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Customer Service Journey Is Today's Business Litmus Test

Posted by Neeti Patial
Customer Service Journey

In today’s world with more demanding consumers, it is quite imperative for businesses to surpass customer expectations, thereby, improving overall satisfaction level and winning their loyalty.

We have set our foot in the age of the customer — an era when you can’t afford to overlook customers as it is more crucial like any other strategic business plan. Every manager understands that customer experience does matter. However, still majority of companies don’t approach their customer communications in an efficient way.

Are you aware of the fact that- Improved Customer Experience = Higher Revenue Generation?

Customer support inbound call center services can act as a good litmus test for any organisation’s ethos, its product/service management, and thus its potential for modernization and swift transition. If you want to maximize your profit margins, you need to consider outsourcing support services to a reputable inbound call center.

By 2017, near about 50% of product and service investment related projects will be redirected to customer experience improvements. - Gartner

For empirical conclusions, however, let’s have a detailed discussion on how building a clear and succinct path for enhancing consumer experiences is important from business point of view.

Customer care can be the precursor of transformation and improvement, if experts are involved. It is fact, expert customer support agents who directly speak to target audience know better about what ticks them. The reason behind is that they are predominantly engaged to deliver customers with the finest user experience possible and do know everything that’s going in the mind of the customer:

  • What are the main pain areas of the customer?
  • What could be improved in product or service and in what way?
  • For what purpose the product or service in question was originally created.

Here are some of the key techniques used by external inbound call center to help you elevate your customers’ experience:

Pay heed to individual customer queries-

Every relationship demands listening, as well as speaking. You have to pay attention to your customer’s visions, objectives, passions, and expectations. This opportunity for your customers to speak up their mind and be heard is gratifying and unforgettable, and shapes their customer experience, more so than just sustaining business touch points.

Capitalize on your product and service differentiators-

An unforgettable experience has to have something distinctive from the set norms. Expert telecallers working in external inbound call center can help you highlight your unique selling proposition (USPs) by spreading right word of mouth. These call representatives are trained periodically in order to hone their skills, which further enables them to provide right information about your products and services to your prospective customers.

Conduct in-depth customer surveys-

In order to prove the salt of your product and service in the market you first need to figure out what your customer actually want or need. Through outsourced inbound call center services you can create committed connections with your customer by gathering their feedback. An expert research team is engaged to carry out customer survey and the stats are later on used by the marketers to devise next marketing move.

Give your personal commitment-

This is another compelling aspect that customer always look for- personal commitment. Expert telemarketers focus on the fact that the customer journey and experience throughout the sale lifecycle is outstanding. They ensure that all the customers are well appreciated for choosing your brand to purchase any specific product or service.

Shoot for the customers’ hearts-

Engaging interactions and an emotional association will make your customer relationship the main driving force for wining customer loyalty and competitive niche differentiation. You need to move smartly from customer affability to customer magnetism, this is where the role of inbound call center comes to the fore. A business with magnetism makes the customer feel very special, and they love to share same experience with their loved ones and friends.

In the bottom line-

Going forward, we would say looking at formidable competition in market and fluctuating consumer demand it is high time for businesses of all sizes to focus more on the ways to improve customer experience. As per the estimates, organisations that have been successful in keeping the customer happy by meeting their expectations beyond what is expected have typically expanded at more than double the rate than their competitors. The contrary case is that you can miss out on prospective lead within no time by adopting wrong approach.

Have you checked your customers’ experience recently? Connect with trusted call center providing optimal inbound call center services to improve your overall customer experience and build significant competitive advantage. 

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