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The Ultimate Guide to Chatbot Service - A New Paradigm in 2021


Chatbot services are among those AI innovations helping businesses save time and money while delivering utmost customer satisfaction. Many customer support jobs get automated with the help of AI technologies; chatbots are one of them. However, it’s emerging as the future of customer support. As per the Gartner predictions, 85 percent of consumer interactions will be handled using chatbots and virtual assistants by 2024. As a result, human agents will only answer custom and tailored inquiries.

Businesses are increasingly using AI-powered chatbots as part of their customer care operations because of several benefits. Answering customer's queries quickly and promptly in real-time are a few of them. Another reason is the easy-to-use features -once companies have an excellent live chat platform, chatbot integration takes only a few minutes. Chatbots are revolutionizing the industry, let’s find out how in this blog. 

Why Chatbot Services Are Important for Customer Support?

No customer care support wants to repeat the same thing several times a day. Likewise, nobody wants to chat to folks who aren't going to buy anything. But don't worry!

A chatbot is a friend in need of businesses that provides live chat to customers using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It is designed to recognize and react to typical questions using keywords. For instance, if a buyer asks, "Can I cancel my order?" The chatbot will search keywords like "order" and "cancel" and answer the appropriate content to answer the customer's question.

The customer does not have to spend time reading through self-help resources because the chatbot retrieves and presents the necessary information straight to them based on the query they've asked. Chatbots answer FAQs or knowledge base sites that are the type of self-help customer service. Consumers access information to help themselves rather than depending on a live customer service representative to get the job done.

Chatbots use a specific tone with cultural sensitivities and give polite responses to consumers. A good impression will go in the customer's mind if the consumer isn't dealing with a natural person because a customer is valued and respected — even from a chatbot!

Popular Chatbot Case Study

Chatbots depend on both artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to interpret the user's inquiry and retrieve relevant information in milliseconds. Over time, they become more innovative as they gather more data about their target audience and work out precisely the customers' demands.

According to a study, banks are benefiting the most from chatbot services. For instance, HDFC bank’s chatbot EVA has over 40,000 daily discussions with clients worldwide and answers over 20 million queries with a 95% accuracy rate. Other than customer support services, chatbots deliver impressive results in other sectors such as marketing activities, campaigns, SMS, and email.  

Chatbot services have helped several companies improve their customer support strategies and boost sales in physical stores by keeping customers up-to-date. The key to getting the benefits is selecting the right chatbot. 

Types of Chatbot

Well, all chatbots are not the same. There are numerous chatbots available in the market that can assist in the resolution of various business issues. Selecting the right one for your company is critical. So, businesses need to be aware of the right chatbot type before availing or outsourcing their customer support. Here are the different kinds of chatbots that are available:

1. Automating Customer Support

Providing intelligent chat answers to typical client difficulties lets businesses automate the repetitive customer support chores that take up a lot of precious time of live agents. These chatbots are helping call centers achieve customer satisfaction more seamlessly.

2. Lead Generation

These chatbots help get leads from people who visit a company's website, allowing them to be followed up on and ranked as they progress through the sales funnel. It can be used as a lead generation tool.

3. E-commerce Chatbots

An eCommerce chatbot is an artificial intelligence-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistant that online retailers may use to engage clients at every stage of their journey. They connect passive visitors on a retailer's website, app, or other digital touchpoints with intelligent suggestions and turn them into active buyers.

4. Gathering Feedback

Through their simple chat interface, these chatbots can ask for surveys politely. Thus, customers are more inclined to submit feedback in this manner, providing important stakeholders with valuable insights about customer behavior and product feedback.

Chatbots bring businesses specific marketing goals, which are the most important things to keep in mind when incorporating them into the existing marketing approach. For example, it could deduce campaign segmentation information, generate targeted product or service suggestions, or upsell a product or service.

Future of Chatbot Services - It’s The New Normal in 2021

Nonetheless, it's important to remember that, while chatbots have become indispensable marketing tools, they're still just one part of a larger conversational marketing plan. Beyond chatbots, textual dialogues can be used to increase marketing effectiveness. It can be used for speech (through Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Alexa), email (via automated email bots for recurrent follow-ups and information exchange), or even sign language!

Even so, the mix of AI and voice search is transforming the shape of e-commerce, as evidenced by the high sales of smart speakers. As a result, customers' expectations for voice-based intelligent devices are exceeding, and businesses are expanding their capabilities in conversational marketing with AI-powered chatbots.


Chatbots provide adequate, practical support, putting helpful information at businesses' clients' fingertips while freeing up their agents' time by automating monotonous activities. Whether businesses sell to consumers (B2C) or other companies (B2B), the right chatbot helps in the planning of the whole customer strategy. There will be increasing demand for chatbots as people become accustomed to using them.

Including chatbots in customer care would help businesses become more tech-savvy while also providing customers with another helpful, readily available route for support with simple, frequent concerns. If your business is ready to invest in a Go4customer chatbot solution to help your staff by offloading monotonous duties, it will take your business to new heights.

Enterprises will not flourish in the coming years if they fail to understand the chatbots paradigm. So isn't it the best time to start planning your future? Give us a call on +91-120-6619505 to know more about chatbot services. 

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