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Chatbot Service- Automate Your Customer Service with Intelligent Bots

Posted by Neha Dubey

The Chatbot service in India is in huge demand. Thanks to AI-powered chatbot technology, most businesses are now off-loading a huge chunk of their customer support operations to robots. It is helping them deliver better customer experiences and dramatically cutting their operational costs in the process.


Earlier, many people believed the Chatbot service is just a marketing fad that will vanish with time. But they proved to be wrong with so many businesses incorporating the chatbot service to provide better customer service to their clients. And, the results are undoubtedly fruitful.  


In this article, we will explain how chatbot service India can benefit call centers, leading to better customer satisfaction. 


What is a Chatbot Service? 

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence program that simulates human communication through a live chat interface. It has pre-written responses that are displayed based on the previous message sent by a customer. The chatbot services are programmed to respond to simple keywords and phrases about certain issues. Based on the information received, the bot then provides the answers. 

Some chatbots use such upgraded technology that it becomes hard to differentiate them from humans. Thanks to their popularity and demand nowadays, they have become the fastest-growing communication channel for brands. 

If used in your business, chatbot services in India can cut operational costs by up to 30%. Chatbot services have also become an integral part of most call centers. 


Benefits of Chatbot Service for businesses

Seamless Integration 

Chatbots can transfer the customer's issue to a human agent if the issue is complex and requires live assistance. This seamless integration improves customer satisfaction by avoiding the need for the customer to repeat their issue. A representative can instead read the previous thread and pick up where the bot left off. 

Chatbots can also be combined with CRMs to personalize customer interactions. They can look up information about each customer and reference this with relevant information.

Offer Instant Response

Nobody likes long queues. 75% of customers leave businesses due to long waiting times, making it evident that not getting a prompt response is among the biggest frustrations for customers and the leading cause of customer churn. 

You can quickly and effectively address the FAQs requested by your customers by utilizing a chatbot service in combination with other forms of communication. Even if your chatbot fails to answer the customer's query, responding to them instantly will leave a good impression on the customer. 

Better Customer Experience 

An important part of customer service is offering your customers real-time service. If your brand uses a chatbot for customer service, you can easily respond to customers' inquiries in real-time, which will make them more inclined to use your brand. With the help of a chatbot on a website or in a messaging app, users can get round-the-clock support. 

Task Automation 

When one of your service reps is unavailable, your chatbot services can perform follow-up functions, such as scheduling customer meetings and assigning cases to your representatives. Even after resolving a customer's case, some bots can send follow-up emails. 

Task automation like this provides an enhanced customer experience and helps you keep a track of customer issues.

Round-the-clock Support 

Chatbot service comes with the advantage of offering your customers 24/7 assistance. It does not only give your business the edge but also helps it in staying ahead of the competition. 

When companies expect their customers to be accessible all the time, a faster resolution speed will naturally be at the top of the list. Being able to fix an issue in the first contact itself is one big differentiator when it comes to retaining customers.

The availability of a customer service chatbot allows it to access comprehensive resources and respond quickly even when the support team is not available. It is one of the top reasons why chatbots are being implemented for superior customer service round the clock. 

Minimize Costs

Thanks to chatbots, you can save big on staff costs while improving the quality of your customer support. With chatbots, you will not have to invest in hiring support agents, providing customer service training, or maintaining a robust support team. 

Moreover, chatbots make it easier for businesses to automate customer support tasks while maintaining the same level of quality. By using bots, your business can eliminate the expenses of hiring more agents, training customer service staff, and maintaining a robust support infrastructure. 

Boost Your Sales 

Your chances for closing a sale greatly increase if you can provide your potential customers with the right information at the right time. Using a chatbot can help you do this. A chatbot can do a lot more than just answer your client’s queries. 

The chatbot can offer proactive assistance on your website and guide the user through the website or online store. It can include advising and assisting the user, for instance, by pointing out appropriate offers. Chatbots helped companies increase sales by 67 percent, according to a survey by Intercom

Reduce IVR frustration

The use of interactive voice response (IVR) systems during phone calls has not won the hearts of many customers. Listening to the menu takes a lot of time, and not receiving personalized responses is a recipe for bad customer service. 

The IVR can also cause several other inconveniences to customers. For example, routing calls to the wrong departments, hanging up on calls, and having limited options. Chatbots for customer service can offer businesses an effective means of alleviating the frustration of the IVR.


Some common uses of Chatbot Service include: 

  • Incorporating in Customer service: Using Chatbot services for answering FAQs, providing support. 
  • Using in Sales: Analyzing and qualifying leads. 
  • For marketing purposes: Data collection, product consulting, customer interaction, lead generation 
  • Support in IT service helpdesk: Internal/external service desk applications 


The Future of Chatbots in 2022

According to MarketsandMarkets, intelligent chatbots have become a vital part of all major companies. Be it Fortune 500 or any startup, intelligent chatbots are playing a huge role in the success of many businesses. To enhance customer engagement, chatbots are incorporated with technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML). Chatbots are expected to evolve more in terms of technology in the future. CNBC reports that businesses will save more than $8 billion by 2022 by using chatbots. 

According to an analysis published by Juniper Research, companies involved in healthcare and banking, which handle a great deal of human interaction, stand to gain the most from this new technology.

In 2023, Juniper Research expects that over half of all chatbots will be accessible through discrete apps, as complete bot integration will overwhelm current app functionality. 


Why are Chatbots a great choice to upgrade your call centers? 

It is no secret that call centers are moving towards automation. Over the next decade, call centers should expect increased customer expectations for seamless interactions and the development of a cognitive contact center. 

Customers will be able to compare their experience with enterprises that personalize agents and customers, augment agent capabilities, and offload management tasks, all of which will simplify and smooth out the customer experience. For all those businesses who believe in digitization, using chatbots for customer handling can undoubtedly be the best choice. 

What these chatbots bring to the table is agility, scalability, speed, faster communication, better operational efficiency, and a higher number of satisfied customers. By providing chatbots across multiple channels, users can get the instant, omnichannel experience they desire while still providing the human touch when necessary. 

While cloud-based call centers are inherently better-suited for chatbots, as implementation and deployment are simpler, understanding how chatbots fit into the broader customer journey requires expert knowledge.


What are the capabilities of advanced chatbots?

  1. Brilliant understanding- Thanks to their intelligence, chatbots are accurate when it comes to interpreting the information requested by users and offering them the required solutions. 
  2. Incredible memory- Chatbots are designed to have an amazing memory, which helps them remember pertinent details to make an effective conversation with the customer. Memorizing the information will help them reuse it later to offer an effective solution to the customer. 
  3. Ability to analyze sentiments- It might surprise you, but chatbots are capable of understanding the sentiments and communicating with the customer accordingly. 
  4. Responsive- Unlike human agents, chatbots are quick and responsive, which leads to zero waiting time and helps customers get their queries solved instantly. 
  5. Persistence- It is another huge advantage of using chatbots. Chatbots can pick the conversation from where the customer has last left despite the device they use. 

In other words, chatbots are way more capable than you think. They are the best technology trend you must incorporate in your business, especially if you wish to offer your customers a seamless experience. 

At go4customer, we offer technology integrated and advanced call centers that meet your business requirements just right. We also offer AI chatbot services to help your customers get the best customer service. Remember, by using conversational AI, you can quickly deliver solutions that both meet your needs to handle a large amount of volume while meeting the expectations of your customers at the same time. So wait no more and contact our experts at


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