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The AI Chatbot Support System for Customers - The Next Level Customer Service

Posted by Sunny Morgan
AI Chatbot

Indeed, we all have tried a chatbot system on the internet at least once. There was a time when communication systems were only limited to call services. Now we have access to different modes of communication such as emails, text messages, calls, and chats. Furthermore, we are now able to transfer files during interactions. Our developers are relentlessly working on perfecting the human interaction methods daily.

Since the inception of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we have encountered remarkable change all over the world. The applications of AI and ML are ubiquitous and therefore, applicable in all business spheres. Having said that, today we are going to discuss the applications, features, benefits, mechanisms, and a few more aspects of AI chatbot customer service and the scope of chatbots in India.

What is AI Chatbot Customer Service Anyway?

Well, just like any other customer care service, AI chatbot customer service allows customers to communicate their concerns and obtain support over chat. The best part of AI chatbot customer service is that it does not involve a chat support agent. Instead, the chat support system is an augmented chat response mechanism that is powered by artificial intelligence. There are various tech-based companies working on AI chatbot systems.

“AI chatbot customer service is an intuitive chat response technology that can be integrated with industry-level communication systems. It is built to provide human-like interactions and extend support to customers without having the requirement of a support agent.”

AI chatbot is software that was programmed by a group of developers. These developers have embedded algorithms that are built to respond with relevant replies when a human initiates a conversation via chat. Depending on the probe, a system-generated text response will be generated and displayed at the user’s end. AI chatbot customer service is smart enough to answer all the relevant questions of a user with appropriate responses.

Can AI Chatbots Really Carry Out Human-Like Interactions?

Yes, currently there are a couple of high-tech companies like Netomi, Microsoft Bot Framework, and WP Chatbot - these companies have created spectacular conversational AI chatbots programmed to simulate human-like communications. It is almost difficult to spot the difference. Chatbot services are frequently accessed throughout the world.

The features of these AI-powered conversational chatbots are so promising due to the wide variety of online applications. Almost all customer-oriented businesses are testing the feasibility and outcomes of AI chatbots. In particular, e-commerce sites are largely benefitting from AI-powered chatbot systems.

For example, presumably, we all have experienced a feature in e-commerce websites customers can ask questions related to any product and they get an instant response that contains the specifications of the product. Some websites also use probe machines that generate answers depending on the options you choose from multiple-choice questions.

So, do all Chatbots AI-powered?

No, not all chatbots possess AI technology. One might ask, then how can we tell the difference? It is pretty simple actually. Normal chatbot systems are programmed to relay only limited responses. Additionally, the responses should be given in a very specific manner (in a manner that the system is programmed to respond) otherwise it won’t respond.

However, in the case of AI-powered, the scenario is much more versatile and extensive. AI chatbots comprise technologies like machine learning (ML) and natural language processor (NLP), these techniques are smart enough to capture human inputs which are sometimes far from accurate, but still respond with appropriate responses.

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Benefits of Chatbots in Customer Service

The customer service industry constantly strives to deliver top-quality services to the customers so they religiously follow customer demands. Customer demands involve better, faster, and more personalized interaction functionalities, all of these things enhance customer experience (CX). The objective of chatbots is to provide relevant information based on customers’ queries without a second delay.

People are still trying to contemplate the possible benefits of integrating AI chatbots with their businesses. On the other side, some people believe AI chatbots are an intrinsic need for handling customer service without a doubt. They can’t wonder what they would do without having an AI-powered chatbot assistant. Let us go through some underlying benefits of having an AI chatbot and we will leave it up to your discretion regardings its usability.

  • According to some small-scale investigations, it is believed approximately 70% of users prefer chatbot assistance over other online support systems.
  • Chatbots can drastically reduce the cost spent on customer support by 30% for businesses.
  • The customer service department gets the maximum benefits from the applications of chatbot support systems.
  • It is estimated that chatbots have saved up to $10 billion for businesses all over the world.

Despite all that, let us walk you through some on-spot advantages of introducing a chatbot support system for improving your business twofold.

Improvised Customer Experience:

Chatbots offer the quickest response to customers’ queries and provide the aptest information on demand. That is one of the most striking benefits of using a chatbot. Customers appreciate it when their queries get answered promptly and accurately. Customers do not like to be kept waiting for every single response.

Additionally, providing the customers with the best resolution is a surefire way to enhance the customer experience to heights. AI-powered chatbots are programmed with the help of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) that can capture minute details of customers’ emotions and reciprocate to users’ input empathetically.


Artificial Intelligence was far accomplished when it was still in its embryonic stage, and now there have been many developments in this field. Chatbots are becoming more intuitive and faster. From the very first interaction, chatbots can capture and process the customer’s information, process those pieces of information, and generate personalized responses that almost feels like having a conversation with a human.

On top of that, the responses are way faster and more informative than regular interactions. Therefore, the customers’ experience (CX) is increased by multifold. The increased customer experience (CX) is the single-most contributing factor behind the increased business sales.

Round-the-Clock Service:

A human needs to work in shifts but a system doesn’t. A customer will need assistance at any time during the day. Employees working in shifts may get exhausted or have a crisis at any point, which compromises their ability to provide top-quality assistance.

An AI chatbot can provide 24*7*365 service without compromising on quality and timing. Having access to 24-hour support empowers customers and gives them a boost of confidence. Thus, it directly impacts the quality of customer service.

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Process Automation:

Chatbot customer service is in great demand because it is slowly reducing the load on human resources. The interactions that do not require extensive support from an on-premises agent can be handed over to chatbots, thus saving a lot of man-hours and effort.

The companies can reallocate their staff resources to more complex and difficult tasks where human intervention is the only option. AI chatbot customer service can be integrated for various process automation procedures where a company seldom requires extensive human support.

Improved Brand Recognition:

A strong AI-powered chatbot inherently speaks more than what it is intended for. A business chatbot acts and represents on the behalf of the brand. People inadvertently start recognizing the chatbot as the face of the brand. Therefore, when a chatbot’s functions and responses improve, it directly uplifts the image of the brand and people start appreciating the brand for the prompt and accurate responses.


Let’s assume you are a business owner trying to upscale your customer support due to an increase in customer base, it would take a lot of manpower in staff recruitment and infrastructure management. Expanding the support team will inevitably cost a lot of money. Customer-oriented businesses are often suspected of unprecedented spikes in customer support traffic.

Imagine you can do all that in a matter of hours by simply increasing the bandwidth, network, and data storage access. The AI chatbots can smoothly handle customer support operations regardless of customer traffic. It can provide an uncompromised support quality without zero downtime.

Now that is what every customer-centric business owner ever dreams of. Using the least amount of expenses, you can expand your customer support; without hampering the flow of work.

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Chatbots in India are gaining large popularity among enterprises that are customer-centric. The reason being chatbots can substantially reduce customer support costs by 30% - 40%. Furthermore, with the advent of AI chatbots, the customer experience is also improving significantly. AI chatbots in customer service can process a large number of tickets in a matter of moments while curbing the cost of customer support infrastructure.

The best feature of AI chatbots is that they are constantly evolving. They can improvise on a real-time basis. Machine learning and natural language processors help the systems to analyze customer data and responses to gain actionable insights. These insights can be used to customize and refine future responses. Thus, customer experience is always on the verge of improvisation at any given moment.

The inclusion of chatbots in India has taken a dramatic surge due to a plethora of prospects and real-use scenarios turning consequential in business development.

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