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Chatbot Service in India - Is it the Need of the Day?

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Chatbot Service in India - Is it the Need of the Day

If you think of artificial intelligence, or AI, as something that belongs to a distant future, you might want to rethink. Our research reveals that a significant 63% of individuals are unaware that they are already utilizing AI technologies. We have already entered the era of AI as AI is becoming increasingly ubiquitous these days.

A widely embraced manifestation of AI that has gained popularity among both consumers and businesses is chatbots. These are simplistic AIs equipped with decision-making capabilities, which can be tailored to provide responses to customer inquiries. Especially, chatbot services in India are live examples of effective chatbot support services.

If you have concerns that integrating robots into your business will deter customers, it's worth noting that a substantial 48% of customers already feel at ease when engaging with bots. Moreover, an impressive 71% express their willingness to utilize a bot if it results in an enhanced customer experience.

Best Use of Chatbots for Business

Chatbot services in India have picked up the pace in the growth and requirement in the market. However, we notice there are companies that are still not able to contemplate the possible benefits of chatbots. The reason behind this is they are not fully embracing the idea that a chatbot can interact with a typical customer efficiently in real life. Well, we are here to provide some pointers that will for sure help you to better use chatbot services in India.

Providing Customer Support

One of the key benefits of chatbots in enhancing the user experience lies in their ability to offer additional channels for customer support. By incorporating chatbots, businesses provide customers with an alternative means of contacting them, in addition to traditional methods such as phone calls, emails, or visiting physical stores.

The inclusion of chatbots introduces a higher level of convenience, as these automated assistants are easily accessible through mobile devices or computers. This means that customers can seek resolutions to their queries or issues from any location, as long as they have a compatible device at hand.

It's noteworthy that approximately 70% of customers already expect brands to offer customer support through messaging platforms, highlighting the opportunity to enhance the user experience by meeting this existing customer expectation. The key point is that the least a chatbot could do is to document and raise a ticket for the corresponding issue promptly.

Providing Quick Responses

When customers reach out to support teams with straightforward inquiries, they typically expect prompt responses. However, due to the high volume of requests that support teams often encounter, it may not always be feasible to provide immediate answers, regardless of the simplicity of the questions.

To address this challenge, chatbots offer a valuable solution. They possess the capability to engage in multiple conversations simultaneously and swiftly provide responses to all inquiries, particularly when it involves answering uncomplicated questions. That means you are able to handle more customers than you could have, with real-life agents.

For instance, instead of having to make a phone call and endure being placed on hold just to inquire about your business's operating hours, a Facebook Messenger chatbot can swiftly furnish the relevant information. Customers would be appreciative of the fact that they didn’t have to wait for hours hurtling between a variety of IVR options to get a simple answer.

Furthermore, if a customer were to pose a question that necessitates hands-on assistance from a human representative, the chatbot is equipped to effectively transfer the query to an available agent. Therefore, having a chatbot service in India is going to be a win-win situation for a business anyway.

Saving Customer’s Time

The issue of lengthy wait times is widely recognized as a significant source of frustration for customers, as they seek swift resolutions without the need to endure being placed on hold or waiting for email replies. The worst a customer support service of any sort can do to a customer is waste their time advertently or inadvertently.

Chatbots play a crucial role in enhancing this aspect of the customer experience. Irrespective of the nature of the inquiry, a chatbot can be readily available to assist customers the moment they reach out, whether it involves providing a simple solution or seamlessly transferring them to a live agent who is better equipped to help.

When engaging with chatbots, a notable 59% of survey respondents anticipate receiving a response within 5 seconds or less — a feat that would prove challenging for a human agent to achieve. Therefore, incorporating chatbots into your customer support strategy enables you to address this particular customer expectation effectively.

Lifting the Customer Service Pressure

By training chatbots to address frequently asked customer questions and offer swift solutions, support teams can alleviate the burden of managing low-touch inquiries alongside high-priority issues that require more focused attention. In fact, a significant 43% of businesses have embraced chatbot technology with the aim of saving time through automated customer service.

