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Choosing the Right Business Process Outsourcer for Improving Productivity

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Choosing the Right Business Process Outsourcer for Improving Productivity

For generations, we have been tracing the most suitable ways to do business. Things got better as we became resourceful in stuff crucial for doing business. Having that said, it is pretty clear, people who are more resourceful are better at doing business. Whenever a person ventures into the world of business, he procures many resources and strategically scaffolds them in a way that forms the basis of his/her company.

A person who is good at finding resources effectively by default becomes successful. Let us just accept the fact that not all of us are equally resourceful. So, we approach people who can help us in making business arrangements. This is where the business process outsourcing services come in. These days we have business process outsourcers for a variety of purposes. The only challenge is finding the right outsourcing partner.

  • From time to time, the necessity of an outsourcing partner has always become more prudent for business, in fact, it is a boon especially when we are facing such volatile market conditions.
  • Outsourcing a business helps the company to rule out the best possible dividends as it makes it easier to evaluate the business dividends based on the investments. Outsourcing partners set a clear perspective about the capital investments and results of their work.
  • While speaking globally, Asia-Pacific countries are better at providing business outsourcing services as they are more energetic, loyal, and have absolute conviction of getting things done.
  • If someone is trying to open a business in the IT sector, India is for sure the best country for outsourcing IT requirements. India has a diversified pool of IT candidates who are highly skillful and diligent in their work.
  • As we know how beneficial it is to hire a business outsourcer, it is paramount to consider the factors critical for finalizing the decision.
  • Factors that most business owners fail to oversee and eventually that lead to failures, waste of time and money.

Furthermore, it is not necessary if you are choosing from India, you will by default end up with the right business outsourcer. You will need to do some groundwork research. There are several factors that determine whether an outsourcing partner will deliver your requirements and provide results as per your expectations.

We are talking about collective factors that apply to all third-party vendors regardless of their geographical location. First and foremost, we must never rush into things and let our instincts lead us the way. Therefore, without further ado, let us dive into the factors that help us narrow down the best outsourcing partner for the business.

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Narrate your Business Goals Clearly

Let us all agree that communication plays a critical role in getting things done in every sphere of business. Similarly, it is extremely crucial that you conversate your scope of business with the respective business partner. We all know how important it is to speak the truth in front of the doctor. Only if we are honest about our symptoms doctor can prescribe the best treatment method. Failing to do so will not cure our problems.

Similarly, you should share your vision with your outsourcing partner and tell them about the challenges you are facing while trying to achieve your business goal. Based on your inputs, the outsourcing partner devise a solution that can eradicate the obstacles and help you achieve the best business results. Failing to express your exact goals and requirement will only work counter-productive for your business.

Being specific about your requirements is imperative. You can’t vaguely express your needs and expect the outsourcing partner to magically learn about your vision, then create something extra-ordinary stuff that works best for you. There is no ready-aim-fire business with an outsourcing partner. Apparently, no one knows about your business better than you, so it is your responsibility to explain things interactively to the outsources.

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Set the Criterion Adroitly

The second most important aspect of selecting the outsourcing partner is setting up the criterion for expertise. You must follow this step after you have filtered a couple of outsourcing providers from the market. Sit and discuss the level of expertise they hold in different spectrums of business departments. Ask them how much they are prepared for handling contingencies in their area of expertise.

There are a couple of factors that should be kept under contention for better evaluation. The factors are mentioned below:

  • Technical Expertise - the third-party company must be good at holding strong expertise in technicalities and that comes with years of experience in handling technical contingencies.
  • The skillset of their team needs to be scrutinized properly during the selection process. Without a proper skillset, it is not possible to take things forward.
  • A company that has access to robust technology always stays one step ahead of the competition and it tells a lot of things - tenacity to keep oneself abreast of the latest working trends in one of the things.
  • Finally, it would be best to discuss how well they have been able to resolve complex issues in the past. Analyze their portfolio and ask them about their approach while encountering a certain problem.
  • The zeal to solve complex problems tells a lot of things about the company - especially their passion to handle a project.

In simple words, the outsourcing company should be good at acquiring the essential resources for themselves before extending the outsourcing support. This is a general rule of thumb - whichever company holds the best expertise and access to the latest tools and technology is ideal for business outsourcing.

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Work Ethics and Reputation

Even if the outsourcing company’s profile is promising, you shouldn’t just blatantly tell the company is good for doing business. Oftentimes, it is noticed that many companies have a knack to miss deadlines and delivering poor-quality work as time flies a little bit. They become too lenient after such instances are not condemned by the client company. Do not fall for such scams and be vigilant at every step of screening.

Online testimonials and feedback from previous clients and employees can share a lot of insight into the workmanship of outsourcing companies. Do well research on the reputation of the company and if you come across negative feedback about the company, try to focus on that particular area of work while screening their profile. Only after you are certain completely, you can consider signing the final agreement.

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Budget Discussion

Clearly, the one aspect that holds the most significance in the pursuit of finding the most suitable outsourcing partner is budget discussion. Again you have to be very specific about your budget. You must ask yourself a few questions before taking the discussion to the vendor: How much money are you ready to invest in your outsourcing partner? What is your current budget? Are you ready to compromise quality over your budget?

You will need to make sure of these aspects before signing the final agreement. If the budget is not discussed well before confirming the agreement, it can spoil the relationship between your outsourcing partner and you. Also, you need to be mindful of the fact that superior quality services come at a superior price. If you wish to get superior service at a mediocre price, it could be very challenging and sometimes not very safe in the long run.

Security Assurance of Data and Intellectual Property

Data protection is one of the biggest priorities for every company, especially when you are seeking IT outsourcing. There is a lot of confidential and highly sensitive information transacting through various networks. Our current digital ecosystem is sophisticated and it contains a lot of privacy and data-related security threats. So, while dealing with an outsourcing partner, they must ensure the data is not to be used by unauthorized personnel.

A small misuse of a company’s sensitive information can be detrimental to the company. Nowadays, companies are facing security threats and breach attempts more than ever. Therefore, it is imperative that the outsourcing partner must manifest strong security protocols before so that you can have one less thing to worry about. Also, it is utterly necessary to sign a non-disclosure agreement with your outsourcing partner.

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Understanding customers’ constantly changing requirements is an art that comes from years of relentless efforts into understanding customers. Generally, companies use different strategies to try and experiment with customers’ responses. After launching an endless number of strategies companies finally get to know the personas. The current methodologies and techniques are mostly extrapolated on the basis of previous experiences of customers.

So, the next most important factor that determines the agility of the outsourcing company is the amount of wisdom acquired over the course of their experience. Ask them about their experiences and their views about the future. In short, outsourcing companies should be very adaptive and prepared for any unanticipated customers’ requirements. Their future plans, current methodologies, and success rates can tell a lot about their agility.

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Hence, these are a few tips to follow while hiring an outsourcing company for business expansion. While running a business you will face two options - either you can build an in-house department or hire an outsider.

If you are hiring an outsourcing company, they are flexible because even you as a client company who knows a lot about the company’s business, product, and service, can’t foresee urgent requirements in the future. So, during those scenarios, the outsourcing company should feel obliged to deliver those requests. Be open about your conditions to them.

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