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7 Effective Tips to Motivate Your Inbound Call Center Agents

Posted by Sakshi Sharma
Motivate your Inbound Call Center Agents

Inbound call center agents are the main driving force behind the success of an organization. They are the ones who hold the capacity to steer the satisfaction levels of your customers. Needless to say, as they are assigned the front-facing jobs and are continuously conversing with your dearest asset—customers— it is of utmost importance for you to ensure that they are highly motivated.  

However, the truth can’t be negated that the agents are put continuously under tremendous pressure to complete the targets. They are hired to handle massive volumes of calls while dealing with all sorts of people. It’s certainly too much to ask for and the last thing which you want in such hectic times is an unmotivated agent who mistreats your valuable customer. So, what do you do in order to meet the company’s productivity requirements without sacrificing the quality of customer service while motivating your agents?

This seemingly impossible task is easy to achieve only if your agents are motivated. Motivation to work and serve the customers right needs to be constantly instilled in the minds of the agents. There is no denial of the fact that motivated agents can move mountains to serve customers and his unmotivated counterpart can drop the same mountains on the head of a customer! Hence, here are seven foolproof tips to assist you in motivating the agents of your inbound call centers.

     Create a welcoming environment: 
The environment is way more than a comfortable seating plan with adequate temperature levels. Creating a warm and friendly aura which promotes the right attitude is the key to setting up a great environment. No one is asking you to invest millions to construct a beautiful physical environment as even the most attractive looking offices can turn desolate if there aren’t any people working there. The main aim here should be to foster a pleasant environment which has a warmer feel to it.

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     Identify and appreciate brilliance: 
This has to be a no-brainer but sadly so many managers forget the basics of human psychology. Apart from building morale, due recognition and rewards for a superior performance boost the performance of inbound call center agents. Praising the good work of an agent doesn’t only motivates that person to perform better but it also inspires others to step up their game in order to get similar recognition. If you’re tight on the budget and can’t afford the expensive gifts like vacations, try providing certificates, movie tickets or vouchers and see them unfold their magic.

     Create career development plans:
Every individual work with the objective to advance one’s career. If your agents don’t see a growth in your call center, chances are that there would be a huge dip in their motivation levels. Promote the excellent performers and work on creating career development plans. Let the agents know that you care about their careers and are willing to provide them with the right opportunities to help them grow.

     Investing in training will bring the best results: 
The benefits of regular training sessions are known to all. Continuous training not only helps agents to perform better but it shows them that the company respects and cares for them. Acquiring new skills is pivotal for any individual if they wish to step up in their career ladder. Proper training within adequate time periods helps agents in keeping themselves updated with the latest procedures, software, and other necessary functions.

     Encourage feedback: 
As agents are continuously in touch with the customers, their opinions and suggestions end up being extremely valuable. Seek their proposals and gain valuable insights from them as they have the first-hand experience of what works. The words of the agents are a result of the problems being faced by customers and there is a fair chance that the suggestion provided by an agent could be the one given by a valuable client.

Celebrate together:

If an agent has achieved something professionally, be it small or big, you should appreciate his efforts. Also, the successes big or small shouldn’t be celebrated just by the managers and other seniors. All the employees deserve feeling proud of their role and contribution to the success.

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Appreciate publicly & Reprimand privately:

No one likes to be chided or talked rudely to in front of their colleagues. So, point the mistakes privately and give the employee the chance to work upon his mistake. Also, appreciate his strengths and the way he has overcome his shortcomings in front of the team.

Irrespective of the fact that whether it’s a B2B call center or a B2C one, aforementioned tips work equally well for both. Inbound call center agents are a strong pillar of any organization. Hence, motivating them is the only way through which a company can meet the seemingly unachievable objective of steering growth while keeping the customers happy. 

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