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Clarifying Essential Facets Of Inbound And Outbound Call Centers

Inbound and Outbound Call Center

The massive BPO industry has been expanding all the more with every passing day. This unprecedented expansion is a consequence of global enterprises becoming explicitly dependent on services offered by Indian call centers.

In fact, every business, whether big or small, it outsources the back-end processes to a third party can climb the ladder to success conveniently.  However, thinking of managing even the non-core business functions internally is enough to stall your business growth. Delegating the non-core business function that is repetitive or needs highly specialized technology or skills can actually save you a lot of money and time. The saved time and money can then be used to improve the products/services, infrastructure and other necessary things required for excelling in what the company does. Performing your core functions better than your competitors is as essential as lending a listening ear to your customers and clients.

So, if you haven’t outsourced any business function and are thinking of outsourcing a few now, hold on. A little knowledge is always harmful. Before outsourcing the call center services, let us first understand its classifications- Inbound call centers and outbound call centers.

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For the records, both inbound and outbound services ensure that business operations run smoothly and customer service cases are handled proficiently.

But there is still a huge difference between both of them and choosing the less relevant call center for your business can lead to the inadequate utilization of your money. So, take a look.

The two broad classifications of call centers are as follows:

1. Inbound call centers: Here, all incoming phone calls are handled through consistent processes. Executives are trained to smartly address inbound calls and resolve customer issues in the most appropriate manner. Organizations dealing in technical support services outsource their product-related call answering services to an inbound contact center.

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2. Outbound call centers: On the flip side, outbound call centers primarily focus on making calls on behalf of the client. Simply put, these calls are focused on sales.  Leads are generated and the call center representatives are provided that list. Thereafter, the prospective customers or clients are called. Each call made is designed in a manner to build a superior customer relationship. Some of the key solutions include lead generation service which is a primary goal, telemarketing, debt collection, contact list update, market research and third-party verification.

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Regardless of what your business type is-B2B or B2C, you can hire an inbound contact center/ outbound contact center or both according to your business needs. For instance, if you have just started your business, you won’t be receiving many calls, so investing money in an inbound call center will go in vain. On the other hand, hiring an outbound call center will prove to be quite beneficial for your business at that point in time. Initially, you need to attract more and more customers or clients to your business.

Instead of deploying the ways to market your product other than telemarketing, hiring an outbound call center to do so will be a boon. We say so as advertising your product on television will cost you a fortune but this will not.

Basically, you need to observe what your business needs during a particular period. If the inbound calls are increasing hire an inbound call center and keep availing the services of the outbound call center if you want to attract more customers or clients that way. Stop making outbound calls when you feel your B2B firm has enough business clients to handle and vice versa.

While it may seem that inbound and outbound call center services are poles apart, however the main intent behind both the services is to provide top-notch customer support services. Your organization can undoubtedly leverage them to reach the next level of business. Hence, reap the benefits of inbound and outbound call center services and stay ahead in the competition.

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