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Is Voicemail Not letting You Seize Potential Opportunity?

Posted by Neeti Patial
Is Voicemail Not letting You Seize Potential Opportunity

Are you missing out on potential sales leads due to automated voice system? Do you know that with live call answering service you can maximize your profit streams than it costs?

Let’s assume a prospective client is calling, but you’re not around to attend the call. As per various research conducted by experts and business pundits, it has been revealed that one must personally attend as many calls as possible.

However, in real life maybe it’s not possible for you to attend all the calls every time. At times you can be busy in a meeting or speaking to other customer over phone, gone out at customer site, having lunch, picking up your kids from school, or on the verge of fixing a tricky issue that you don’t want to be disturbed for sometime.

That’s where usually businesses think of integrating voicemail in their existing system, right?

Well, it completely depends on how many prospective sales opportunity your business can afford to lose?

In what scenarios a business can think of relying on voicemail?

So far, various studies have consistently showed that the mainstream of callers simply hung up if their call goes through to voicemail rather being attended by a real person:

According to research by Fortune Magazine, near about 80% of callers who receive a voicemail system hang up calls. After all, who wants to feel stuck while following the instructions of voicemail?

Moreover, the chances of customers who respond to print, media or telemarketing campaigns prefer to provide their details to a live operator relatively leaving a message in your voicemail box.

Industry experts said that if they try to take out average then approximately 75% of the calls are lost which means that out of total incoming calls only one message is left on your voicemail service corresponding to three hung up calls (quite possible they might have called one of your competitors). That’s a high percentage of potential opportunity to be missed out, and many times businesses don’t even realise what they are losing.

Yes, you read it right - 75% of calls are lost. And no one wants to miss out that much number of calls. However, it’s not easy for everyone to justify the cost incurred on hiring a full time receptionist.  Good news is that there are cost-effective alternatives available now.

Thanks to advancement in technology and emergence of call center outsourcing services. One such one-stop solution offered by these call centers is live call answering services.

How you can make a real difference by using live call answering service?

For a fraction of the cost of recruiting a well-trained receptionist or integrating automated voice system, you can outsource call answering service to a call center. These services can only be provided through call centers professionally, which are staffed by experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As a case in point, let’s suppose if you decide to provide customer support services by hiring receptionist then she will greet your callers using your business name and transfer call to your number provided you are there in office.

On the flipside, when you are not there to answer the phone call, she will immediately inform about the call via phone call or SMS. Well, it’s not possible for her to pitch the client and convert prospective client into qualified lead. As that can only be done by professionals.

Therefore, for best results you must opt to outsource customer support service to a call center. That way you can give personal touch to all your calls and make your customers feel more confident about their purchase decision. Plus, through live call answering services you can experience tremendous increase your sales graph.

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