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Advantages of AI-based HR chatbots in organizations

Posted by Guest Author

The HR managers of an organization usually undertake several responsibilities. They perform several tasks to retain the best candidates in the organization. The procedure of selection is not easy. They should choose the candidates that can perform any task diligently and can render services to the organization for a long period. Nowadays, organizations are performing the task of pre-screening also. It is a process of conducting an interview before inviting them for personal interviews. This round of interviews is usually a telephonic interview or a brief meeting on online interactive devices. The interviewer usually asks questions to the candidate about their career goals, strengths, knowledge, and their traits. Today, such interviews can be conducted using chatbots. The AI based HR chatbots save time and the candidates need not wait for days or weeks to meet the HR of the organization and attend an interview.

The pre-screening process is conducted to shortlist the candidates and to evaluate certain aspects of the candidate. The interviewer assesses the communication skills of the candidate and their overall traits and characteristics. They also examine if the candidate is qualified enough to perform the required tasks of the organization. If they are satisfied with the candidate, then they invite them for the final round of interviews. During this process, they also understand the requirements of the candidates as they ask them about their salary expectations, compensations, packages, etc. So, it is an excellent method of filtering candidates.

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Today, some organizations still use the manual process of recruitment because they are still not competitive in the market. Many organizations are using automated processes to save time. The employers are using analytical tools to simplify their procedures and assess the fitness of the candidate within a short period. So, many organizations are using the AI-based HR chatbots to predict the candidate's ability for a longer term in the organization.

So, the pre-screening process is useful to the organizations in the following ways.

Finding the most appropriate candidate:

They use analytical tool to deeply understand the candidate. HR managers use online assessment tools to access their cognitive ability, attitudes, and overall personality. They conduct some tests online to access their overall personality. Some of them conduct coding and domain tests also. So, they can access the candidate deeply within a shorter period.

Candidate’s experience

By using these tools continuously, they can understand the overall personality of the candidate even more quickly. With these tools, they can retain information about every candidate and hence in this process, they can study the overall behavior, personality, and psychology of the candidates. So, they can gain comprehensive information about candidates.

Save Time

If they invite several candidates for the first round of interviews in a day, then the HR managers can only focus on hiring new candidates. They cannot manage the existing candidates effectively. So, by using AI tools, they can gather information about several candidates within a shorter period. Then, they can focus on other business activities also. Such tools are used to simplify HR procedures so that they can interact with more than one candidate or several candidates using interactive tools.

Gather deep information about the candidate

Software is downloaded to conduct both aptitude and psychometric tests of the candidates. The software can analyze the overall personality of the candidate and give a detailed picture of them.

Challenges faced by the HR managers of an organization

This tool is used by HR because the HR managers of an organization face many types of challenges. They cannot manage several candidates in an organization as they cannot supervise them. So, they utilize their time by only accessing the appropriate candidates. When they are conducting personal interviews, they cannot judge several factors such as their overall psychology, IT skills, or their overall aptitude because they just communicate with each other for a short period.

Problems faced by the candidates

Without using online tools or analytical tools, the candidates also experience problems. The HR manager is available only from 9 am to 5 am. So, the candidate may not be able to meet the HR within these specified hours. Suppose the HR manager does not ask some important questions to the candidates during the interview such as compensation package, compensation structure, role, and responsibilities, etc. So, later on, when the candidates are not satisfied with the salary package or role and responsibilities, they quit the job.

So, the AI-based HR chatbots are used by the organization to overcome such problems.

Chatbots transformation

This software is designed in such a way, that they access and gather detailed information about every candidate. The candidates who do not qualify for the job are automatically dismissed. They cannot further apply for the post. They study the overall personality of the candidate as online tests are conducted. They instantly access the overall intelligence level and psychology of the candidate. So, the HR managers first focus on the personality traits of the candidates rather than their qualifications or salary expectations.

Such devices perform many other functions such as automated scheduling and pre-screening. If the candidate passes the pre-screening test, then the software performs the next functions. They also schedule the date for the interview and accelerate their recruitment process. So, the candidate can meet the HR of an organization within the specified time.

Some of the features of the chatbots to aid the HR process are

a. Easy configuration

b. participant invitation

c. data collection

d. candidate screening

Easy configuration: such tools comprise features of the knowledge database. As the requirements of the organization change, the questions are updated. So, the questions can be easily configured and data can be easily collected from the candidates. In this way, the HR managers can gather several details of the candidates that are essential.

  • Participant Invitation

Such tools are useful to candidates as they allow them to e-mail for different job roles. Such software can easily handle bulk information.


Such tools are mobile friendly and both the HR and candidate can easily interact with each other and resolve their queries.

Access the candidate deeply

They can access the data of the candidate on a neat dashboard and hence they can retain important data of the candidate such as time of messages, transcript and the conversation with them. They can easily filter the candidates in this process, thus improving HR.

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