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AI-Powered Chatbots – A Partner That Can Grow Your Revenue in Millions

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Are you running an online business? Do you receive frequent queries related to your products/services from prospective customers? If yes, you must be aware of how important it is to engage with online customers and answer their queries.

It doesn’t matter how good your products and services, a slight delay, even if it is in a fraction of seconds, can push them to your competitors in no time. Selling merchandise online means establishing a 24/7 connection between the buyer and the seller. If you are looking for ways to increase your customer engagement and satisfaction, it’s time you explored the possibilities of AI Chatbots.

A few years ago, when AI and Conversational chatbot was a young industry, businesses relied on chat assistance experts seated at their computers to develop those connections. With the advent of artificial intelligence, chat solutions have reinvented to bring in automation without compromising on personalization. Businesses in India have also taken notice of how AI-enabled chatbots are revolutionizing the industry, going by the ever-increasing searches for chatbot services in India.

Before we delve into the benefits that AI Chatbots brings to any business, let us first very simply understand how it works.

Chatbot answers more than just the basic FAQs

Despite conferring endless benefits, many business professionals still think that a chatbot can only answer basic FAQs. In contrast, a chatbot precisely answers customer’s queries; albeit, it’s only a small benefit offered by a conversational bot. 

Let us give you a simple explanation. 

Whenever a customer asks a query, a chatbot uses its extensive database to search for the relevant keywords and pull the appropriate question and AI to treat each customer uniquely, giving them a personalized and human-like conversational experience.

Read further to know how AI Chatbot can direct you on a path to growth and profitability? 

AI Chatbot Gives Your Visitors AI-Driven Contextual Support

You must have noticed a lot of start-ups preferring chatbots to answer common queries related to their products, services, and in most cases, after-sale assistance. Conversational bots can help businesses boost their user engagement, amplify customer satisfaction, and save time to focus more on their core business and its growth. For this, all they need is to optimize their automated response to help customers at each step. An instant response to the customer’s queries achieved by way of automated response ensures the visitor stays on the site.

Now the question arises, how to achieve this? 

The most obvious solution will be to prepare a list of common questions from your customers and optimize each response. Right? Will you be able to do it by yourself? Well, you can; you must be thinking. After all, you know your customers best. 

But what if thousands of visitors come to your business? It means thousands of unique questions. Now think again! It seems impossible, isn’t it? That’s when you’ll need an expert like Go4customer to handle it technically. From data interpretation to prophesying performance aspects of their operating models and improving customer services, Artificial Intelligence is something that only experts can fully exploit.

AI Chatbot Can Help You Close Sales in Real-Time 

Conversational bots foreclose customers from visiting the competitors; deliver huge ROIs, thereby increasing productivity. Yes, it’s true. At least, businesses that are using chatbot services are saying this. Don’t believe us? Look at the stats given below for more details.  

According to a 2017 Accenture Survey Report,

  • 57% of businesses say, after implementing conversational bots in their customer support strategies, they are delivering volumetric returns on investment without extra effort. 
  • And 61% say they are witnessing an exponential increase in their employee’s productivity, 
  • While 60% comment that they are handling their client’s queries more promptly.

If we talk about today’s customers, they expect a personalized experience. If a person inquires online about a product or service, whether it’s via live chat support or social media, and gets a prompt answer to his queries, he will continue to stay on the site which exponentially increases the probability of him making a purchase or take an action you want.

On the contrary, online customers are four times more likely to jump to a competitor site, if they don’t receive immediate response to their queries on your site. Therefore, it is advised that businesses should keep their customer’s concerns on the top priority and program chatbots accordingly.

By improving your customer support services, you can boost your revenue by millions. Chatbots are acting as those cost-efficient guides that are helping businesses move more customers through sales funnels by conferring more personalized experiences at scale.


Technology is changing at lightning speed, and as always said, change is the real constant. With the introduction of AI-powered chatbots, it has indeed become easy to provide 24/7 customer assistance more naturally and realistically. Adopt these new technologies and trends to stay ahead of your competitors.  

If you are looking to encash on these emerging technologies to give your customers a real-time interactive experience, Go4Customer’s chatbot services are the perfect fit for your business. It gives you the ability to be extremely responsive. You can also consider our appointment setting services to avoid no-show situations. 

Call on +91-120-6619505 or ping us to know more about our chatbot services in India.

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