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Significance of Customer-Centric Inbound Call Center Services in Insurance Sector

Posted by Neeti Patial

Faced with formidable market competition from non-customary players, the insurance sector is driven to reconnoiter new possibilities for consumer engagement and retention. Customers nowadays anticipate unswerving, applicable, and tailored services.

Identifying the sharp rise in demand for outstanding customer support services, it has been projected by the industry pundits that close to 40% of businesses now make use of devoted customer experience resources while 85% support multi-channel medium of customer communications.

Many insurance companies strive to make most of the inbound call center services to seamlessly manage service requests of the target audience. Nevertheless, with rapid technological advancement and the opening up of plethora channels of communication, insurers recognize that comprehensive customer interactions, and not just responsive customer service, is the order of the day.      

A customer engaging inbound call center service perhaps takes customer support solutions to a completely new level, by not simply solving requests but also approving the next optimal approach for unceasing engagement across the customer purchase journey.

It combines inbound call center services with highly sophisticated technologies and applications for improved customer experience.  

Digitization has substantially helped distant the human touch in customer interaction because of the introduction of intuitive and next-generation technology. While external service providers make use of a strategic approach that combines custom-made human interactions with high-end connected technology to help insurance companies establish meaningful customer connections.

This blog attempts to outline how insurance companies can connect with their target audience in the best possible way with the help of an inbound call center, and highlight the advantages of customer-centric inbound call center service.

With growing digitization, there has been a drastic change in the way customers acquire information about the insurance company and try to connect with the call center agents in case they are want to know more about the policies.

Customers are more inclined to turn to your competitors provided their expectations are not met, and thus making it imperative for insurance service providers to embrace transformative approaches to enhance customer acquisition and retention to a great extent.

These strategies encompass a drastic transition in the way customer service is perceived - from being a mere value addition to a strategic business growth driver. The industry is fast recognizing this trend.

As per the estimates, it has been revealed that around 62% of organizations consider delivering an unwavering and unsurpassed customer experience with the assistance of inbound call center service providers as a competitive differentiator

How inbound call center services can help insurers making customer engagement more responsive and performance-driven?

Improved customer awareness:

To cater to the varying requirements of today’s empowered customer, insurance companies need to create a 360-degree interpretation of the customer that ensures improved levels of customization and personalization. Here comes the role of a call center to fore. These service providers help businesses to garner insights from the great quantity of data available in the market about the target audience and demographic. Outsourced inbound call center services can certainly help the insurance sector to deliver outstanding support services while staying relevant and competitive.

Use of collaborative tools: Third-party call centers are well-equipped with collaborative tools and equipment that enable them to effectively reach out to your target audience. Customer usually feels annoyed when they have to wait for long over phone. Hence, these call centers make use of a wide range of telecommunications hardware and software comprising of automated phone systems capable of responding to incoming phone calls and carrying out outbound auto-dialing. These techniques help them in easily answering customer queries without much delay.

Leveraging social media platform- :

Last, but not the least industry players have recognized the mushrooming power and growth of different channels of communication. Since insurance is an extremely synchronized industry, statutory and regulatory amendments will be required before any insurer opt to use different modes of communication (email and chat support) apart from resolving everything over the phone to answer specific enquiries on paybacks, eligibility, or entitlements. This way call agents working with an external call center can help insurance companies tracking down requests submitted and immediately connect with the customer to resolve the same, thereby improving the overall credibility of the company.

In the bottom line-

Even though the path is strewn with challenges, insurance companies can outshine their competitors by realizing the benefits of outsourced inbound call center service and ensure happy customers and increased profit revenues.

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