor link building always sets Penguin off. Thus, it is imperative to not create a link on those websites that are irrelevant. Of course, it isn’t under your control who creates a link on your website, but you can wipe out all those links that are harmful to your website.

Keyword stuffing: It may come as a surprise that penguin will penalize you for keyword stuffing when panda is there to take care of the website content. Actually, keywords are the part of on-page optimization, therefore, penguin takes the action against keyword stuffing. So, avoid adding keywords unnaturally in your content for the sake of getting better rankings.

3.    Google Mobilegeddon

Unlike panda and penguin, Google mobilegeddon won’t penalize you for wrongdoings, but it still concerns the enhancement of website visitors. This shouldn’t be difficult to comprehend because people nowadays use the internet through their mobile devices. In case they don’t find your website user-friendly, they will definitely quit browsing and go to another website. With a high bounce rate, you cannot take your business forward for sure.

By dint of mobigeddon, Google introduced a new mobile search ranking factor in 2015. This update was all about to improve users’ browsing experience on small screens. And today, checking mobile-friendliness is deemed as one of the crucial SEO practices.   

Factors that trigger mobilegeddon:

Responsive design: Having a responsive design is extremely important because you won’t have to design your website differently for mobile users. If your website has a responsive design, it will automatically adjust itself under any screen size. Otherwise, mobilegeddon will drop your website’s mobile rankings.

Large font: By and large, font size changes are noticed when users switch from web version to the mobile one. So, set the font size of your content in such a manner that ensures flawless readability, and that’s how you keep your site’s rankings unaffected.      

Loading speed: Both loading speed and user experience go hand-in-hand because if the site takes too much time to load, the user will prefer to go to another site instead of waiting. This will harm the website’s rankings. So, strive for speeding up your site’s loading speed if you want to rank better on Google.

Thanks for reading!

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