This allows representatives to redirect their efforts toward handling critical, time-sensitive matters, while chatbots efficiently handle routine queries such as providing information about your business's operating hours. Any real-life agent sitting in an in-house or outsourced chatbot service in India will get hugely benefitted and at the same time, provide propitious work to the client company, which has access to chatbots.

Providing Round-the-Clock Customer Service

Chatbots further enhance the customer experience by providing continuous, round-the-clock customer support—a feature highly valued by 64% of customers. With this always-on availability, customers no longer have to wait until regular business hours to receive a response.

Instead, they can rely on a chatbot to promptly address their inquiries. In situations where a critical issue arises outside of human support representatives' working hours, a chatbot can even provide the customer with an estimated timeline for when they can expect to engage with an agent.

Without the presence of a chatbot, customers might find themselves waiting anxiously, unsure if their query has been received or if they will ever hear back. The inclusion of a chatbot ensures that customers receive immediate attention and eliminates the uncertainty and waiting associated with traditional support channels.

Generate Qualified Leads Efficiently

Engaging in conversations with customers, chatbots acquire intuitive information about their characteristics and their relationship with your business. This includes identifying whether they are qualified leads or simply interested prospects. Now that could be extremely important in various kinds of sales strategies. This information can be collated and analyzed in strategizing the next stages of the sales maneuver.

In this capacity, chatbots prove instrumental in enhancing the user experience by gathering information about leads and evaluating their level of interest in your offerings. Armed with this knowledge, you can then deliver supplementary business materials that specifically cater to their needs.

A survey conducted by Drift among B2B professionals across diverse industries revealed that 54.8% of respondents experienced an increase in the number of high-quality leads as a result of leveraging conversational tools. This emphasizes the positive impact chatbots can have on lead generation and underscores their potential to optimize the user experience by facilitating personalized interactions and tailored content delivery.

Obtain Tangile-Valuable Insights On the Go

In addition to generating high-quality leads, chatbots also serve as a valuable source of information about how your business is perceived by your customers. When customers reach out via chat, you gain insights into the challenges they encounter.

  • By identifying recurring issues, you can utilize this data to update FAQ pages, product instructions, and knowledge bases.
  • Furthermore, you can train chatbots to address these common questions, thereby reducing the number of issues faced by your customers.
  • Moreover, customer messages provide valuable insights into how customers discuss and perceive your products.
  • This knowledge allows you to adapt your business materials, such as marketing content, to align with the language and preferences of your customers, facilitating better customer engagement and understanding. 

By tailoring your communication to match their language and preferences, you can enhance customer satisfaction and foster stronger connections with your target audience. The chatbot services in India are now more upgraded and robust. The market comprises AI-powered chatbots that can actually mimic a real-life agent with more efficiency and agility.

Provide Personalization

Chatbots excel at personalizing the user experience by customizing the conversation to precisely align with the customer's specific requirements. Through this personalization, chatbots can offer targeted product recommendations based on customer queries, provide tailored offers based on the customer's buyer's journey, and even suggest the most suitable course of action based on their individual needs.

The time is not too far when an AI-powered chatbot will be able to judge customers very precisely based on their profile and chat history. Moreover, create a more intuitive, interactive, and personalized chat strategy. The new-generation AI-chatbot services are very much capable of conducting real-life conversations with customers based on their likes, dislikes, persona, and various other factors of reality.


The decision to incorporate chatbots into your customer experience strategy is contingent upon your unique business requirements. If you opt to integrate chatbots, you will likely witness a shift in your support representatives' ability to dedicate more time to time-sensitive matters.

On top of all, you can expect to satisfy customers who benefit from swift resolutions, while simultaneously gaining a deeper understanding of your audience, enabling you to enhance your service offerings and better cater to their needs. You can easily check out various types of chatbot services in India to this date.

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