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Revolutionizing the Future of Customer Care Using AI Chatbot Customer Service

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Revolutionizing the Future of Customer Care Using AI Chatbot Customer Service

For years we have been discussing the crucial benefits of artificial intelligence and how potent it is when integrated with customer service. It has the potential to revolutionize the entire world, so customer service is no exception. Yes, we are talking about the prospects of AI in an online chat support system. Various tech giants, IT companies, and retail enterprises already use chatbot customer services. It has worked wonderfully for these companies.

Chatbot services in India are already manifesting many advantages when it comes to customer service. Earlier, people were quite cynical about the idea of an AI-based customer support agent. Everyone asked, how could a chatbot customer service be any good? A bot can never understand the emotions of a human being. How could it possibly relate and manifest empathetic support to the customers in the cases of any grievances?

●Well, things have changed now. The idea of AI-powered chatbot customer service is no longer a pipe dream. People do not realize but they have already started experiencing chatbot customer service in various instances and some of them don’t even realize that they have been conversating with a chatbot all along.

●See that is the power of chatbot services in India. These chatbots are integrated branching logic algorithms that are intelligent enough to learn from new conversations and develop relevant responses next time. It can demonstrate real human-like interactions with the customers.

●But what about handling complex business processes? Many have argued that AI-powered chatbot customer services are only good as long as the business process is simple. The moment things become complicated, chatbots won’t be able to reciprocate properly in many instances.

●Of course, we are not arguing that chatbot customer service is invincible and therefore, they are going to be the panacea for all customer support requirements. The AI technology is not fully fledged yet so, we still need some level of manual supervision over the AI-driven chatbot customer service.

The best part of AI-driven chatbot customer service is that you can customize it according to your needs. Whenever you are wanting to change the behavioral patterns of your chatbot, you can simply ask the developer to make slight changes in the chatbot matrix and it will conversate exactly how you wish. Now that is a power that everybody needs. You may train your customer support agents well but there is no 100 percent conviction.

A Live agent is prone to make mistakes and they might misunderstand some of the concepts taught during the training session, but when it comes to a chatbot, there is no room for exception. Your chatbot system is an exceptional conversational interface that works just as per the algorithms. Plus, you do not need to worry about recording and documenting every conversation. These features are in-built into all AI-driven chatbot support systems.

Many have argued that a chatbot may be fast, agile, and error-free but it can never truly understand the emotions of a customer. Yes, it is true but we agree that there are some limitations of an AI chatbot customer service. However, many customers have agreed that they would happily conversate with a chatbot as long as their requests are fulfilled without any delays or exceptions. The chatbots are really meeting the end of the bargain.

Role of Chatbot Customer Service in Improving Customer Experience

Put yourself in the shoes of customers. A typical customer would only reach out for online support when he is facing a crisis with a product or service. Either the expectations are not met or there is a delay in product or service delivery. Companies are well-aware of their obligations to the customer and if the requirements of customers are not met, they are obliged to perform necessary actions for compensating the inadequacies.

Having that said, we need a support platform that would register the complaints and concerns of a customer and pass them to the concerned department for taking relevant actions for resolving the issue. We usually had live agents to do all this stuff but for a customer, it doesn’t matter who is interacting with them, it only matters how soon their concerns are getting resolved. Chatbot customer service is the perfect solution for that.

Let us understand how chatbot customer service is the best bet for improving customer experience:

Providing Real-Time Customer Support

By real-time customer support, we mean easy accessibility to online support. There are many channels like calls, emails, and text messages. For initiating conversation through these channels, a customer might need to wait in queues or wait for email TAT for expecting a response.

When it comes to online chatbot customer service, customers can get access to assistance at any given point, using any device.

A customer does not require a whole computer system or make profound conversations with a live agent for simple requests. AI chatbot services in India have proven to provide easily accessible conversational interfaces that are way more comfortable than pre-existing channels.

Quick Response Time

One-sure way to improve customer experience is by providing them with quick responses. Through various surveys we come to realize that customers don’t care whether an AI-powered chatbot is relaying the messages or a live agent, the only thing matters is how quick and how accurate responses are they getting.

No matter how simple the question may be, a live agent always takes time to understand the various aspects of the question and then replies. However, chatbot customer service is integrated with strong algorithms built after all considering all the possibilities and conditions. A live agent will definitely need time to cross-verify those conditions.

Therefore, you can always expect quick, easy, and appropriate responses to your questions from a chatbot.

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Reducing Customer Wait Time

The only thing that bugs the customers most is the long-hauling wait time. A live agent can only interact with a couple of customers via chat at a time. Moreover, a live agent can never be faster and more agile than a computer. A person is always susceptible to making mistakes and might miss out on a few things but artificial intelligence is all-inclusive.

On top of that, live agents work in shifts so, if you want to provide round-the-clock customer service, you will need to employ more agents for the job which is cost you capital. However, with chatbot customer service, you can be available for 24 hours and provide uninterrupted fast online support to customers.

Relieving Customer Service Pressures

Let us accept the fact that customer service is quite tedious and highly loaded work. When we start looking at things from a closer perspective, we noticed there are 1000s of queries rushing in every day. Most of the queries are quite simple and do not need much attention. Customer care representatives are almost all the time engaged with these tasks only.

With the advent of automated conversational systems like AI chatbots, we can now automate small conversations that don’t require much attention or brainstorming. And, dedicate high-priority conversations like disputes, refunds, lead generations, etc; to the representatives, these things anyway require deep analysis and creativity.

24/7 Availability of Customer Service

Again we would like to emphasize the fact that chatbot customer services are active 24/7 so you can get online support any time, anywhere. Whichever company provides 24/7 customer support whether using an automated conversational interface or using live agents, always remains one step ahead of the competitors because it only improves the customer experience but also the trustworthiness of the company gets better.

The best way to ensure a good customer experience is by providing absolute convenience to the customers. Customers will subconsciously prefer the brand that offers a more convenient means of communication, transactions, and basically everything related to the product or service delivery. Some companies provide automated email reminders to the customer pre and post-purchase, which is a good gesture of customer care.

Generate Qualified Leads with AI Chatbots

As difficult as it may sound but it is possible. Let us understand it closely. When there are hundreds of sales conversations happening daily, we need to keep track of every conversation and abstract the ones that have higher chances of conversion. This task is important but quite tedious too. However, that doesn’t mean this task needs to be done by a live person only. You can automate this task by planning it properly.

It is going to be a one-time drill in which you will need to analyze a bunch of sales conversations and abstract the ones that got converted later. Keeping these use cases, we can construct a strong AI algorithm. AI-drive chatbots can quickly assess all the conversations and identify the qualified leads for us. And with every conversation, we can add more use cases for increasing the precision of AI chatbots.

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The best advantage of owning an AI-powered chatbot customer service is that you can operate customer service and evaluate the performance of your customer at the same time. Chatbot services in India have become quite advanced these days. Since every conversation is recorded and documented, it helps companies to assess and analyze the data easily. In fact, AI chatbots analyze data regularly without special instructions.

During the decision-making process, AI chatbots play a critical role in accessing actionable insights that are proven to be highly consequential in the growth and development of the entire business process. A lot of companies have mandated the use of chatbot customer services so that customers can access support at times during the day or at night. So, you no longer need to be cynical about the benefits and profitability of AI chatbots. 

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