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Why Businesses Opt for Call Answering Services?

call-answering services

Are you constantly losing your client who call after the business hour and is this loss due to the unavailability of resources?

No one likes to hear pre-recorded voice and most of the customers hung up the call after hearing that. It is important for a business to attract new clients and keep the existing ones.

Every business wants to grow their business without missing on a single client or a single sales call. The major setback for most of the companies is when they fail to answer all the queries of customers. To run this process smoothly, nowadays most of the companies opt for call answering services.

This process is trending these days and most of the offshore companies have benefited from this process and now gaining regular profits.

What is Call Answering Services?

Commonly known as telephone answering service or call handling, has gained popularity worldwide. It is a type of work where outsourcing companies or agencies answer the call on the behalf of organizations. It is a cost effective method where all the calls will be transferred to an employee’s phone or one will get the IVR (Interactive voice response) message.

What does call answering companies do?

 1. Answer calls during and after business hours: The main work of such people is to answer the calls and handle customers’ queries. Calls will be answered throughout the day and after the business hours as well.

2. Answer calls on behalf of parent company:

Though these companies work as third party but they have special right to talk as the company employee. Special software is used to identify the source of the company.

3. Transfer calls:  As per the convenience of the organization, calls can be transferred to concerned employees’ phone. You can add the name of the specified callers where you want to transfer all the calls in not availability situation.

4. Message storage option: Every organization that opts for this service has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) where all the call data will get saved. Telephone number, calls and name of the customer will be saved in the database and anytime you can ask the agency for the details and can also take the old calls data.  The advanced databases let organization access the complete data by using web browser and analyze calls based on the call data.

Benefits of phone answering service:

         1. Never miss a call

         2. Never miss on a potential customer

         3. Give detailed information of the product

         4. Handles customer queries 24*7 

Why a business should opt for call answering service?

1. Never miss on an important call: Sales are the lifeline of a business and you should never loose on that. There is no point of spending so much money on the marketing efforts when you are not available to answer the call. Such services welcome all calls and can take up more than 3000 calls.

2. Avail 24*7*365 services:  Such processes allows user to call anytime, understand the product and place an order even on weekends when the business is actually not working. But there is a virtual team that is taking care of all the business operations on behalf of the parent company.

3. Attend quality calls: This process identifies quality calls and then forward calls as per the business needs.  Without picking the phone, you can identify the call need and can prioritize work accordingly.

4. Schedule appointments easily:  Easily manage your appointments with the help of telephone answering company. They can take good care of these things and can book, cancel or reschedule your appointments’. It can actually cut down the time and let you focus on the other important things.

4. Personalized call service: In the early package of the service, you will get messages and all unnecessary calls will go off-track and you will only get the productive calls. In quest of getting more profits, provide the callers with the product information, FAQs, call scripts and so on. Please the customer with well-read scripts and give best and welcoming experience.

5. Free trials:  Some of the agencies offer often free trails to businesses where they can judge the work and then plan to hire that particular agency for their work and so.

6. Easy payment methods: The payment method is easy, you don’t have to feel like as if you are paying for the whole thing and the result is too less. No contracts required, in fact work on the basis of monthly pay rate.

7. Go personal: In the internet age, people really don’t like to hear answering machines which rolls same thing every time. They want someone who can actually hear the problems and give quick solutions. In this type of setting, whenever a client calls he/she will actually get into touch with the human being.

8. Monitor calls: Calls are recorded and businesses can easily identify if the process is going great or it is putting no impact on the sales. It’s a transparent process where you can monitor calls and identify the training needs. 

Overall, it can be said that this process can increase sales with less effort.

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