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Crucial Attributes of a Futuristic BPO Firm

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi

In the ever-transmuting business world, “old is good” does not hold good!Nobody can question the fact that numerous enterprises have scaled great heights of success following standard and conventional strategies of business.  Nonetheless, if one believes that modifications to any conventional business strategy would pave way for incompetency, then his/her business acumen is certainly in question.  In fact, business strategies, standards, and policies have always been subject to changes and dynamic needs.  Herein, prudent are those enterprises that can adapt to changing scenarios and are futuristic.

Industry experts across business forums and seminars highlight the significance of being futuristic as the business world, in conjunction with customer expectations, continues to evolve and change at a rapid pace.  Herein, if any organization is slightly reluctant towards embracing the change, then there is a high probability that it would succumb to stiffly-competitive world.  As it relates to any outsourcing firm, it becomes even more crucial to ensure that all the strategies and policies are as futuristic as possible.  Having said that, we must acknowledge the fact that there are several expert BPO outsourcing companies worldwide that are quite future-ready.  What separates these outsourcing companies from their competitors is their inclination towards latest technologies.

If you believe that your BPO firm is futuristic, then answer these five questions (to yourself).


Have you embraced voice-biometric technologies?

BPO firms worldwide are entrusted the tasks of handling several essential functions, such as customer service, market research, and so on, while ensuring a robust security mechanism.  That’s why they ensure that before any customer gets the relevant information or solution, he/she goes through a standard verification process.  However, can we ignore the fact that customers usually do not like going through the same process again and again, whenever he/she initiates communication with any brand?  As verification process often becomes a tiring task for customers, voice-biometric has come to the rescue. Voice-biometric technologies can help BPO firms ensure a hassle-free customer verification process.

How efficient you are through mobile applications?

In the technology-driven era, each one us likes to communicate with brand(s) or their representatives through mobile application.  Considering the ever-rising popularity of smartphones worldwide, it is expected that more and more consumers would start using mobile applications to connect with brands.  Herein, if your customer engagement strategies do not pay due attention to mobile applications, then it would cost you a lot in near future.  Therefore, experts want competent BPO outsourcing companies to start offering customer engagement provisions through mobile applications.  This would surely make your firm future-ready.

How you go about customer feedback surveys?

Reaching out to customers for their valuable feedbacks can help enterprises maintain much more value-centric bonds with every customer, prospect, or lead.  If your customer feedback survey pays enough attention to fostering values and capturing crucial details regarding the experience of your customers, then you are perfectly positioned to maintain long-term bonds with them.  Hence, it can be deduced that you are future ready once you have paid enough attention towards the initiatives to amass customers’ feedbacks.  Therefore, BPO firms should start giving due attention to this aspect.

Do you reach out through multiple channels of communication?

The steep rise in customer expectations in the recent years has certainly been a cause of concern for all the entrepreneurs worldwide.  You must not forget that the confluence of several technologies has actually made it possible for enterprises to meet or exceed the delight of millennials with utmost ease.  Herein, multichannel customer engagement initiatives can help BPO outsourcing companies meet customer expectations quite efficiently.  By offering multichannel customer engagement, BPO firms can easily meet the expectations and needs of even the customers of coming generations.

Are you prepared to migrate towards cloud-aided management?

Owing to huge dependability of BPO firms on data management, the time has come to ensure that the process of data management is performed with utmost precision, accuracy, and perfection.  Herein, cloud-based data management is certainly an ideal option that companies in outsourcing industry is looking up to.  As a matter of fact, experts always want competent outsourcing companies to migrate towards cloud-aided management as soon as possible as it can pave the way for proficient accomplishment of a myriad of outsourced functions.  Importantly, it will help BPO firms gear-up for the future challenges as well.

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In a few words:  By paying attention to these questions, all forward-looking BPO outsourcing companies can indeed take a significant step towards becoming more futuristic.

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